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Opus V (2011)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Opus V

Opus V is a shared / unisex perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Opus V

Amazing fragrance; boozy, floral and unisex. This fragrance has an Osmanthus (The Different Company) kind of feel, even a Mure Et Musc fruitiness not completely floral nor fruity-these are just roles played. As the fragrance finds itself, there is a woody, fruitiness that contributes to the booziness affect, AMAZING! This is quite captivating! I do detect the Jasmine along with Rose. The floral composition mixed with boozy/woodsy aroma really blends well! Overall, some great juice from this house!

This is potent stuff so be CAREFUL on the trigger!! of my students says, "Mr., I smell your perfume!" Realizing, again I didn't spray alot; here's to show no need for much-projection is Amazing! Sillage is out of the park! I put on just a spritz and both projection and longevity are wonderful!

Reminds me of Mancera Aoud Line slightly with the sweetness....
06th July, 2016
As is usually the case on basenotes, the note pyramid is off, starting with the main note of iris..if you arent a big fan of iris ans woody notes, I would pass on this.

But its right up my alley. A drop dead gorgeous perfume that does unisex, better than many fragrances. There are a few Amouage juices that dont deserve their high pricepoints...this one, does. Hands down. Incredible, glamorous longevity that will have people "ooohing and ahhhing" and wanting to know what you're wearing.
15th January, 2016
Before saying anything I must admit that it wasn't something that I would expect at all!
At the opening and right off the bat you can smell creamy floral iris note.
The iris note is not exactly something that you can smell in "Dior Homme" for example.
There are other floral notes beside it and they are not good!
In the dry down It's only floral and more floral!
I really like the iris note in "Dior Homme" and I think it's very classy and sexy but in this fragrance mixing it with other floral notes make the scent very feminine and in the bad and synthetic way.
The floral notes in the mid remind me of "Kenzo Power" and I really hate that fragrance.
It's creamy sweet floral scent all the way through and in a bad way that I can't stand!
Projection is good (not great) but longevity is 12+ hours and there is no problem here.
23rd December, 2013
Iris on sandpaper

Rum and iris feature prominently in Xerjoff Shingl to great effect. The same combo is used in Opus V albeit less impressively with Amouage eschewing orris' carroty/doughy attribute in favor of its icier more floral facets, presumably to ease in the other floral players. A rather clever idea especially when juxtaposed with oud's warmer depths. Unfortunately what ruins it for me is the slightly heavy hand in the use of 'dry woods accord', no doubt fueled by norlimbanol. It's abrasive texture cuts across the fragrance with the subtlety of a nail screeching across a chalkboard.

Pros: Good concept
Cons: No real oud, just lots of dry woods"

14th September, 2013
Though I am giving this a thumbs up, the mid and basenotes smell almost exactly like Montale Aoud Musk. I like Aoud Musk which is why I'm giving this a thumbs up. However, I prefer to pay Montale prices vs Amouage prices. Opening is better than Aoud Musk but only lasts about 10 minutes.
09th May, 2013
only_me! Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Prologue: UK version.

“Hello cheeky!”

Yes, as Robert Webb quips in the new adverts, in some ways the combinations of dense earthy, civet notes in “Opus V” might be like waking up one morning and discovering one of those pesky meerkats in your bed!


However, joking aside, as the wonderful reviews below describe, this is another bold, fascinating creation from Amouage that deserves special mention as it refrains stolidly from following any comfortable generic line, rather, for my silly old nose, “Opus V” belongs in the company of such animalic, almost bizarre, strong 'outside' creations such as Montale’s “Aoud Cuir d’Arabie”; Lutens’ vintage “Muscs Koublai Khan” and vintage “Rose Poivree” by The Different Company.

I would have been intrigued to discover this theme with dark, citrusy top/middle notes up-front along the lines of its very distant cousins, “Derby” or vintage “Bel Ami”, but as it is “Opus V” is formidable and I love it!

Maybe my olfactory musings above will arrive one day as, say, Opus XI?


12th January, 2013

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