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Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille (2011)
by Mona di Orio


Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille information

Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMona di Orio
PerfumerMona di Orio

About Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille

Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille is a shared / unisex perfume by Mona di Orio. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mona di Orio

Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille fragrance notes

Reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille

I really like this! I run away when I sense sweet, gourmand vanilla, but this is something entirely different. This vanilla is bone dry, but it is still a very beautiful vanilla. It is surrounded by spices, probably cloves and cinnamon and a little bit of fruit. But vanilla itself is the star.

It is certainly among my top five masculine/unisex orientals. Good silage and longevity as well.
19th November, 2015
The opening introduces notes of cloves, vanilla, and bitter orange. Together the notes create a spicy and smokey aroma. At least for me the cloves and vanilla reminded me of Frederic Malle's Musc Ravaguer - both have that spicy aroma however this aroma will not last long. The vanilla present in the scent isn't the typical vanilla seen as in many other vanilla based fragrances - sweet and edible. The vanilla is more dark, dry and incense like, I'm thinking of a vanilla present in Creed Angelique Encens. The vanilla will linger throughout the scent but will change slightly overtime. The orange and clove notes will tone down while notes of rum, guaiac wood, sandalwood, and vetiver move towards the front at the heart of the scent. The scent will become a bit boozy with a smokey, woodsy, and earthy tone to it. The notes detected here give off a masculine and slightly animalistic feel to the scent. At the drydown, both the booziness and woods that dominated the heart earlier will become more subdued while notes of tonka been and amber help give a little oriental feel to the scent. The vanilla becomes slightly powdery and becomes a little bit brighter. There should be other notes of ylang ylang, leather, and musk but I didn't pick up on these. The fragrance does really well in terms of longevity and silage. I get good silage for the first 4 hours before the scent started staying closer to the skin while the longevity lingered for a good 8-10 hours. In terms of occasion to wear this scent, I can't think of one that this would work well in. Cooler weather conditions are ideal when wearing this scent as it does project pretty well.

Overall, I think this is a good scent: very complex and artistic. I think of Vanille as a piece of artwork that you enjoy for what it is - It may not be an ideal nor appealing fragrance but the overall composition was done really well and for that it deserves a lot of credit.
17th October, 2015
Nice and dusty vanilla with with a boozy background. Soon turns just a little green (not a bad thing) and woody. Very nice! Has a mysterious vibe like Memiors of a Trespasser. The price is a little high, but just may be worth it. 8.5/10
01st April, 2015
Sit back, stay relax and get some popcorn! this is going to be one of those long reviews! :D

This fragrance is by far one of the most complex fragrances that I've tested!
It may look simple for the first time but smell it closely and test it several times, and you will see what I mean! a fragrance with many different notes and really great blending.
There are many others notes standing side by side vanilla that they make this fragrance quite interesting.

At the beginning I can smell lots of notes.
Vanilla, citruses, lots of cloves, some floral notes, some woodsy notes, some incense ...
What is hell going on here?!
But the interesting thing is, all these notes blended together masterfully without making the scent messy and harsh! this is what I'm calling it art in pefumery!

There is sweet vanilla in this fragrance indeed but not one of those extremely sweet or sugary ones. vanilla here is kind of mature with resinous ambery feel, creamy sweetness and warm sensual feeling.
There is a sparkling of citruses in the background that it gives the scent slightly fresh feeling but just for a few seconds and then it's gone!
There is lots of cloves at the opening. a dry, flowery and strange kind of aroma that somehow may remind you of strong clove note in "Serge Lutens Serge Noir"
There is a mellow incense in the background that it gives the scent slightly smoky and slightly powdery feel. there is also some ylang-ylang in the background that it amps up the powdery feeling of the scent a little bit more ...... and this is just the opening!

In the mid the clove note settles down a little bit and at the same time vetiver and woods joining in.
While the scent still is warm, creamy, incensy, powdery and dry flowery because of cloves, vetiver note gives this lovely scent a rooty and earthy feeling that it gets a little stronger as time goes by which makes scent more mature and more masculine.

There are some woods in this part as well that they make the scent a little more mature and at the same time slightly clean (maybe soapy!)
While the opening was slightly smoky because of incense, now you will feel more smoky aura which I believe is because of leather note that keeps picking through the scent. here is mid!

In the base I'm getting almost the same smell as mid, but now I can feel a spicy and kind of peppery aroma beside all these notes plus a faint and hard to detect dirty animalic kind of scent.
Projection is very strong but not in your face while longevity can easily pass 10 hours without any problem. a definite winner in my book!
26th March, 2015 (last edited: 18th April, 2015)
This was love at first sniff which soon turned to dislike the more and more I wore it. The dry-down is fantastic. The vanilla is rich, and strikes the perfect balance between bitter and dry and sweet and warm. I love the way my shirt would smell a couple days after wearing this, a vague spiciness over the most delicious, quality vanilla. However, getting to the dry-down became a chore. The combination of rum and clove doesn't work very well for me. Add petitgrain and orange blossom into that and I was destined to sell this bottle off in attempt to recoup part of the significant amount I spent on it. But I'm not mad, as this is a good fragrance. I just find the clove, rum, and orange blossom too heavy and distracting a combination, and after a while, it wears me out. I would probably prefer a simpler or less taxing start. Overall, Di Orio's Vanille is a bit sumptuous for my taste and quite frankly, I'm not crazy about how it smells for the initial hour or so. Projection is very good and longevity is superb. This is more or less unisex and most suitable for casual or more formal situations in the colder months. Recommendation: Do as I say, not as I do, and sample first.

28th January, 2015
By far one of the nicest and most creative vanilla scents on the market. Vanille opens with an intriguing clash of notes, with vanilla standing just halfway a citrus top note, a boozy note and a base accord with both “creamy” sweet woods (sandalwood), spices and darker notes which to me smell like a sort of “roasted” leather/birch note, smoked and dry, with a hint of vetiver. Really subtle, yet providing and enjoyable, thin “black” base layer. That’s it initially, a martial and quite “angular” blend with a rather sharp and simple composition style, yet fascinating, ghastly in a way but also romantic: finally the Neoclassic inspiration behind many Mona di Orio scents finds a meaning here, and it’s well developed (instead of going completely wrong, like in several other scents by her). The mood and the atmosphere here are really charming and peculiar, a sort of decadent, odd, skeletal ambiance with dark, dry powdery notes, gloomy and smoky in a way, but also deceptively “white” and soapy. This dry note of vanilla smells like the smell of old books and papers – which is no news, as I recall having read somewhere a chemical similarity between “aged paper” and vanilla. If they had mummies during Renaissance, I guess this may have been their smell. Or, the smell of an antique closet stuffed with your great-grandma’s toiletries and books. In a way, and only for its first stages, it reminded me a bit of La troisième heure by Cartier (for its vanillic-dark structure, although here is all more dry, dusty, woody and less leathery), plus with a touch of clean, gray-ish musky-soapy-aldehydic notes. As minutes pass, say within the first hour, Vanille “warms” up becoming less dry and less smoked and letting resins and sandalwood emerge better, becoming overall softer, sweeter and more Oriental. Despite its name I wouldn’t really consider this a gourmand, but a solid, unisex, classy and really compelling creative take on vanilla, of which here Mona di Orio enhanced the dusty, dry and darker nuances. It’s still fun for me to realise how she was able to accomplish only either great scents or total disasters, but still, this one is really good.

12th November, 2014

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