Cologne du 68 (2006)
    by Guerlain

    Cologne du 68 Fragrance notes

    Bergamot, Green mandarin, Citron, Clementine, Cedrat, Blood orange, Limette, Grapefruit, Basil, Fennel, Star anise, Lavender, Bay leaf, Cypress, Elemi, Thyme, Myrtle, Bigarade, Mandarin petitgrain, Lemon petitgrain, Pear, Violet leaves, Ivy leaves, Gentiana, Sap, Blackcurrant, Freesia, Lily of the valley, Hazelnut leaf, Cyclamen, Cardamom, Coriander, Black pepper, Pink pepper, Nutmeg, Ginger, Jasmine, Frangipani, Magnolia, Orange blossom, Peony, Rose, Carnation, Ylang ylang, Lychee, Fig, Blackberry, Immortelle, Lentisque, Opoponax, Amber, Benzoin, Vanilla, Cistus, Heliotrope, Iris, Tonka bean, Sage, Musk, Patchouli, Agarwood, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vegetable musk, Praline, Myrrh, Moss

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    Allow me to recount my alarming experience on first encountering this compelling substance. The evening was passed pleasantly with a scented companion: dinner and sharing our latest fragrance finds and fancies. He had brought this, all three flavours of Rive Gauche PH, Givenchy III and lord knows what all else. Immoderate as I can be where olfactory pleasures are concerned, I was adorned with them all in short order.

    I was aware of this as a moderate cologne with an essential oil blend twist, but it did not stand out particularly amongst or against the other samplings.

    Returning home I slumbered the blissful sleep of innocence and perhaps a slight prandial over-indulgence... Until at one in the morning I woke suddenly, convinced a stranger had entered the bedroom. But it was an intensifying powdery note of the C68. Abbreviated thus, the name of this beast resembles that of the symbol for a radioactive isotope, which is not far wrong!

    There are rumours of a new EdP strength release of this?


    05 December, 2013

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    Canada Canada

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    A musky Guerlinade cologne.

    Take the Guerlinade that everyone loves and add a subtle anise musk to make it pop. I would suggest it as a light masculine S/S alternative for the Azzaro PH lovers out there. While some might find it heavy for a cologne, it's an uplifting fragrance which is versatile, office friendly and presents a unique little twist in various settings. Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of notes that are presented, it's quite a simple Guerlain composition. This simplicity may be its' slight flaw, as it seems to lack a defining character. Definitely one of the most overlooked offerings from the house of Guerlain.

    Pros: Versatile
    Cons: Undefined

    22 June, 2013

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    A typical Guerlain! Overly "perfumy", old fashioned or old school depending on how you feel about it. I felt the need to wash it off and I did alas after 3 hours I still smell it on me. Therefore, Cologne du 68 must posses some good quality ingredients, and it's a powerful edt with potency and longevity. If only one likes it. To me it quickly settles into a gourmand accord so its complexity, if any, is a small variation of the same tune. Sorry, but Guerlain has started to disappoint me with their unwillingness to experiment and surprise us a bit. Many of their creations are appealing as gifts for others but I never found any one to fell in love with. Even their Vetiver has no spell what so ever on me anymore.

    21st February, 2013

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    When i see Guerlain this scent comes to my mind. This is a well constructed blend that's very unique. Unisex for sure. Smells much the "guerlinade" note already talked here. Sillage, lasting power and projection are medium. Definetely worth it and thumbs up!

    20th December, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I love this. It's complex, beautifully blended, nothing overly jumps out but it's an elegant sexy intoxicating fragrance that always makes me feel confident and beautiful. Typically guerlain, you can feel it in L'Intense, Shalimar, Heritage to a degree. It's green, citrus, woody, soft and nest like in the drydown. Fits all occasions. It's the Guerlinade...

    01st July, 2012

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