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Cologne Intense Collection : Oud & Bergamot
by Jo Malone London


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJo Malone London
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Cologne Intense Collection : Oud & Bergamot

Cologne Intense Collection : Oud & Bergamot is a shared / unisex perfume by Jo Malone London.

Cologne Intense Collection : Oud & Bergamot fragrance notes

Reviews of Cologne Intense Collection : Oud & Bergamot

The only thing intense about Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot is how good it smells. Projection and longevity are lacking, really have to spray a ton to get anything out of it on my skin. It's only been 30 minutes and my lotion is outperforming this scent. All that negativity aside, it does smell fantastic and if someone catches a faint whiff, you will get a compliment. Great smell, just waiting for the Intense-Intense version.
30th May, 2016
Christine Nagel at her finest, no surprise she’s been chosen to inherit Ellena’s throne. A charming whiff of sophisticated, mellow, androgynous, hyper-modern, clean yet somehow “mysterious” and moody spiced Oriental orange-infused woods. This is Oud & Bergamot by Jo Malone, a refined, minimalist, very well conceived experiment around the contrast between the aromatic, luscious smokiness of oud and cedar (and suede, I think), and the graceful, pastel, zesty and slightly floral touches of bergamot and citrus, with a hint of cinnamon-like touch of sweet – just as in Fendi Theorema for women, also composed by Nagel. All done with an amazingly well-engineered weightless texture taken to the very extreme – basically, pure thin scented air. It feels like a perfect olfactive rendition of some abstract watercolour featuring harmonic drops and brush strokes of pale orange, pale brown, pale black. All smells even, smooth, airy and pale, yet totally “there” under your nose. It’s like smelling a linen shirt previously sprayed with a hypothetical “true” substantial version of Oud & Bergamot – this is how the actual Oud & Bergamot smells. It’s there, and yet it isn’t. Like the suspended memory of a scent, more than an actual scent, and yet it’s there materializing under your nose. Fascinating to say the least. And it’s all done so terribly right, as all notes manage to smell crisp, smooth and clear, yet subtle.

The scent is very simple actually, basically a fairly linear and “white-ish” sort of musky-suede rendition of (synthetic) oud and cedar tinted with some orange and cinnamon. It’s the way Nagel made it that makes it so special. It takes some guts and skills to take these notes and turn them into an impalpable whiff of watercolour mist (I mean, it takes some guts to do it right and not end up with an ephemeral fart of a constipated princess). More than compelling and more than a scent, a little piece of minimalist art. Obviously not a “bomb”, very subtle but quite persistent, more than one may assume: somehow you smell it around yourself for hours and hours even if it seems disappearing from your skin soon. This close to smelling just dull and weak – and maybe it is, and I’m just overestimating it – but I find it just lovely.

21st May, 2016
Really enjoyed the smell. Longevity and projection are okay. Longevity about 2-3 hours. Even with that, I bought a 10ml decant.
05th February, 2016
First foray into Jo Malone - impulse buy in an airport whilst off on a shoot.

Agree with most of the positive reviews above - a lovely blend, I love it death ... but ...

Feel VERY duped by the Jo Malone boutique assistant and by the name itself ... INTENSE? Maybe ... but only till I got to the boarding gate, and after a brief 2 hr flight it had vanished completely.

For the price and given its supposed 'higher' concentration ... I don't expect to be spraying 10+ times to get it to hang around.

And honestly even when I do ... it doesn't.

A real shame.
4 star scent that drops to a 2 because of shameful longevity.
06th September, 2015
Really earthy, mysterious, by soon woody (almost raucous), sparkling (a classic citric approach counteracting in the meanwhile the raw upcoming woodiness) and angular juice since the first moments of the short trip. The vibrant combination of the two main elements is exotic and somewhat dandy (in a fresh, elusive, latin and virile way). It seems a touch of final leather connects the elements of this really virile (vaguely caribbean) seasoned concoction. Dry spices and thirsty cedarwood drain utterly the vaguely (barely and temporarily) resinous initial texture (a touch of saffron too??). The Oud & Bergamot Cologne's evolution is minimal, the stout, dry, vaguely smoky and leathery oud's temperament seems weirdly sultry and testosteronic. An interesting minimalistic take on citric oud, alluring, classic, sexy and fashinating.
09th October, 2014 (last edited: 25th September, 2015)
Smooth synth woody-oudy combo with subtle sparkling notes on top and a weightless drydown that works the same way certain aromachemicals a-la IES do. Very nice accords, transparent and pleasant but a bit too safe and really too weak. Pity, this would have been a big winner if just a little bit amped up.

01st November, 2013

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