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Opus IV (2010)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Opus IV

Opus IV is a shared / unisex perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2010

Reviews of Opus IV

This reminds me of a holiday season spiced tea, and nearly works as a perfume I would wear.
26th March, 2016
Amouage is my favorite 'house'. Im a guy who indulges in imagination and vision. That said, its no wonder, that Im so in love with a number of the scents that this house makes.

and IV is right up there. If you want a safer Amouage scent, then the Library collection is probably not for you, because every single one of the creations from this collection is off the charts erotic with note construction and longevity.

this is a spice monster with a citrus foundation that keeps it from going completely off the rails. I like the edginess and how 'in your face' it is. You have to pick your spots to wear this, but then again, like most things in life moderation makes living with something or someone, a lot more bearable. So, with a light hand, this is a very impressive everyday scent.
20th January, 2016
Spicey and musky. Too much going on with Opus IV. For those of you who like animalistic frgrances, this is for you. Smells a lot like body sweat.
01st April, 2015
I used to think that VI was the best from this collection until I bought a bottle and then promptly started to hate it (go figure), but I always recall liking IV as well. Well, here I am several years later sampling IV again and it’s solid enough, but I’m just reminded that the Opus line, generally speaking, kind of blows.

This one’s an herbal, cumin-centered incense that’s loaded with my arch-enemy, cardamom. (When I rule the world, cardamom will be banned as, with a few exceptions, I consider it to be one of the main destroyers of otherwise fine perfumes.) But my preferences aside, IV is an herbal resin affair with a stinky cumin quality. It marries Epic Man and Fate Man, to a degree, but whereas neither of those are particularly Eastern, Opus IV drags its cultural baggage along behind it; it's authentically exotic in that it doesn’t feel like it’s faking it in any way. Underneath the truckload of spices, there’s a resin combo that’s cut with buttery flowers and a slight vegetal / sap effect. It’s a relatively dry fragrance, but there’s just a touch of sweetness peeking through from some undisclosed floral. It brings to mind a Georgia O’Keefe landscape — perhaps “Rust Red Hills” (Google it) — although the color impression I get is more blue and orange than burnt sienna. Once the spices die off, it feels more comfortable to me, and even though it’s not quite to my taste, I do still think it’s one of the better offerings from the Opus line (which, as previously mentioned, blows). If you’re into exotic, eastern scents and can handle a heavy dose of culinary herbs and sweaty cumin, then you should probably try and get this one up your nose.
19th March, 2015
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Unless you have a nose similar to a spectroscope, I would forget about most of the notes listed as this is all about cardamom and incense all held together by a rather dry musk. This accord combines to give off lovely wafts of ginger and pepper -- it's a bit of a spicebomb, but smells rich and distinctive. Definitely a cool weather scent imo. A bit of a nose-tickler, but very nice.

Apparently half of the profits from this fragrance are used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in Oman.
07th October, 2014
A polarizing fragrance. Can´t say much more about it than what has already been said (accused) below... only to add my extreme favor of something so nose-tickling and aromatic.

For me this is more about VIBE than individual notes. This is THE holiday scent... and like the holiday sweater... some will want to stay far, far away from this and find it audacious in its color scheme. I find the incense here to be foody, herbal, and incessantly festive. The trick here is the citrus blend. COOL lemon with HOT cardamon and GREEN herbs. There is a bit of a metallic edge - something I always get in Ambre Sultan (it must be an herbal thing) - that annoys me somewhat... but it also keeps this very crisp without being too dry (like, for example, Noir Epices). Thick and loud, but certainly not sweet (fruit cake) or creamy/nutty (Jubilation incense). This dryer quality makes it especially wonderful in the cold, with a good projection and sillage in lower temperatures and a longevity that doesn't disappoint.

Admittedly, I don´t wear this much. It is too distinctive and immediately recognizable - if not as a human perfume - to be something that breaks out of its box (screaming) too often. Then again, I think that this is part of the charm of the whole Opus line... special moments and moods to keep shelved away for the perfect occasion.
09th May, 2014

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