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Jardin d'Amalfi (2011)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Jardin d'Amalfi

Jardin d'Amalfi is a feminine perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 2011

Reviews of Jardin d'Amalfi

Amazing scent! Wonderful soapy clean citrus with a salty/musky drydown that's great.

I'm very surprised this isn't considered at least a unisex frag. It's downright masculine to me and I enjoy wearing it and knowing I smell great as a man.

Very happy that the SA at Saks recommended that I try it, so I'm guessing others do not consider this an exclusively feminine scent.
29th October, 2017
I have slightly cheated by saying that I own this fragrance. Well I do.....But not a whole bottle. I have a 10ml decant which I intend to keep replacing. Marked as a female fragrance but in all honesty it's not. To me it is unisex and much more so than many other unisex scents.

The juice becomes gender neutral because it is so god damn amazing that weather it should be worn by a Man or a Woman goes completely out of the window. The words stunning, sophisticated, expensive come to mind. This truly is a once in a lifetime fragrance and along with Bois Du Portugal remains at the very top of my list!!
06th June, 2017
This is hands down THE most captivating perfume I've ever smelled. I smelled this in Neiman Marcus and damn near paid the 900 bucks for the big bottle right then and there (and I'm a broke college student, it's that good!) but ultimately settled for a decant. It is now one of my most prized. The quality in this stuff is stunning. Fruity, fresh, and downright sexy.

That it leans feminine to most people was news to me- and it sucks, cause now I cant wear it! (nah I definitely still wear it, just lightly). I find it perfectly unisex, and it's listed as "universal" on It's definitely not for big, burly, hairy, dos Equis commercial type men, it's more for the younger, clean cut crowd. And the woman that wears this is the sexiest, most beautiful woman on the planet. Hopefully my future girlfriend loves this stuff as much as I do.
16th March, 2017
I love most everything about this Perfume. I love the way it opens like a bouquet of blossoms. I love the way it is blended with quality, beautiful ingredients. I love the way that my wife reacted to it, in spite of her sniffles, on this cold, wet, dreary winter day.
So I understand the universal (almost)love for it.

It uses the scent of Tangerine. Turns my stomach like the flavour of Parsnips. Now, if they had used Mandarin...
well,then they would have to rename it I guess.
13th March, 2016 (last edited: 24th June, 2017)
One word again: WOW!!! What a scent! Such quality, really! What is D&G Light Blue compared to this?!! Similar? A bit, but so much better than the latter! I love citrusy scents. Here we have an incredible one. The opening is a wonderful blast of citrus. Amalfi tangerine, Sicilian lemon, Bergamot, Pink berries, Neroli, Virginia cedarwood, French apple, Bulgarian rose, Haitian vetiver, White musk and Cinnamon are the notes of this beauty.

Several sites state that Jardin D´Amalfi, from the Royal Exclusives line, is a unisex fragrance, although it for woman. I tell you, I have no problem at all wearing this, as I say any man can wear it. The citruses are simply stunning, as well as neroli and rose are. The French apple is also great, here, helping to give the fruity vibe. You can pick it up easily. Works wonderfully with the Bulgarian rose.

And let me tell you something, in spite of being an EDT, this is strong and with an interesting performance!!! The first 4 hours are not faint, believe me. This is a bright, clean and natural. This combination gives me the best Summer scent I´ve smell ever. Until now, Bergamote 22 was my favourite citrusy/Summer scent, but Jardin D´Amalfi is better, and believe me, I´m crazy about Bergamote 22! The latter is better in terms of longevity. It can last almost a day on my skin and the projection is better.

Ok, Jardin D´Amalfi is a Spring/Summer scent, very wearable. Not an all year round fragrance, maybe possible during the first Fall hotter days.

Truly amazing!

Regarding Performance:

- Longevity: 12-13h
- Sillage: Moderate to Heavy
- Projection: 4-5h

Scent: 9.75
Longevity: 9.25
Sillage: 8.35
Projection: 8.35
Uniqueness: 8.70
Versatility: 7.90
--- Overall: 8.72

Would I buy it? Yes.

Ok, 30 ml of this beauty costs €170 (~$245) and 250 ml about €500 (~$695). Yes, it´s really expensive, but this juice justifies it, in my opinion. So, yes, I´d buy it.
14th October, 2015
Normally I cringe at the idea of wearing fruits...I eat them. But my goodness this is just splendid! I do not care if the genre has been done. So has rose - for centuries!

The blend of Rose, Neroli, berries, apples, and some woods (they say its Virginia Cededarwood, and having lived there a couple of years, and visiting quite regularly even now, I have no idea what they intend by that - I know the plant, I don't get its connection here) is a really nice and well-balanced composition. Very adult. No teens here.

Somewhere between the middle and basenotes, there is a weird skank isn't exactly "skank-sexy", but rather "skank maybe sexy"...sorta odd, and makes me want to spend more time with it, but then the dry down begins...

Because I own a rather large bottle of Haitian Vetiver, I can speak most clearly on that - it's here! And it is lovely. Sadly, I never smelled any cinnamon.

Warning: you may want to ignore this last part...I've somehow assumed the role of my husband's Italian way of telling a very short story very at your own risk of severe boredom!
I look forward to getting my husband's response. Earlier this summer he was asking if I had any fruity scents, which I emphatically said no, and he looked a bit startled and I may have shut down that conversation a bit too quick. However, you must understand, this is the wonderful man who purchased Blenheim Bouquet for me for Mother's Day, thinking it was exactly what I wanted. Poor man. I thought giving emphatic negative feedback was a logical way to go, but I think I frightened the man. Anyway (dear Lord, I think I've become a bit of an Italian from living with him for 10 years!), lately he has been really into the Slumberhouse stuff! Like really excited about pretty much everything I try, and when I compare it with stuff he previously liked...well...lets just say his taste in scent has altered dramatically! You had no idea you were a narcoleptic, did you?
WOOOOHOOOO!!!! After scouring the interwebs I finally found a 30 ml bottle of this lovely juice! I am so excited!! I've really been wanting this, but could not spring for the big bottle just now.
10th October, 2015 (last edited: 31st December, 2015)

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