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Burberry Body (2011)
by Burberry


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMichel Almairac
Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchInter Parfums

About Burberry Body

Burberry Body is a feminine perfume by Burberry. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Michel Almairac

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Reviews of Burberry Body

I don't care what anyone else writes -- I love this one! It is a wonderful designer fragrance. It's actually my first Burberry purchase. Sweet woody. Light peach. Smoky floral. Burnt sugar. Almost milky, in the middle. Nutty vanilla.
09th November, 2017
Burberry Body is clean and fresh....perfect for the office.

It's nothing all that exciting or innovative, but sometimes I just want to smell nice...Perfume "statements" are not always appreciated in a busy office. This is perfectly nice!
21st July, 2016
This is a strange one for me. I think my entire impression of this perfume is sideways!

To me, this smells so much like a clean, fresh, dewy pine tree after a good rain. I think the woody notes mixed with the peach and wormwood are what's causing this, but man.. it's delightful. And perhaps because of pine association, I feel it's most appropriate in winter (or perhaps even spring, with the aforementioned dewiness). That said, I don't get much warmth from this one, either - To me, it's cool, crisp and refreshing. If I had an office job, this is exactly what I'd wear to work. It's pleasant, doesn't overpower, and isn't at all 'provocative' in my opinion.
15th April, 2015
Burberry Body is not that bad in my humble opinion. Yes, it is a galaxolide type of fruity-floral, nothing new under sun. The aroma is immediately peppery (a huge amount in my perception), musky, intensely peachy, vaguely aqueous (watery freesia and grapefruit I suppose) and citric under my nose (more than vaguely sour, almost bitter for a while). The scent performs a sort of sexy floral depth conjuring me more than vaguely the aroma of slightly sweaty teen-agers girls arm-pits in late spring time when the sweat starts to connect its molecules with easy-going floral deodorants. The rose-iris combination elicits a sophisticated floral spark in the background (sparkling due to pepper fibrillation) while the dry down (the part I less like) is mostly musky breeze unfortunately ruined by hints of sythetic vanilla. In the complex Body is a teen-ager easy going feminine fragrance which works for what needs to work (in its joyful youthful un-expensive range) since you can purchase Mitsouko, Cinnabar, Chanel N 19, Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius or Iris 39 if you are looking for something more elevated, enigmatic or compelling. Mediocre but not monstrous.
28th September, 2014 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)
Genre: Fruity Floral

Burberry Body is a peachy, lactonic fruity floral; sweet, mild, absolutely linear, and guaranteed to offend nobody. In its consummate blandness it reminds me of those off-white paint colors used when staging homes, with the aim of removing any trace of individuality from the décor. I challenge anyone to remember what it smells like a day after wearing it.

Unnecessary, as is everything else I’ve smelled from this house to date.
09th June, 2014
Unfortunately, this smells like something particularly nasty covered with powder.

I expected to like this since I saw rave reviews of this scent, and also since I love Burberry classic so much.

I had my mom smell it, and she thought it was nice but said it was not for young ladies like me (I am early 20's).

The good part for fans of this smell is that the staying power is pretty good. The projection is not strong at all, but if you get close, you can smell it. After an entire day, the scent was still pretty prominent on my wrist.
Since I do not like the smell, I was not exactly thrilled about this one good quality for a perfume, but it wasn't atrocious or smelly enough for me to have to scrub it off during the middle of the day.
16th March, 2014

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