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Avant Garde (2011)
by Lanvin


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerShyamala Maisondieu
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a masculine fragrance by Lanvin. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu

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Reviews of Avant Garde

The opening, somehow, reminds me a lot of 1 Million but then it starts to smell very pleasant, like La Nuit de L'Homme with a dark note of tobacco and then the famous beeswax note that smells amazing on my dry skin.
It is a blind buy if you're interested in sweet fragrances, very masculine though.
It DOES NOT smell cheap, even if its price is below average
15th December, 2015
A quiet gourmand and masculine too. This recalls many scents I have tried and liked...Baldessarini by Hugo Boss comes to mind, though this is more of a Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau Leger Cologne.

I find many gourmands to be too sweet or too feminine. This is not the case here. It is smooth tobacco and syrup (honey to me is more of that dirty big note). This is not for the world to smell but rather a close comforting scent. I find it fits well in the cooler fall weather, specially since I tend to overpsray, the lack of high temps makes it work out great. The price is incredible. Snag one before it starts going back up. Roughly $20 to $25 at the time if this review.
18th August, 2015
dreese Show all reviews
United States
This is a honey-tobacco symphony, elegant and refined. The shape is bold, but low-to-middle projection makes it a close-up secret. The notes are well-balanced and it feels that each ingredient appears in equal measure. Some here say that they don't detect the wax/honey, but I can detect it underneath the tobacco; for me they are intertwined.
20th June, 2015
Not very impressive at all, IMO. I had high expectations from all the positive reviews, but this is just a weak and watered down version of L'Occitane's Eau des Baux or Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. EdB and TV have much cleaner notes, better formulation, better composition and last 8 times as long as AG. AG offered weak sillage for about 2 hours. I assume AG is sold based on price and if that's the case, EdB is the clear winner here.
08th May, 2015
Blind bought this based on the reviews and what I have read on the Basenotes forums.

The reviews already posted say pretty much everything that needs to be said about this one.

What I get is tobacco and vanilla, with a weak vetiver note underneath. Smooth, creamy, but not overly sweet. I really enjoy this fragrance, and the price is just a bonus.
23rd March, 2015
Add me to the other 10+ thumbs up. Now although Avant Garde isn't a projection or longevity monster, for the price, you really can't complain. Firstly, upon initial application, and I do mean like right away, it smells almost identical to Tobacco Vanille's dry down, ya know that burnt marshmallow smell, that we long for. However, it quickly develops into a more of a lavender, amber, and bergamot combination. Beeswax and honey become dominant notes, and I even get a little bit of Dior Homme in here, with an obvious iris note.

Avant Garde is really good, because, it reminds me of all the big favorites, Tobacco Vanille, Bvlgari Black, Dior Homme, and Eau des Baux without all the pepper. It's very versatile, despite having the notes that it does, which typically limits it to cooler months. Best of all, this won't break your bank. Bottle looks nice too. I have the 1.7 oz, but I don't think it's the right amount of juice, or the bottle size has been marked wrong. Based on my usage and how fast it's going down, I feel it's more like 1.4-1.5 oz, not 1.7. Although not a huge difference, definitley noticeable.
04th March, 2015

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