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Giulietta (2009)
by Tocca


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerEllen Molner
PerfumerJames Bell

About Giulietta

The fragrance is inspired by the love story of Italian director Federico Fellini and his wife, Giulietta Masina.

Reviews of Giulietta

Very light. Almost invisible. This scent fades after ten minutes, on me. I get a blast of apple, a touch of lilac, some musk, and a smattering of ylang ylang. I would give it a neutral if it performed better.
27th May, 2017
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United States
I'd love to give this a thumbs up rating but because this completely fades from my skin within a span of an hour I feel like I can't give it any more than just a neutral rating.

On me all I can really smell is fresh green apples, and it's absolutely lovely in my opinion. This was my first ever fragrance that I bought myself, and I am admittedly a fragrance newb, but I'm learning (hopefully quickly).

I bought this initially on a whim in a duo fragrance set on sale at Sephora, which came with Giulietta and Stella EDP, as well as hand creams of both fragrance. I enjoyed both fragrances, but surprisingly Giulietta was the one that particularly struck my fancy. Normally I trend towards more citrusy notes, like those of Stella, but there was something subtle about Stella that didn't sit well with me (as a newb with an untrained nose I have yet to figure out what it is). But I loved Giulietta so much that I decided to go out and buy a smaller bottle of it, so as to test the grounds better without blowing too much cash.

I still adore the initial, fresh blast of appley goodness but I have to admit that after that fades, not much takes its place, which is incredibly disappointing to me. This had so much potential, but since on me it just fades so quickly into essential nothingness, aside from when I shove my nose right into my wrist (and even then the scent is almost too subtle to detect except for Right when you stick your nose in there... olfactory fatigue, I suppose?), I have to ultimately give it a neutral rating. I'll still continue to use it happily, however, because even though it doesn't last long, I still love the initial blast of fragrance it gives me. :)
29th February, 2016
On me, Giulietta is a mix of just about every available cheap fruit candy flavor (apple, orange, pineapple, strawberry, etc.) over a huge slug of fuzzy fabric softener smell. It has a subtle floral quality, a sort of round pink feeling that implies rose while not smelling directly flowery. Despite the fancy notes list, this is the dumbest kind of fruity floral (seriously, these fruit candy fabric softener perfumes are a sub-genre that I've really grown to dislike).

BUT, it keeps making me happy when I smell it. My inner snob is screaming at me to just write a bad review and move on, but I've honestly been enjoying wearing Giulietta. Sometimes, it's the dumbest things that make us happy. So, an embarrassing thumbs up...
05th August, 2012
A sales person directed me towards Giulietta when I visited a perfume boutique in search of an apple-based fragrance for a friend.

Searching for an apple scent can be a nightmare or an exciting experience. The better the quality of the ingredients the more pleasing the apple scent often is.

Giulietta is mostly crisp, watery green apple with a delicate array of soapy and clean florals. This is a lovely fragrance for those particularly humid and unbearable days in the midst of Summer.

Smelling this fragrance is just like biting into an apple and sensing the misty juice droplets around your mouth. Giulietta is a fruity floral that relies on its subtlety to make its mark. It's nothing like the overpowering DKNY Be Delicious, the clean and sporty Ralph by Ralph Lauren or the candied Nina by Nina Ricci.

For some reason Giulietta reminds me of a clean bathroom. It is perhaps that clean smell that it tends to have which reminds me of apple-scented shampoo and floral soaps. It's pretty, but perhaps a little too crystal clear and crisp for my personal tastes.

The lasting strength is so-so, and the sillage can be rather weak at times. Giulietta comes and goes, barely noticeable in a large crowd.

Personally I prefer the other offerings from the Tocca range, however please note that I'm not a fruity floral fan. I gave a sample of this to my friend whom I had in mind and she loved it. So each to their own.
04th April, 2012

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