Traversée du Bosphore (2010)
    by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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    Iran Iran

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    I'm testing this fragrance via my sample and I must say I'm quite impressed .............. but not by the juice!
    Actually by all these positive reviews!!!
    What the hell?!!
    The opening is a very synthetic and in your face note of pomegranate with lots of sweetness and some floral notes in the background.
    The opening is just synthetic chemical mess that remind me of cough syrup! it's terrible!
    After a while and in the mid that synthetic pomegranate note settle down just a bit and the floral note goes away.
    Now you can smell a sugar like sweetness which is a little stronger than the opening and there is small amount of leather in the background.
    The leather note is just there to give the scent slightly dirty and dark feeling.
    You will have this scent until the base shows up!
    In the base you have a very sweet sugary scent with leather, synthetic fruity scent and some floral notes in the background.
    That terrible synthetic fruity note never goes away and it's there all the time to torture my nose!
    When I'm going for a niche fragrance brand and I want to pay more money, at least I'm expecting quality and this one doesn't have it at all!
    Very synthetic fruity note meshing with other notes that create a very bad unbalanced scent!
    A big thumbs down!
    I hate it!
    Projection is average and longevity is above average on my skin.

    16 February, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Discovering that some tulips are scented was quite a surprise – I had to bring my nose right up to their cups and there it was, faint but distinct, like a whisper heard with great clarity from a distance. The scent had a touch of saffron, a trace of something green.
    The marvellous transparent opening accord of Traversée reminded me of tulips (not least I suppose because that is the intention of the perfumer), that light saffron note – here complemented by soft iris, suede and a hint of something fruity – worked its quiet magic. This is a scent that is carried by a breeze across a lake, somewhat distant but so tempting.
    Whereas the opening typifies the rich-but-light trick that many L’Artisan creations do so well, the drydown is quite straightforward. To me this is mainly a lipstick iris, soft, creamy and comforting, with some sympathetic accents rounding it out, which then turns into something amorphously sweet – likeable but doesn’t inspire devotion.

    05 January, 2014

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    Orgoglio italianO
    United States United States

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    A bit like Havana Vanilla

    A bit like Havana Vanilla with added spices. I notice it morphs back and forth into the Vanilla then mixed with spices and another note i just cant put my finger on. Maybe a tad of Patchouli? I think its quite nice :-)

    23 August, 2013

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    Let's forget the name... this is a light gourmand eau de perfum that starts strong and rather quickly mellows down to a sweet vanilic accord. If gourmand is your thing there are much better offerings to select from ... Serge Lutens would be my best bet. TdB is pleasant but the wow factor that I would like to encounter is missing. Traces of TdB were still, but barely, evident on my skin 10 hours after application ... so the ingredients here are certainly not a joke. If you are not into sweet "exotic" offerings you might, like me, not enjoy this because despite its lightness TdB is still not transparent or translucent or trans-whatever enough. I personally find TdB quite a disappointment.

    15 April, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I bought this blind thanks to a very attractive price (not to mention a very generous returns policy!) and I'm pleased to say I have few regrets.

    Whether or not this captures the magic and essence of a trip across Istanbul's famous river, I do not know as I have never crossed it, but I have visited Turkey and I can certainly attest to the similarities between this fragrance and the sweet aroma of lokum (real rose Turkish delight) studded with pistachios and finished with grated coconut and powdered sugar.

    The fragrance opens with dry iris, saffron, a touch of apple and soft suede leather and this, to me, is it's strongest albeit most fleeting phase. In fact, save for these early accords, this scent might be dubbed 'a little too feminine' - even by me, an avid exponent of genderless scent appreciation. The sweet and edible heart and base notes cling very close to the skin for a reasonable amount of time and, while delectable, might be seen by some as a shade sickly for every day wear.

    In summary, this is a wonderful and very skilfully crafted piece of olfactory art from Bertrand Duchoufour: the quality and composition give it that unmistakable L'Artisan niche feel. If only it lasted and projected a little more robustly...

    10th April, 2013

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    Switzerland Switzerland

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    I'm in love with this.

    To be honest, other than vanilla, I dont recognize any of the notes listed here. To me, what this smells like is very simple: freshly baked amaretti, obviously i'm talking about the pastry, not the liquor. Unmistakably gourmand, romantic and poetic. Heart warming (and a loyal companion during cold and snowy winters). A rarity, and a real pleasure to wear.

    22 March, 2013

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