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Oud Immortel (2010)
by Byredo


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Oud Immortel

Oud Immortel is a shared / unisex perfume by Byredo. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Oud Immortel

Third favorite oud after Creed and TF. To, me it still smells like a classier longer lasting, non-pungent, can be used for a black tie event world class BLACK XS.
18th September, 2015
This is sadly not unisex at all. The opening was beautiful! So unique, I was in love, planning our fist wearing together. The lemoncello adds a welcome brightness and dare I say, fruitiness. My first thoughts were "an oud fragrance I could wear in the warmer months!" But within two hours I started to wonder what the heck smells like an old man in my presence. It had dried down to a nose-bashing ultra-masculine cologne which my fiance described as "You smell like a used car salesman. No wait, like the guy who owns the car dealership. It's a POWER cologne." Not exactly what every woman wants to hear from her lover. I spent the next hour trying to scrub the damn thing off but it was so persistent. 10 hours later I was still getting whiffs of the moss. The sillage and longevity on this stuff is crazy-town.
11th June, 2015
This is a stunning fragrance!
While there are lots of brands, niche and designer involve themselves with oud, rose and saffron combo which is very popular these days but it's quite boring and annoying for me, jewels like this are not really appreciated.
This fragrance opens up with fresh and juicy limoncello note mixed with some oud, some black pepper, some incense and some patchouli.
The limoncello is juicy, sweet and fresh but wait a minute, what is this sharp and dark aroma mixed with it?
Yep, there is some oud and incense here and they give this fresh juicy scent a dark and slightly smoky feeling.
There is no black pepper in this fragrance but I can smell it for sure.
I can also smell patchouli note in the background that give the scent hint of earthiness.
After a while and in the dry down, you can still smell limoncello which is fresh like the opening but now it's less sweet and juicy.
Black pepper is almost gone and you can smell both oud and incense in the background.
Now some green notes kick in and give the scent a little bit more fresh feeling.
The scent is fresh and green, but dark and slightly smoky at the same time.
The dry down is very close to the opening but a little bit fresher!
Now in the base something really interesting happened!
While I was expecting no changes till the end, the tobacco came in!
The tobacco give the scent much more depth and more dark feeling and I think I'm the first one who mention this, but I can smell a very light animalistic smell as well!
The base really surprised me and I loved it.
Projection is awesome and longevity is 8 plus hours on my skin.
As I said it's a stunning fragrance that deserve much more talk about.
A perfect choice for spring and summer nights.
01st February, 2014
Too much for me

At first:
Im a very open minded scent lover and i like most of the strangest scents out here.
Im not a person who dislikes a scent after one sniff or wearing i always try ore then once before going to review.(because a scent must grow on you)
But this one...a first big no for me!
After smelling it 10 times (10 sprays this month)
Im glad i only have a tester bottle.

A very disturbing fragrance of a house who makes great fragrances.
I like de the other oud type fragrance of Byredo called accord oud but this one really puts me off.
I think its the combination of limoncello (light fresh citric) on oud and incense (dark,deep) which takes this scent to a disturbing level of weirdness where its not comfortable to wear anymore.(almost sickning cloying)

Im a blind buyer (80% i bought online these days) and i must warn others spending also on blind buys on this one.

*Just a warning i hate to be negative and i always try to explain my review and i truly love the house Byredo and its fragrances it created during the past years.
Scents are very personal and the perception and experience of the senses of a person is never the same.

24th August, 2013
Oud Immortel conjures me some Accord Oud's aromatic facets but under a sharper and less leathery/gassy vest. The combination between incense, resinous oud, spices and patchouli represents the backbone of the olfactory fatigue, which over some fruity ingredients and smooth boise notes unfold their effects in order to round the final aroma. I detect a touch of boots polish foam effect, some synthetic woody elements and a sort of resinous/gassy oud-olibanum accord surrounded by citrus and may be bilberries (or probably is just the olibanum resin that projects that type of fruitiness in my perception). Frankly i don't smell precisely a tobacco presence but just a sort of seasoned type of aromatic/perfumed mildness soothed by secret elements (myrrh, benzoin??) and probably by minimal hints of suede. At the end of the trip i detect a more plain woody/ spicy presence and in this phase the spicier (probably more resinous) and brighter Al Oudh comes to mind. Finally what? Frankly a synthetic and "sulphureous" woodiness and nothing else. Another disappointing Byredo which does not strike at all my humble olfactory taste.
Ps. After a bunch of hours a more pleasant incensey vibe keeps rising in the air, balancing the excess of synthetic woodiness, just a faint improvement due to push my rating up towards a neutral level.
30th April, 2013 (last edited: 01st May, 2013)
I like the sharp, tangy opening. It's stimulating. But after that passes, all I can detect on myself is sugar, lemon, cardamom, and patchouli. It smells clean and medicinal, but is not very challenging, and is definitely not inspiring. I wish there were more moss, incense, and rosewood. There is virtually zero Oud. Overall, it lasts forever, but in a generic way.
11th February, 2013

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