Spicebomb (2012)
    by Viktor & Rolf

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    Wow, what a fragrance!

    I don't know what's in this, and I don't think I wanna know. Is it an oriental? A spicy wood? I'll go with the paradoxical aromatic-oriental.

    Spicebomb smells like a cacophony of spices dancing around. No, it's not the traditional spices you'd expect in a masculine. These are pleasing and never harsh. If Frederic Malle bottled this for $300, it'd be all the craze here.

    While probably most similar to L'Occitane's Eau de Baux (I'd say 75%, but EdB is more oriental with less spice and more vanilla), the scent I get the best similarity to is the discontinued Gucci Envy. Not in smell, but in feel. Envy also had that jumble of spice (there, ginger which no one considers a spice) that was so well blended and pleasing as to defy its ingredients. Now Envy is discontinued and Spicebomb is born shortly thereafter. Coincidence or reincarnation?

    05 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Spicebomb has a smooth, sophisticated opening. I’m not sure how to categorize the accord except that it is an exceptionally rippleless fruity-spicy texture… glossy to the point that I cannot pick out individual notes; I can only recognize the notes by identifying certain characteristics of the accord. The elemi plays a large part in both the glossiness and the lack of individually identifiable notes. There is an aromatic texture that comes from the pink pepper, and, while this aromatic texture lasts, I enjoy the accord. The total accord, if not actually sweet, gives an impression of being sweet – perhaps because of the spiciness. As the aromatic background wanes, I progressively lose my appreciation because what remains is the kind of accord that I know I will find annoying with prolonged exposure. I’ve had the exact same experience with Viktor & Rolf’s Antidote, which I purchased but no longer wear because I’ve grown annoyed with the continuation of the basic accord. So much for the opening… I’ve already determined that I will not be buying this one.

    I was not looking to enjoy the middle accord of the chili and saffron because I am not fond of saffron, and I had little hope that I would enjoy its combination with chili. I should have known that I wouldn’t smell the chili – another aberration of mine. So the middle accord simply adds saffron to the remnants of the opening I already dislike. Contrary to my personal thoughts of saffron, I think that it actually improved the opening accord. Go figure…

    The base is soft and sophisticated – a leather / tobacco / vetiver accord. Again, it comes across to me as a textured accord… I find it quite pleasant but nothing more. It retains a bit of the spice texture from the top; it contains and element of the afore-mentioned annoying accord; it doesn’t seem to project very much; and it has quite good longevity.

    Basically, I see Spicebomb as similar to V & R’s Antidote in the sense that it is interesting, sophisticated (it seems to me to be quite nichy), and it had experienced a lot of attention when it came to the market. I hear very little about Antidote nowadays and I expect the same thing will happen with Spicebomb: It is well-made, sophisticated, successfully introduced, and creative, but I do not believe it has a presence or character that will make it more than a flash in the pan.

    09 February, 2014

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    Bo Darville
    United States United States

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    Wow, this smells like a Prada Amber PH clone. I hate Prada Amber PH.

    I did receive a couple of compliments while wearing this, but ultimately I find it overtly feminine, cloying, and utterly uninspired and derivative.

    17 December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Solid scent that doesn't live to its name

    This scent has a fantastic spicy opening and settles down into a very light, yet powerful woody fragrance. The bottle design is very unique and works in a weird fashion. You have to "pull the pin" on the fragrance or else it doesn't spray. I thought the designers did a great job of combining the grenade shape with the pin-pulling gimmick. The projection and longevity is extremely good for me but it's the scent itself that doesn't feel like a "bomb." The spice comes very early but dissipates quickly. I also receive compliments very regularly compared to most of my collection.

    Even though it's woody, it developed much more feminine than I anticipated. I sprayed a card in a designer store and got a completely different fragrance compared to how it develops on my skin. I don't mind it being a little feminine but I wasn't really looking for that type of development when I bought it. I bought it from a high-end clothes store so I'm not sure if it was their set price that made it so high or not but when it was rung up, I was surprised it was priced so high. I was also a little annoyed that it only came in 90 ml. It felt a little short-changed compared to 99% of other designers that come in 100 ml.


    Pros: 1. Crazy design and concept that works well as a bottle collector 2. I get fantastic projection and longevity 3. Great compliment getter
    Cons: 1. More feminine than I expected 2. Expensive for a designer 3. Doesn't come in the full 100 ml"

    02 October, 2013

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    England England

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    Cinammon bubblegum overkill.

    Notes of mainly cinnamon, bubblegum and a hint of tobacco had me hurrying furtively through the streets after testing it hoping nobody would get too close to me. This feels jarring and invasive and I feel sorry for anyone trapped in a confined space with this scent (though it did seem to die away pretty quickly)

    Pros: Will get you noticed
    Cons: Will get you noticed in a bad way"

    03 August, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    another view

    another teen age party scent, you may like it or not, kid stuff indeed!

    29 July, 2013

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