McGraw Silver (2010)
    by Tim McGraw

    McGraw Silver Fragrance Notes

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    Tony T
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    i have a decant of aventus that i have never used. i have used the jaguar that everone says smells like aventus so imo this is similiar to jaguar.light citrus opening with a synthetic metallic accord. longevity is an issue. would be better for warmer weather so it's not a total miss just lacking originalty..

    14 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    McGraw Silver... Great outdoors fresh scent - not much staying power...

    I received McGraw Silver as a present and pleasantly surprised at the fragrance... It breathes masculine outdoors from the beginning, finishing with musky, oaky, and vetiver notes. When you smell it, you definitely think you are in the country. Good scent - I'm impressed. The Wow Factor has potential - Sweetie (a.k.a. my girlfriend) complimented the fragrance following the initial application. Those are the good points...

    Now the downside. Silver is on the weaker side of longevity and the smaller bottle (one ounce) is awkwardly small in your hand - difficult to hold and spray.

    Given the uniqueness of the fragrance and if you like (country) Southern style scents, add Silver to your collection.

    All things considered, I give Silver 4 stars out of 5. As stated before, if you are the avid collector, buy it. The eyes are the windows to the soul...

    05 November, 2012

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    Somewhat reminiscent of Creed Aventus. Ironically, the bottles color scheme and presentation are pretty similar. Whether this was trying to rip off Aventus or not remains to be heard. Both were released in 2010, so who's to know which one was released first.

    Regardless, Silver's composition is simple, pineapple and leather, although neither of these notes listed in the pyramid, this is what I get. Although the combination sounds good, the concoction here is not that great. Decent though. It does have this foggy/cloudy feel to it that ruins things. It also reminds me of Polo Explorer to some degree.

    14 September, 2012

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    For a mass-market aquatic fragrance, this is actually much more pleasant than I expected. Nothing especially memorable about it, but it doesn't have the harsh synthetic quality that many others of its kind do. Doesn't last very long or develop much, but it's know, pleasant. It's like a song playing on the radio that doesn't make you perk up and listen, but doesn't make you change the station, either. You might not even register it if your attention is on something else --- not cloyingly inoffensive like Muzak, but not really registering its presence. If it were a color it would be a almost transparent pale green. A slight hint of freshness on a soft breeze that then disappears without a trace.

    20th February, 2012

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