Mahon Leather (2011)
    by Floris

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    Mahon Leather is a men's fragrance by Floris. The scent was launched in 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Mahon Leather is an austere and quite simple – meaning “essential” - leathery chypre à la Knize Ten, fairly British for its nostalgic soapy and floral "barbershop" feel, but at the same time “brownish” and earthy, spicy and above all, with a hell haunting vanillic-almond note, slightly boozy too (pretty much like the Amaretto di Saronno taste, if you are familiar with it, although here is more just vanilla and tonka). All posed on a quite exotic woody base of dry, dark and aromatic wood with a warm amber vibe. Basically, a pleasant scent inspired by a sort of “colonial elegance”, as it blends a British powdery-boozy leather reference with a more exotic accord of shady spices, dark woods, sweet-resinous notes. Nothing stunning quality-wise (even if I admit the leather accord is particularly well-crafted, more than the average of niche) and frankly a little bit boring for a while as long as that bold spicy-almond note lasts. Then, once it settles on the drydown and some notes tone down, it becomes actually better for me: warmer, soapier, more tending towards a soft, mellow, sophisticated leather-amber accord with iris and just a (more reasonable) hint of spices. Pleasant, elegant and almost fairly priced for the quality.


    05th November, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Floris Mahon Leather is one of the most distinguished soapy leather chypre I've experienced in my humble passionate career, so enjoyable in its extremely balanced, softly floral and discreetly barber-shop temperament. The leather touch is in here utterly Royal, gentle and neutral in its "Victorian" link with patchouli, laundry soap (musk/labdanum-balmy amber-powder-tonka-honey) and soft floral notes. I detect an hallmarking evanescent soap-like jasmine in the leathery balminess while iris, dry vetiver and saffron provide a general powdery dry fresh radiancy. A traditional hesperides/patchouli/soap/vetiver accord provides that sort of classic Etro-like aristocratic undertone. There is something warm and organic perfectly merged with the skin organic warmth. The final amalgam is a heavenly caress lingering on your skin as an otherworldly organic potion for hours. You can easily detect (especially in the first part of development) points in common with the more renowned Creed Royal English Leather (soapy leather, somewhat spicy-liquorous honey, oakmoss, hesperides, patchouli end more) but while the Creed's one is more stout, more properly leathery and laundry-honeyed-mossy Mahon Leather smells finally more ethereal, powdery floral, "ghostly", sophisticated and subtle. A wonderful example of measured and graceful traditional english class.
    P.S= Along the dry down's "long tail" the note of vetiver (an almost aqueous soft un-rooty vetiver) jumps on the stage with all its charge of fresh boise typical fluidity.

    12th August, 2014

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    Frank leather

    A straightforward leather blast freshened up with citrus and vetiver, but less fresh than Creed's Cuir de Russie. a floral component based on jasmine adds softness that is roughened up by a bit of patchouli. Less wild than Knize Ten, but a bit less soft and flowery than Chanel's Cuir de Russie. Wood is in the base and paired with an ambery discrete sweetness. Well blended, very good silage and projection, with four hours of longevity. A valuable addition to the leather-lover's collection.

    02nd June, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    It opens with a jasmine accord with citrus and a touch of iris, then you get a luxurious plush realistic leather accord like you are in a leather store. After a while this gets slightly powdery and sweet and a little woodier, the jasmine makes a re-appearance here too. Smells very nice and well behaved I like it.

    04th May, 2013

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    A direct heritage from their late and gone "Vetiver" in my opinion - and so much improved.

    I will not talk about the notes etc..... but mostly about the feeling of the scent.

    I found this scent beautifully violent and sexually charged BUT all presented on a solid gold tray - with a Crested collar !!!

    A PURE BEAUTY - a bit of a Wild Animal bread by Floris

    Not for the shy ones !!!

    15th February, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Great old style leather, dark, bitter.

    27th July, 2012

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