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Aoud Musk (2010)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Aoud Musk

Aoud Musk is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2010

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This is the third sample of the 7 I have and this is better than the first two for sure. I give this a slight thumbs up due to it, at least to my nose, being a sweeter version of BRUT lol. Now it isn't an exact copy but it is close but with better quality of construction and notes. It is a strong musk scent but not too overbearing and the oud isn't over the top. Overall I like it but I suggest a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with this house. Other wise... Enjoy!

Wearing this today it hit me... this is similar to Hermes TDH. To my nose, these are in the same vein. Just my 2 pennies worth lol. Still think this is pretty awesome overall.
31st May, 2017 (last edited: 02nd June, 2017)
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United Kingdom
Saffron, oud and musk are the threesome that greets me in the opening blast, and the oud really gets ahead of the others soon as far as presence and dominance is concerned.

In the drydown soon the musk arrives, and whilst really being dark and somber, it is actually neither an oppressive nor unduly heavy. The oud, musk and saffron develop into a triad that is well-balanced, and in spite of being intense it is never cloying or unpleasantly intrusive.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity is eight hours on my skin.

Whilst on the on hand this autumnal composition sports the familiar synthetic oud/musk duo that is not infrequently used these days, Aoud Musk is on the other hand one of the more nuanced and balanced example of how to employ these usual suspects. The more refined blending gives this scent an edge over similar products, including Black Musk of the same house. 3.25/5.
23rd December, 2016
Aoud Musk starts out with a mixture between Dark Aoud and Black Musk. I also smell a sawdust dryness after dry-down There is an underlying wet earth smell that is wonderful, but hard to smell without putting your nose right to the fragrance. Overall great but is it different enough from other Montales? Not sure.
20th May, 2016

This is just such a weird scent.a weighty perfume for a demure person.this is relly a work of art in the world of fragrances and one of the best MONTALE powerful and sophisticated and extremely charismatic as i prefer it to many popular modern scents because it is a real masterpiece.It represents power,seduction,courage,faith and the spirit of strength for a mysterious mature man with a special tastes and occasions which you like to think for a long.Musky,Deep,Powerful, Striking,Headstrong,Warm and Woody.

AOUD MUSK has the power to make you to love it or hate it fromthe first spray as it opens up with an overwhelming burst of aoud combined with musk and saffron that excite the sense.the notes are so perfectly harmonized especially oud and musk are so strong and dominant to my nose.the dry down persists for well over a day.AOUD MUSK is masculine than feminine.the confident character will wear this perfume and feel the is not for the faint of heart indeed.It is definitely for cold weather.test it first before buying.


Longevity?Lasts and lasts.

13th June, 2015
Aoud Musk is another interesting offering from Montale, but I can't say I enjoy it as much as the others I've tried (Red Aoud, Black Aoud, Blue Amber), mainly since the musk and oud take over a little too much to make this a great blend. It leans earthier without a sweet note to balance it out.

Fans who enjoy aoud, musk, and amber will certainly find this interesting. With the amber and potentially the ebony wood as the only sources of sweetness, it leans unisex and not in the way that I'm accustomed to (with floral or sweet notes). Perhaps this takes more getting used to, or perhaps the oud/musk pairing isn't for me, but while this is good and the oud Montale DNA is present, it simply doesn't come off as pleasant and refined.

Similarly strong on projection and longevity, and worth trying if you like the other Montale Aoud entries, or like the concept of an oud/musk blend.

6 out of 10
04th June, 2015
Aoud Musk is another remarkable release from the mysterious house of Montale. Montale is infamous for being harsh and relentless in both their fragrances and the number of releases. Confronting the full (or, what seems to be the full) line up at once can be daunting. Aoud Musk is a great one among those numbers. It is constructed around the two notes of oud and musk. It opens on the skin with the typical Montale medicinal vibe; the musk is neither too clean nor too skanky, and the oud is prominent but not overwhelming. The medicinal tone increases a bit as the fragrance moves to its heart phase, but dies down towards the end. The musk, now soft, is the principal theme with a hint of fruity sweetness about it.
I can't think of many other good fragrances at the intersection of oud and musk. And this is a very good one.
22nd February, 2015

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