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Sombre Negra (2010)
by Yosh


Sombre Negra information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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PerfumerYosh Han

About Sombre Negra

Sombre Negra is a shared / unisex perfume by Yosh. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Yosh Han

Reviews of Sombre Negra

Wandering aimlessly around a perfume counter, seeking something original to stop me dead in my tracks, this is what did. A brilliantly successful blend of campfire embers with what might otherwise be a first rate stand-alone masculine fragrance based on dry florals and vetiver, Sombre Negra is evocative, addictive, and just a bit abrasive in the best possible way. Dark, autumnal; no fruit or candy for the kiddies here.
04th September, 2016
Earthy, green and woody fragrance that is original smelling. Hardcore wood lovers (real wood) will love this. This one would be best worn in autumn and winter preferably for outdoor events. 6.5/10
01st April, 2015
Another example of that "revival" (especially among niche brands) of classic fougère schemes as we already saw with Roja Dove Fetish Pour Homme (Moschino pour Homme) and Puredistance M (Bel Ami). Sombre Negra may in fact be easily re-bottled and rebranded as a '70s/'80s fougère, as it has them all: the austere masculine look, the aldehydes, the dark and heavy woods, the "masculine" flowers (lavender, carnation?), the tobacco, the (fake, evernyl-ish) oak moss, a bold and humid herbal side rich in hay notes and rural nuances, and some vegetable-fruity juicy notes, like red pepper or pimiento. The only couple of things which are a bit more "new" and different are this sort of rural-vegetable accord, and a (kind of pale and plain) incense note. A nice scent overall, nothing exciting – mostly because it reminds me so many old scents – but nice, sounds like a fun tribute more than else. Plus it has that slightly depressing "pale" and restrained personality many scents have today, especially niche, I don't know if that's about decreasing quality of ingredients, of the infamous and alleged "bans" on some components, or simple laziness or lack of talent. Not saying it's a bad scent, it's elegant and pleasant, but also just a (tiny!) bit, well, dull perhaps.


P.S. I don't know which version I tested.
05th July, 2014

This is masculine indeed and only for black scents lovers, just like having a patch of gasoline moving with you like a ghost (talking about the latest version, tobacco note gone) fizzling sizzling dark patchouli combo....
Colonnel Kurtz signature scent...
the horror, the horror...
08th September, 2013 (last edited: 26th April, 2014)
On opening smelt like 'Black Tourmaline' with the most minimal dash of 'Blood Concept B'. Smoke and wood. I got the pepper soon after. It stays close to the skin and you have to get right up there to get a decent whiff.
22nd December, 2012
This review is for the 2011 reformulated version :

Thumbs up!
Its the smell of the earth! in the light of the nocturne; smokey but rich yet grounded,herbal yet unmedicinal,boozy yet sober, warming but unclosing, the retrograding juxtapositions apart - its quite simply, one of the best/most orignal scent that i have smelled, longevity and sillage is both very good, my only complain is the size; would have been best if this was offered in 100ml than the sole 50ml.

The offset-note, on the patchouli is just brilliant!

I hope that YOSH releases, a few flankers so that i may find the excuse to dig into them.
18th August, 2012 (last edited: 03rd September, 2012)

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