Pardon (2011)
    by Nasomatto

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    Pardon is a unisex fragrance by Nasomatto. The scent was launched in 2011

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    United States United States

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    Mmm, nice. And as one of my fellow reviewers rightly noted, Alfarom has already given this a wonderful write-up, so here are just a few additional thoughts on Pardon in the context of two other related Nasomatto fragrancesÖ

    I like to think of Duro, Black Afgano and Pardon as a trio of siblings with some obviously common genes but yet distinct personalities. The common denominator is the exotic wood vibe, in particular oud, prominently displayed in all three, and there's always a certain synthetic feel that gives these scents a great edginess:

    - With Duro itís a potent blast of oud and pleasingly bizarre chemical notes; not for the faint-hearted, but great when applied sparingly.
    - With BA itís a sweeter, hippie-like take on oud, and also mighty potent.
    - And with Pardon, though still a strong scent, it doesnít blast. And there a sunny lightness on display, featuring a kind of caramelized wood I took to instantly. Itís like this is the youngest of the three siblings, and the one with the summer birthday.

    06 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This fragrance is really, really nice. Alfarom identifies it properly and not much more needs to be said. I get a bit of Serge's Borneo mixed-in with the familiar cinnamony-earthy Nasomatto vibe that you will find running through most of their line to date. The neutral ratings defy logic, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I can't help but surmise that what most of this is due to is the price point. On its own, this frag is better than 90% of what is out there easily. Personally, I don't let the price point interfere with my judgement of a fragrance.

    12 February, 2013

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    Greece Greece

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    Well made, quality stuff but unoriginal. Tightly structured, lends elements both from Guerlain's L' Instant (gourmet cocoa-chocolate note and hints of patchouli) and M7 (the oud note is almost identical ) Interesting but quite abstract florals and a nice amber-caramel-patchouli base (similar to Reminiscence's Ambre) sum up to a nice evening gourmand, with good longevity but average projection. Definitely not worth the 100+ Euros of its price.

    06 September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Just like L'instant de Guerlain Extreme, I get a smooth blast of cocoa and a floral, tea like accord. Unlike L'instant, I'm not getting that patchouli base. Instead, the base here is woody, and may have a touch of oud and leather.. Also, unlike L'instant, Pardon doesn't put off as much sillage, nor does it last anywhere near as long. There may also be similarities to L'instant EDT, but I'm not familiar with that.

    It good, but with L'instant Extreme cheaper (even at jacked up gray market import prices), and more powerful, purchasing this would be foolish.

    14 March, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    When i smell Pardon few hours after the first spray i detect a syrupy, very spicy and almost †gourmand †background of agarwood, cinnamon-nutmeg, burnt sugar, tobacco and slightly ambery choccolate with a floral and unisex sophisticated †head. The bitterness from oudh is immediately detectable after the first sniff before a spicy choccolate, a touch of liqueur and a smoky, woody base set the roots on the floor. I catch a touch of honeyed (amber, myrrh, benzoin??) final incense plus hints of rooty vetiver. The fragrance, in the same vein of some L'Artisan Parfumeur's, reminds the taste of some after-dinner liquors with a bitter-sweet blend of herbs, rum, caramel and spices. Some astringent and traditional elements, according with the olfactory message, should have to balance the tasty notes, the excesses from the brand and to bring out a touch of powerhouse tradition but the smell is in my opinion too modern, minimal and dense to exude tradition or classicism. The juxtaposition of diverse spheres is weird and a bit bizarre. Not so compelling to me but anyway an interesting fragrance.

    17 February, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Notes: Floral Notes, Magnolia, Chocolate, Tonka Bean, Cinnamon, Agarwood, Sandalwood.

    Pardon opens with a blast of synthetic oud a-lŗ Montale joined by a chocolate accord and a considerable amount of tonka beans and cinnamon. It immediately reminds of Gualtieri's previous Duro and, for a few aspects, of Guerlain's L'Insant Extreme but where the former introduces leather and the latter shows the typical sweet vanilla base of many Guerlains, Pardon is joined by a strong woody/incensey base, floral patterns and an overall resinous-ambery vibe.

    While Pardon is far from evoking the typical image of a mannered dandy, at the same time is not as loud and "deafening" as other deliveries from this house. Sort of a Nasomatto with a sore-throat. Don't get me wrong, Pardon remarks its presence very clearly but it doesn't cross the border of vulgarity. Nice sillage and great lasting power.

    Overall I'd classify Pardon as a very contemporary, trendy gourmand that while being quite enjoyable and not particularly juvenile, it won't surely leave a trace. In the meantime, enjoy your bottle as this is probably one of the most succesful deliveries from this house.

    Note for people leaving in the US: Nasomatto is much more cheaper in Europe (it sells for $125/138 against the usual $168) so you may consider buying it from an european reseller. Shipment fees? You can bypass this by simply joining some friends and place a cumulative order...

    15 February, 2012 (Last Edited: 16 February, 2012)

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