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C for Men (2010)
by Clive Christian


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Year of Launch2010
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About C for Men

C for Men is a masculine fragrance by Clive Christian. The scent was launched in 2010

Reviews of C for Men

It's an interesting foible of the psyche:

If you sell a Tuscan Leather clone for £10, people will scoff at it. Detractors will point at its nebulous deviations from the original, and cite those as evidence of its inferiority. "Not even close", they will say, however infinitesimally close it may be.

If you sell a Tuscan Leather clone for £300, anything will be forgiven. Deviations from the original are now cited as evidence of superiority. It's no longer a copy; it's a worthy sequel, which has taken the original to new heights.

It goes without saying that I do not direct this observation at Basenoters. Generally, the folks on here have excellent and experienced noses, and a keen interest, and are quite capable of formulating hype-free differing opinions.

I refer to the public at large, who lack confidence or expertise in perfumery.

The putative Richard, for example, has just joined the property ladder, and has moved from his rented flat in Brompton to a terraced house in the somewhat more affordable Putney. Keen to establish a new social network, he has joined local the rowing club, since he was once in the University 8.

Naturally, he wants to project a high social standing in his new environ. He already has a good selection of £200 Japanese selvedge jeans, made on machines bought second-hand from a factory making cheap workwear in the USA. These jeans are to be worn only on formal occasions, with Church's brogues and a beige herringbone Gieves and Hawkes sports jacket with professionally hand-perished elbow patches.

But what of cologne? He knows he can't distinguish between Brut 33 and Dolmio pasta sauce. How can he pick one which will make him smell good, and which will pop him into the right socio-economic pigeonhole?

He asks the helpful assistant at Selfridges for guidance. She waves a few pieces of paper under his nose, which all smell the same to him. He points at the last one.

"That's very nice," he remarks, already testing the limits of his vocabulary on the subject. "What is it?"

After dispensing the obligatory recognition of his excellent taste and perception, and so forth, she tells him that it's Fahrenheit, and costs £40.

"If you like that, though, you should try this one. Very distinguished, very sexy. But much more expensive."

She has said the magic word. She has spared him the maladroit vulgarity of voicing his wish for something the plebs can't afford. He loves it already before she's reached for the bottle.

"Oh yeah!" he gushes, when she takes his hand gently, and sprays it, this time, on his wrist. He feels a slight seratonin tingle on his neck hairs from the physical contact. "That's way better!"

She busily dilates her pupils at him through her emerald-tinted contact lenses, marvelling at his cognisance. Here's a man who knows the difference between a £40 cologne and a £300 cologne.

It's a done deal. The bottle takes pride of place on his dressing table thereafter, and on his pulse points as he sallies forth.

A fortnight later, he sneaks back and buys a bottle of Fahrenheit to wear around the house. He likes the smell better.

20th April, 2016

This is in heavy rotation in collection. CLIVE CHRISTIAN perfumes are one of the most expensive and aristocratic scents in the market as you can with spend money one of them, making a collection!C For Men is a truly opulent scent that portrays wealth and class. Classy,Exquisite,Versatile, Everlasting,Oriental,Addictive and Kingly.

A blend of citrusy and green notes in the begining over a rich herat of rose and jasmine,while a warm base notes contain oud,tonka bean,amber and leather provide depth and an element of mystery in the dry down and brings edge and sophistication to this great perfume.

C For Men is definitely a oriental perfume. Perfect for formal situations and serious business meetings,it will successfully re-affirm your status and natural elegance.The bootle is gorgeous.A pure perfume when you want to make a great impression.much better than Tuscan Leather.Class in a glass!


Longevity?Great on my skin.

01st June, 2015
This is the first non-department store scent that I have ever tried. After running out of all of my cologne, I decided to google "high-end cologne". Wow, I had no clue what I was in for. I have always loved colognes and the emotions they evoke but this went from a novelty to a hobby, to a lifestyle in 8 short months. That day I ordered about 10 different samples, many of which came from an article names "The most expensive perfumes in the world". Of course I did not order just from the pretentious title; I did read quite a few reviews first.

My nose is new to the world of complex scents. After 8 months, I am starting to be able to pick out a couple notes here and there. So basically, it comes down to either I like it, or I don't. While reading reviews for that first sample purchase, I did read quite a few regarding its similarity to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather (henceforth TL). Some said it was similar while others said it was a carbon copy. This piqued my interest so I ordered both. I do think they are very similar; however, to me the dry down of Clive Christian C (henceforth CCC) is quite a bit different that TL, and it's a much better scent, in my opinion.

Neither sample had a spray top and for some reason I can never get an accurate judgement on longevity unless the scent is sprayed. I could not smell the TL after approx. 3 hours, although I did not have another person to ask if THEY could smell it. I could however, smell the CCC a full 27 hours after its application. This was after a full shower and 2 or 3 hand washes. I was blown away. Unfortunately I was also spoiled in that I assumed ALL perfumes in that price range would last the way CCC did. I was quite disappointed when I realized this was and is not the case.

I now ask myself 2 questions before a perfume purchase. 1) If this is the only scent that I could wear for the next 2 years, would I wear it. 2) Can OTHER PEOPLE smell it either if they gave me a hug, or at a minimum of 1" from my wrist after a reasonable amount of time (the higher the price, the longer I expect others to be able to smell it)? CCC fit the bill for both questions. I usually wear it twice a week and use 2 full sprays (half spray on each wrist and half spray behind each ear) and if I had to "guesstimate", I think this bottle will last at least 2 years for me. Compare that to my Aberc. and Fitch 8 for women which was $80 for the same size but only lasts 3 to 4 months, and I'd say the CCC is a better value for the money. On a side note, upon first sniff, I though CCC smelled awful. Kind of like a cigar ashtray. For some reason though, I could not stop smelling my wrist. I don't know if that means it grew on me, or perhaps I liked it from the beginning afterall.

My final thoughts. I found TL to be linear while CCC was much more complex. I have only tried three or four scents that have leather as a major note, but most of them have a scent that I can neither identify nor explain that just smells fake to me. All but CCC. I still don't know if I can smell the oud, but again, my nose is still new at this. Some have stated that both TL and CCC smell like cocaine. In my college years of experimentation, I tried it 3 times. In no way do either scents smell like cocaine to me. I found an excellent deal on eBay from a seller that had 100% positive feedback and whom I bought perfumes from in the past. I paid $225 for a bottle without the display box. When it is time for another, I do hope I can find it for the same price; however, I will pay full price for it if I have to.

Scent: 9/10 (I am still looking for a perfume that leaves me speechless, although this is close.)
Longevity: 10/10 (I have neither sampled nor worn a perfume that lasts longer.)
Sillage: 9/10 (I get compliments from people I have stood very close to even when the smell is faint for me.)
Value: 9/10 (I may get quite a few disagreements with this one, but I think I could wear this perfume every day and the bottle still last at least a year, or perhaps more.)
30th September, 2014
To date this has got to be the most confusing scent I've sniffed yet. On one hand, I get the complexity that the perfumer was trying create but on the on the other hand, I get this wet pavement smell mixed with burnt dirty paper bags. Someone told me it smelled like Bug Spray.
15th May, 2014
Dry down --- Couldn't make much of a difference between Tuscan Leather & C - except the price - everything else - longevity / notes etc to me are highly similar to Tuscan Leather, lucky me, I bought Tuscan before I tested C, if not, I might have bought C on first sniff...
11th March, 2013
This is the most disgusting scent I have ever smelled ! Imo , smells like ashy burnt butter , with raspberry . To me this never got any better in the dry down either . "C" for women is very nice tho . This was the very first Clive I ever smelled & left a very bad impression , thankfully this is different from all the rest of thier scents ! I tried several times , & felt the same everytime ! Definitely recomend trying before you buy !!
06th March, 2013 (last edited: 21st March, 2013)

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