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Kokorico (2011)
by Jean Paul Gaultier


Kokorico information

Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseJean Paul Gaultier
PerfumerOlivier Cresp
PerfumerAnnick Menardo
Parent CompanyShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About Kokorico

Kokorico is a masculine fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Annick Menardo and Olivier Cresp

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Reviews of Kokorico


Yes,it is controversial like most of JPG fragrances but let me give you a positive take on KOKORICO,this is a special and strange scent.everyone who has smelled it has an opinion some love it,some hate it. personally i fall into the "LOVE it" camp when it comes to KOKORICO.It is not for all tastes,but those who dare will find this is a very sexy and sensual concoction!It is moderately strong,sweet but in a subtle way.the bottle is a work of art and so dramatic on dresser. in other words: Carnal,Warm, Irresistible,Earthy,Interesting and Cuddly.

The scent opens up when the fig leaf begins to fresh on the skin but fades quickly on a more sweet middle notes of patchouli and above all cacao.In the end these notes harmonize with the warmth of vetiver and cedar.totally the cacao is dominant to my nose.It last for hours and attracts the right amount of attention from the opposite sex.wearing this scent instantly transforms you into a cute man that a sensual woman wants to wrap her armes around if you are a shy because KOKORICO is a aphrodisiac!totally an evening scent.nothing masterpiece like LE MALE or FLEUR DU MALE but relly darling for me.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

23rd April, 2015
Potent, but too much like Visit (Azzaro) for me. Would have liked a more pronounced patchouli note in the dry down.
20th April, 2015
Recently Kokorico has been flooding websites for low prices, so I figured, why not.. 22 bucks shipped for a 1.6 oz isn't much to lose.

Upon initial spray, I get a wonderful blend of dry cocoa, patchouli, and almost like a dried fruit, or raisin type smell. The cocoa opening here is much better than LIDG, or LIDGE, because there's more cocoa and less patchouli. Unfortunately, it quickly blends with nothing but a ton of cedarwood. The cedar is extremely sharp, actually quite unpleasant. After about 30 minutes though, it settles into a smoother, lighter, but still somewhat sharp cedar dominated dry down, with just a little bit of vetiver.

The bottle is really unique, being the profile of a man's face, it's sleek and looks nice in the collection. Sprayer works very well too. Longevity on me is pretty good, about 6-8 hours, sometimes up to 10. Projection is on the low/average side.

Sadly, I don't get any fig that I was really looking forward to here. To me, this smells like a flanker to LIDG really. Both cocoa and patchouli are the big notes in all of these. Not so sure I really like the combination with the cedar base in Kokorico, but I think it may grow on me. As it stands now, this is just a so&so fragrance, with a neutral rating.
19th May, 2014 (last edited: 14th June, 2014)
Dare to be Different... This juice is good...

There has been some negative chatter regarding Jean Paul Gaultier's, Kokorico. It is certainly different, but a good different that deserves an opportunity. Today was my first opportunity to try this fragrance - while not my typical fragrance (I am drawn more to the aquatic and citrus blends), I find it appealing and sufficiently unique to portray a message, "it is good to be different"...

Out of the bottle, I get the burst of cacao notes that settles into a pleasant blend of patchouli, vetiver, and "woodsy" notes. It leaves curiosity, "gee, what is that smell?" to the user and those who "float across the wake" of Kokorico. Additionally, I would make a pitch that Kokorico would be an acceptable feminine fragrance - almost Thierry Mugler Angle like...

With my body chemistry, Kokorico offers moderate longevity and moderate, borderline weak, projection/sillage. As previously noted, today is my first real experience with Kokorico. That said, there is no "Wow Factor" to note, but the juice has the potential of getting that special attention, "you smell great, what is that fragrance you are wearing?". Given the uniqueness of the fragrance, the versatility may be limited - I would suggest Fall and Winter as opportune times, and perhaps evening wear.

The bottle is truly a piece of art - one of the "coolest" in my collection of nearly 500 (and growing). The packaging is also first class - job well done Jean Paul Gaultier. The true beauty of Kokorico is the price/value. A quick check on-line shows that large bottles are selling for under $30 USD - a "steal of a deal"..

The uniqueness of the fragrance, design of the bottle, and coupled with outstanding deal, Kokorico deserves a shot. The bigger message - it is OK to be different - it is what makes the "world go around". If the longevity and projection/sillage were greater, this would be a first class fragrance. All things considered, I still highly recommend adding to your collection.

Total evaluation of Kokorico is 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Daily I.M - "Try something new, you may like it..."
04th April, 2014
Tarred and Feathered ?

You better be ready quick ! The big "money shot" in Kokorico is the rather brief Opening: A sharp, acrid green of distilled fig leaf... poured over a pungent plot of patchouli. (Complete with garden soil and all -as played by the double-duty cacao). A compelling accord that borders on the grotesque, AND the sublime (very Annick Menardo). Everything after that, is rather anti-climatic. Simply, charming after-sex banter between gruff patchouli, and alluring cacao (now, the velvety hot chocolate powder variety)... still entwined on a bed of vetiver, and cedar. True, the dynamics of this duo may wear off for some before the scent does. But Kokorico's cacao note alone, continued to drive me "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs", long into it's drydown! (and that's NOT a bad thing ; )

I can see why the much maligned Kokorico wasn't a big hit. Both the Opening, and concept, may be too audacious for the mass-market: A scent that dares to repel as much as it beckons. But the rest of Kokorico proves to be a quirky, huggable, masculine scent. A good alternative for younger cocoa lovers who may find DHI and L'instant, too dressy or mature.

Distinctive, and easily the most fun to wear in my wardrobe.

Longevity:8.5/10(in base)
Projection(Fall temp):7/10(in mid)
composition)ľA preposterous
surrealist bottle worthy of Dali.
28th September, 2013 (last edited: 04th June, 2014)
Daredevil with great drydown

Gaultiers Kokorico is super creative and let me tell you why :

This is an ODE to 80's GLAM!! The bottle and font used is great! well designed!!

For the first time since years i smelled a designer fragrance (this one) which is not that good (understatement)in the openening and dries down better as the old powerhouse scents did in the 80's !!

Let me explain : every scent nowadays must be good from the first whiff... no waiting for the juice to kick in.. when a person wants a new scent he must be attracted at once..

Not this, im really curious on this one, as it doesnt follow the masses and goed his own way..
Drydown is superb against its opening...

Its created by Cresp (muglers angel) and Mennardo (Bvlgari Black,jaipur,Lolita Lempicka)together
two people who love the deepest with odd materials

The opening yucks me out i smell :
Cheap cacao in a saturated wet decaying musty basement floor... (ok can you follow me??)
I almost wanted to write that this is a decaying zombie decendant of Thierry Muglers A-men ...

As if this scent is a joke from the team from gaultier, like "hahaha we fooled ya didnt we!!"
ok wait for it it gets better...after 20-30 minutes it evolves into an great warm excentric sulty scent!!! truly amazing like the beauty and the beast..
This kicks againt all mainstream fragrances.

I bow deeply for the team who made Kokorico they HAD BALLS to bring this out in these times..

Pros: Gourmand
Cons: Topnote is musty and skanky"

25th August, 2013

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