Chateau Krigler 12
    by Krigler

    Chateau Krigler 12 Fragrance notes

    Lily of the valley, Mimosa, White musk, Rose

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    This is one of those rare perfumes that actually smells to me like what the note list suggests. It's a mix of lily and rose, with the rose giving a round sweetness while the lily gives an almost aquatic green feel, bordering on melon or aloe. There's an undertone that's waxy to the point of smelling almost plastic (some of the older Carons have this - apparently, it was quite fashionable at some point) and a thin musk underneath that's simultaneously soapy and funky. There's also a raspberry-ish fruity quality to it, which leads Chateau Krigler into a weird sort of aquatic-fruity-floral territory, while the waxy musky base smells of old-world class and distinction. In the end, this push-pull between the modern/classic and common/regal failed to win me over, but kept me entertained enough to warrant a neutral rating. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend Chateau Krigler, but I've enjoyed others from the Krigler line, so they're definitely still worth pursuing.

    19 February, 2012

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