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Accord Oud (2010)
by Byredo


Accord Oud information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Accord Oud

Accord Oud is a shared / unisex perfume by Byredo. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Accord Oud

ACCORD OUD moves through its phases from burning plastics and tyres to rum-soaked hides to soiled rotting logs without ever truly smelling of any real oud I've come across. It's not a bad scent but that doesn't automatically make it a good one either. There is an overarching chemical vibe and textural monotony about it that I don't really care for.
26th July, 2016
Accord Oud was definitely an acquired fragrance to me. My first initial impressions were that someone may have initially poured some type of fossil fuel into my bottle. Really, it’s definitely heady and boisterous - I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had poured this into their gas tank and gotten better mileage. However, over time, I began to appreciate what I consider to be a really nice (but heavy), leather fragrance that you will likely still be able to smell when you wake up the day after.

Initially, I get saffron, blackberry and rum. The saffron gives the overall feel to AO. It’s a softness that is a nice counterpart to the heady leather. The blackberry and rum mix nicely as well, offering a sweet, but boozy opening. The rest of the fragrance isn’t so easily distinguishable to me. As I said, I basically get mostly leather and some other notes, but they’re hard to pick out individually after the top notes fade. But it’s still very nice.

I’m still debating whether it’s worth the price. At first, I would’ve said a definite ‘no,’ but now I’m not so sure I’d stick with that answer. I would say if you have the money, then it’s definitely worth trying. A decanted sample would be a great idea.
17th February, 2014
This is very pleasant and definitely a unisex fragrance.
The opening is a very yummy combination of sweet saffron, a little bit of cinnamon (yep!) and a weak semi fresh fruity smell that all together reminding me of a local I would say soup (or maybe food!) in my country!
This special soup has been made from rice, saffron, sugar, small pieces of almonds and some cinnamon on top!
Very simple, yet very yummy and the opening of this fragrance remind me of that.
In the mid I can smell a little softer saffron and a light bitter smoky aroma.
It's more like smoky leather than smoky oud, but anyway it's weak and mostly in the background.
You have this scent for about 5-6 hours then the scent changes to a semi sweet/semi tart fruity blackberry smell with some saffron and leather, both completely in the background.
To my nose it doesn't smell like "TF Tuscan Leather" at all. leather has a small role in this fragrance and it's not bold and strong.
I would say this is not a leather based fragrance.
It's an oriental, spicy, fruity fragrance.
Projection is great and I get at least 12 hours of longevity!
I like it.
06th February, 2014
Literally applied this around 2pm today. Here it is, nearly 1AM -- and it's still strong on my wrists... and i wash my hands a LOT!!!!

Spicy, leather, deep, thick.

You dont need much

And you will get a lot.
04th May, 2013

More leathery and fruity (with an heady spicy patchouli prominent olfactory backbone) than "oud-ish" in a classic woody/medicinal way. A touch of oud provides a more resinous vibe in phase of dry down and of course a (though minimal) woody/oudish recognizable temperament. The berry-sh leathery (gassy/rubbery type of) accord conjures me more something like a mash up between C For Men Clive Christian, Colonia Intensa Oud Concentree Acqua di Parma, Tuscan Leather and Leather Oud Dior (rubbery- boots polish foam type-spicy and fruity oud-leather-patchouli combo) than properly a classy ordinary leather accord. I feel the initial rubbery/boozy blast and the addition of rum (sweetly boozy and spicy) is there to ticke your senses in a general prickly and aromatic atmosphere. The role of saffron, in its link with the aromatic sage and birth (absolutely notable at my senses), is refreshing and almost intoxicating at the beginning while it becomes almost gassy in the effect as well as the leather/blackberries/musk soft combination is accomplished. The initial approach is promissing before the juice starts to develop towards something more conventional and onedimentional, a sort of rubbery/leathery accord smelling somehow synthetic over its smooth musky/fruity base. Yes, a nowadays conventional experiment (uninspired but i have not enough reasons to thumbs it down) which anyway projects well and possesses a notable lasting power.
13th April, 2013
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United States
Birtch tar and berries. Sweetness and medicinal harshness. A juxtaposition of notes the point in opposite directions but that amalgamate into something both interesting and very wearable. Longevity is quite good on me, so that may be a user specific variable.
13th January, 2013

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