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Cosy Cedar Wood 72 (1972)
by Krigler


Cosy Cedar Wood 72 information

Year of Launch1972
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Not enough ratings.

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About Cosy Cedar Wood 72

Cosy Cedar Wood 72 is a shared / unisex perfume by Krigler. The scent was launched in 1972

Cosy Cedar Wood 72 fragrance notes

Reviews of Cosy Cedar Wood 72

This is a nice scent, but I just don't think I get it. It is high quality, but I don't even know what i'm smelling. It isn't cozy to me, it is actually the opposite. I find it very cool. I was hoping for a warm cedar cabin, this is more of a waking up at the crack of dawn freezing your a** off, camping in the middle of the woods, type of cedar.
08th May, 2017
A strange configuration to my senses. This started out with a plasticky vibe.There was something about it that reminded me of the time I melted my model kit of the starship Enterprise when I was a kid. That smell stuck in my mind and was revisited many years later while wearing this frag. There is a very sweet note as well that comes across as quite feminine to me. I didn't enjoy wearing this, unlike the other Krigler fragrances I've tried, both of which I loved. I won't pursue Cosy Cedar Wood 72 anymore.
25th October, 2016
Ive worn Cozy Cedar Wood 72 quite a few times now and I still don't feel like I really understand what it smells like. There's a blast of metallic lavender on top, and it's vaguely fruity and vaguely flowery and it mostly smells like sweet woody chemicals. It ends up smelling like Tam Dao sandalwood brushed with fuzzy old-school peach, but with a high-pitched chemical sheen that never really goes away. I've heard scents like this referred to as "sheer woods" before and I think that description fits. Honestly, this one only earns a neutral rating.


There's a flanker called "Cozy Cedar Wood 72 Elegant" that's AMAZING. It's not available online, only at the Krigler boutique in NYC if you ask for it. And it scores two HUGE enthusuastic thumbs up. It's basically an old-school hyper-masculine powerhouse chypre with a huge slug of peppery sandalwood and smoky campfire cedar on top. It's got a very dark leather in the base, which gets a bit raunchy, but "Elegant" is really a study in contrasts - The very modern "niche-smelling" peppery smoky woods perfectly blend with a classic skeleton, tied together with green sage and herbs, while the raunch of the leather is spectacularly offset by the classiness of the chypre base. I'd easily consider "Elegant" on par with Bois du Portugal as one of the best woody chypres available (not that it smells like Bois du Portugal - it's much darker and mare manly). And I honestly like it waaaay more than other benchmarks like Derby or Bel Ami.
09th January, 2014
This is a very nice, warm, cozy scent. I'd characterize it as a spicy wood, with warm and at times almost smoky tone. It's smooth and attractive. The nutmeg spice certainly dominates, perhaps at the expense of the wood and incense (which is probably myrrh). I wish the wood notes were a bit brighter and crisper, but otherwise this is a fine scent.

Krigler site adds lemon, ylang-ylang, fig, and vetiver to the notes above.
16th February, 2013
The notes on this fragrances sounded promising, and like a fool allowed to go out on his own on a cool Autumn day, I was entranced and carried away. Consequently, I carried myself back to the Plaza and bought it after walking around Central Park sniffing my wrist and trying to avoid being pulled in for a looney. Anyway, it was nice, and cozy and I thought I was in love, but alas soon after I knew I wasn't. In fact I've worn it for about five days and am convinced it is a nice ladies fragrance for a day in town shopping or in the country with horses or flower shows. Retro, again, it would go well with an Hermes scarf but not an Hermes tie. I hear these fragrances have gray amber in them. I don't know, but there's something in a lot of these Krigler scents that doesn't work for me. I am not generally an amber fan, so that could be it. There's no sharpness in these; there's too much perfumy projection and a lot of what passes in my memory for ladies handkerchief scents. I was a fool, it was a momentary fling. But, now I have passed it on to a dear lady friend, and she says she likes it, but maybe she's just being polite. For me, it most assuredly is not a man's scent, although Krigler says it could be. What was I thinking that day in the Park?
31st October, 2012 (last edited: 24th January, 2013)

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