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Saffron / Amber / Agar Wood / Cardamom (2009)
by Korres


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Saffron / Amber / Agar Wood / Cardamom

Saffron / Amber / Agar Wood / Cardamom is a masculine fragrance by Korres. The scent was launched in 2009

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Reviews of Saffron / Amber / Agar Wood / Cardamom

lex Show all reviews
United States
peppered neroli and musk. fruity characteristic and I don't see the catch in this one to make me ever want to purchase this with a price tag it has. doesn't stand out.
26th February, 2014
Excellent value, but as it is made without too many standard perfume chemicals, the longevity is an issue.
05th January, 2013
HDD8 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I agree with most of the sentiments already expressed, although I think this scent could be worn pretty much all year round and is not necessarily just for autumn/winter. I can see that it may well be a little much in really hot weather though.
To me, this is an excellent and well balanced fragrance. It's also - to my mind - pretty unique. I haven't got or come across anything like this one at all. I own two other Korres fragrances, and feel pretty much the same about those also.
My only criticism would be that this doesn't project very well. Having said that, I have received many compliments when I've worn this one.
Definitely a thumbs up - and highly recommended!
24th April, 2011
This was actually released a few years ago overseas, where I obtained my bottle from (2008, I believe). While there's been some comparison to YSL M7, I found this to be quite linear without the harsh, medicinal vibe of Agarwood/Oud, ultimately making it a bit smoother fragrance. But is that necessarily a good thing? I didn't think so and ended up selling my bottle off.

While it was pleasant enough, what it lacked was dynamics - and that's something I tend to prefer in a scent; something that progresses through various stages, starting off as one thing and becoming another, taking the person inhaling on a journey.

Unfortunately while this managed to take me to a place, I found myself stuck and frustrated. Much like National Lampoon's Vacation proved, the journey itself is often more rewarding than the destination... and that's precisely what was lacking here.
05th April, 2011
I wondered if I would like this scent. I’m not a fan of amber, and the possibility of vanilla did not thrill me. Now that I’ve tried it, I can say that I like it. The amber is not heavy or sweet, and the vanilla is so minute that it flies under my radar.
This is a basic gentle spice sort of scent, brightened by a bit of oudh. The oudh/agarwood is not quirky, medicinal or challenging – it is woody and gives some freshness. This is a fairly safe choice for a spicy-wood sort of scent. It is good value, and has more character than others of this type. Very good longevity, as it develops along the woody line. I don’t find it bottle-worthy but it is a nice, pleasant scent.
03rd September, 2010
Modern and elegant, but not luxurious. A great all day long masculine scent that works better in cold winter days. Powerful Spicy opening (cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and a fresh note of bergamot) that calms down with a deeper, woody heart (sandalwood, cedarwood, saffron). The base is just perfect. More sweet than spicy incorporates notes of leather, amber and woods and stays really close to the body for quite a long time. The minimalistic package and the old pharmacy bottle as well as the detailed ingredient list used as the EDT’s name just complement the KORRES concept for natural ingredient products with a fresh attitude.
26th September, 2009

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