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Mulholland (2010)
by Keiko Mecheri


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseKeiko Mecheri

About Mulholland

Mulholland is a shared / unisex perfume by Keiko Mecheri. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Mulholland

As I slowly make my way through testing (& happily buying) some of Keiko Mecheri's collection, it has become clear that there is something very special about this house. Aside from the obvious beautiful presentation in crystal-like clear & dark glass bottles, each and every fragrance I have tested has been carefully thought out, constructed, and is a joy to wear and experience. Mulholland is no different and I truly relish the experience when I wear it.

While Mecheri describes Mulholland as an olfactive immersion into the era of psychedelia and the hipness of Hollywood, I really struggle get that association. It's primarily a fresh citrus opening with only the very vaguest hint of patchouli, then a lovely sandalwood/amber style drydown. To me, Mulholland is very much in the same style as Armani Prive's Vetiver Babylone/D'Hiver. That is to say that although they don't smell very similar they do evoke the same sort of feeling. A bright, natural and lovely citrus followed by a slightly spicy, dry and warm base. Mulholland is not as dry as the Armani and has a noticeable sweetness. Truthfully I would have preferred a bit more patchouli to give Mulholland a touch more earthiness, but this is still very nice as it is.

I agree with others that this is truly unisex and probably very nearly appropriate for most occasions. I get good longevity at about 6 - 7 hours maximum, but sillage is quiet. At retail prices, this may be a bit expensive, but if you can get it on sale like I did, it's worth every cent.
18th September, 2017
A nice fresh fruity fragrance that dry down to a sweet fruity/floral scent with a little bit of spices in the background.
At the opening I can smell just a simple sweet fruity scent.
The fruity scent is fresh, yet sweet and juicy and to be honest smell more like plum instead and citruses!!
There is a very weak floral note trying to poke the scent but it's completely in the background.
As time goes by the scent became a little more sweet.
In the mid I can smell a sweet fruity scent with noticeable amount of floral notes and just a little spices.
In the base only some patchouli kicked in and gave the scent a little earthy feeling.
This fragrance smell very pleasant and nice but there is nothing special about it at all.
Actually the scent mostly remind me of women fragrances instead of masculine ones!
Projection is average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin which is average again.
30th January, 2014
There is something quietly appealing about a line that is 'niche' not in order simply to appear indie or hip. There is a sense in the Mecheri line that the artistic director (Mecheri) and perfumer (Vasnier) wanted enough space to work with the ideas that interested them, whether this meant creating something previously unknown, or making a classic idea your own. It implies stable egos and hard work.

With Mulholland, Mecheri fulfills a goal that many have pursued: the alchemy of the long- lasting eau de cologne. Her initial wager in creating the Mulholland is to the eschew the 'natural.' To makes a durable cologne, Mecheri fabricates musky, metallic citrus notes and idealized woods. In the place of an eau de cologne's lightness there is a sense of agility, and where a cologne burns brightly but briefly, Mulholland instead has an inherent sparkle that doesn't burn off. If my description is confusing, the perfume is not. It just works.

Mulholland has a methodically artificial tone with beautiful counterbalances and interesting juxtapositions. And here is where we get to the perfect choice of name: Mulholland. I live in LA, in the Valley. Less than a mile from Mulholland Drive, in fact. Mulholland is the winding road at the top of the hill that separates the Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Bel Air/Brentwood from the San Fernando Valley. It has a heavy mid-century vibe and is surrounded by the mass-produced mid-century modernist houses that have a particular place in sunny southern Cali mythology. These houses along Mulholland are decked out in a Plastic Modern/Hollywood Regency style that make a nice fit to the modern, plastic mood of Mecheri's Mulholland. From the first sniff, Mulholland forgoes the desire to appear strictly botanical. Instead, it strives to be appealing and interesting to the nose. It succeeds.
02nd November, 2013 (last edited: 08th June, 2017)

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