Gucci Guilty pour Homme (2011)
    by Gucci

    Gucci Guilty pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    Gotta hand it to Gucci – They sure know how to turn the clock back. First the lavender / citrus thing of the opening – like that hasn’t been done hundreds of times, but I gotta admit that this version is not the lowest quality I’ve encountered – Gucci Guilty PH would rank in about the middle the synthetic scale. Quality lavender and quality citrus are not easy in fragrancy and the combination of the two is even more difficult. I’ve smelled the combination in some fragrances that was so good it made me weak in the knees; in others where it was definite scrubber…in Gucci Guilty the lavender / citrus accord is fair to middling.

    The heart accord is weaker than the top accord in both quantity and quality. Its projection is below average and its quality is uninspired. It depends on the continuance of the top’s citrus notes and orange blossom, with patchouli for support. It fails – on paper it has some presence… but it is dull and boring, and on my skin I can barely smell it. The drydown – principally cedar supported by amber and some vetiver is fine, except I find that its projection and longevity respond poorly on my dry skin.

    This is another one of those fragrances where the actual fragrance is not as bad as my description made it seem. This is not a scrubber... this is not a synthetic mess. This is obviously a scent designed for a younger person, and I think it is a viable candidate for that market. It runs the risk of lack of projection and longevity, but the reviews give evidence that it performs differently on different skins. A person who might be interested should test it on the skin for at least six hours to see if works for him.

    17 November, 2013

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    One of the worst fragrances to come out in recent memory.

    A friend of mine wore this for a while, and I was so happy when he switched to wearing Le Male. If plain old Le Male can beat this lousy cologne, anything can.

    14 November, 2013

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    Not bad, but not great either

    Not really impressed by this smell either way.

    12 September, 2013

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    worst gucci

    Gucci discontinue all the perfume from the Tom Ford era like Gucci pour homme 1 and 2 and launch this bad commercial fragrance. This is a fragrance for teenagers, the new main target of all high fashion brands. It smells like cheap gel douche.

    24 June, 2013

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    This is simply disgusting. Too much of it causes headaches. The matching deodorant spray is also useless. Only spraying in little squirts that are no better than dribbles. Every time I use this I feel like I haven't washed for 3 days by the end of the night. Yes. It is that bad.

    12 May, 2013

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    I mirror Alfarom's assessment: bottled bordom.

    05 May, 2013

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