Les Nombres d'Or - Vanille (2011)
    by Mona di Orio

    • Launched: 2011
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Mona di Orio
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 4.5

    Based on 70 ratings
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    Les Nombres d'Or - Vanille Fragrance Notes

    Les Nombres d'Or - Vanille information

    Les Nombres d'Or - Vanille is a unisex fragrance by Mona di Orio. The scent was launched in 2011

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    I percieve this scent as a dark vanilla scent without much development during the day. It is quite present and also I detect some woody and smoky notes I find a bit annoying (vetiver?) it's probably something in the base of this line. At first the scent gives a good impression but becomes a little irritating. I find this scent also lacking in complexity and depth. Its okay but not great.

    01st March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    An elegant and rich woody oriental

    First off, I have to point out, as others have, that this is not a classic vanilla fragrance. There's nothing gourmand about it, so if you like your vanilla "straight-up" and sweet then you might feel disappointed with this rendition. But if you're looking for something wonderfully rich, complex, and ever-changing, then you must sample Vanille.

    The unfolding of the notes is not linear, with the exception of the opening. The opening is greenish and citric, very fresh and somewhat short-lived. The rum doesn't become apparent right away, but instead comes and goes throughout the wearing. I don't like rum in fragrances, but the note is lightly used here and never offensive. The woody notes come into play rather quickly, with a touch of sweetness in the background. At no one point do I say "AHA! Vanilla!" The vanilla is woven into the tapestry of the fragrance very nicely, but is not the star of this show. As the fragrance dries down, you get occasional whiffs of dry vanilla surrounded by the deeper notes of amber, musk, and leather. Although the basenotes suggest heaviness, they are sweetened by the addition of vetiver and Tonka bean, so the fragrance is never without a touch of sweetness.

    I think it's an excellent unisex fragrance. I've been sampling during the hot, humid days of late summer here on the East Coast, and though some might think it too heavy for warm weather, I love it. I look forward to wearing when the weather cools off as well, since different facets will probably play out in cooler temps. Sillage is average, longevity over 16 hours. Highly recommended.

    Pros: Complex, rich, not sweet like most vanilla fragrances
    Cons: none"

    19 September, 2013

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    Sweden Sweden

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    This is so similar to Organza indecence to me, even after I compared them wrist to wrist. The Mona is slightly less sweet, but still the closest thing Ive ran across so far.

    27 April, 2013

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    Mona di Orio's Vanille is an astoundingly artistic fragrance that really showcases what the art of perfumery can do. As far as dynamic dry-downs and the subtle in-and-outs of different notes and accords, it is absolutely on par with the Andy Tauers and L'Artisans.

    The initial blast is a cool spice packet reminiscent of Serge Luten's Amber Sultan. The notable notes include cinnamon, pepper, amber, cloves, and sandalwood. This lasts for a short time and is followed by an amazingly delicate cigarette smoke accord- patchouli and wood. I swear there's jasmine in there- it smells a lot like Jasmine and Cigarettes by Etat Libre d'Orage. Phase three begins the smooth vanilla and tonka bean, and I confess that this is actually my least favorite part of the fragrance. It's a bit too simple, a bit too similar to cooking vanilla, and yet it's balanced enough by the other accords that I'm not put off all that much. It's a concentrated, dark, and boozy vanilla.

    Les Nombres d'Or: Vanille is a showcase of fragrance as a work of art. It is as pleasant and easy to wear as it is easy to admire. It's a scent for the wearer, as opposed to one for an audience. 9/10

    26 February, 2013

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    Turkey Turkey

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    One of the greatest vanille based fragrances I've ever encountered. Salutes the note from earthy-rooty beginning to a flowering of smooth and warm flavor. Totally justifies the price since it smells great and quite strong. You can have the whole day in your aura with just 2 sprays, it stays and stays, what a performance.

    25 February, 2013

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    United States United States

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    a very tamed down vanilla. very surprising as i just used my sample. a touch of citrus,rum and vanilla in the opening. the vanilla is very tamed while the rum kicks in at a very minimum pace.after a half an hour i detect woods and veviter. then basically a vanilla/amber drydown. minimum projection throughout for a complex fragrance that's basically a skin scent. for the price tag, let's be realistic, get burberry brit or the wonderful minotaure..

    29 December, 2012

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