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Tirrenico (2008)
by Profumi del Forte


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Year of Launch2008
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseProfumi del Forte
PerfumerOlivia Giacobetti

About Tirrenico

Tirrenico is a shared / unisex perfume by Profumi del Forte. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti

Tirrenico fragrance notes

Reviews of Tirrenico

Sweetened algae with vegetal flourishes, this is like a simulacra of a coastal scent in that it doesnít quite ring true to me. Thereís a lactonic aspect, a sage-like note, and the sweetness, Iím guessing, is supposed to resemble ambergris. Itís kind of an incoherent set of notes, and doesnít quite reflect nature or an atmosphere as the result (thereís a kind of effortless transparency required to do Ďnatureí well, and itís lacking here). Instead, this smells like a slightly unpleasant yet engaging vegetal scent. Itíd be like draping strings of rank seaweed over yourself and then hosing yourself down in a soft vanilla fragrance. Not a bad scent, but it goes a tad too aromatic for me. CBIHPís At the Beach still the pinnacle of this genre as far as Iím concerned.
04th March, 2015
A nice ozonic/aquatic scent with a beautiful name, one of the very few in this genre which I would consider well-made together with Sel Marin by Heeley. This is not in fact only & completely ozonic, there is indeed the salty metallic transparency of calone but it is well disguised and flawlessly blended with other more natural notes, notably herbal and slightly mossy (evernyl?) hints, with a nice vanilla/anise aroma which gives a slightly dusty, sweet and silky "density". Other notes I detect: culinary herbs, an ultra-thin layer of suede. The heart is however the ozonic/iodine note, which as I said here manages to sound a little less cloying and plastic than usual. Sophisticated, pleasant, translucent and persistent drydown. Overall I'd say: given that to me this whole "ozonic/sea" genre is fairly pointless, this is one of the very few good examples among the family Ė well balanced, vibrant, smelling good and versatile. Bravi.

29th May, 2014
This perfume makes me smile. Even thinking about wearing it makes me smile.

It is a perfect little gem for those who like the fresher 'aquatic' scents.

I'm not good at identifying individual components, but apart from the aquatic notes, I can clearly discern the fennel and something flowery (I take it it's the Jasmine) in there.

It has enough staying power for me. The first few hours it projects well enough , without being too much 'in-your-face', after that it stays comfortably close to my skin.
14th May, 2014 (last edited: 22nd May, 2014)
Well appointed aromatic/marine with a soapy background.

What a marvellous fragrance with the Olivia Giacobetti's ethereal touch of genius!! I appreciate deeply this dreamy and romantic young artist. I would define this juice as a culinary balmy/marine fragrance (yes marine in a natural salty/breezy way) and not properly an aquatic one as this conventional term conjures me all those synthetic metallic combinations of irony disturbing elements, woods and chemical calone. The marine elements (yet protagonist for sure) are here not properly dominating as they are just appointed as part of an orchestra where further important roles are played by quite different type of elements as the balmy notes and over all the aromatic culinary ones. I note by soon a sort of featuring culinary balmy aroma (something which smells as oat yogurt-porridge, rice cream or stuffs like those) perfectly combined with aromatic green notes (with a mentholated vibe as the notable fennel), bitter citrus (by soon the lime/bergamot and further more the bitter orange) and salty/marine realistic notes. The latter, as combined with fennels, basil (and all those aromatic notes), tart fruits and bitter citrus represent one of the characteristic trait of this weird (and conceptually avant-garde) aromatic/marine. Some subtle floral elements provide effectively a sort of sophisticated refinement along the breezy/aromatic wave. I love the perfect way as balmy and tart/salty notes "sound" together. You feel the dreamy/marine stimulating bitterness (and saltiness) but you can detect the balminess in the background. The dry down, with its light muskiness slowly (but in a moderate shy way) emerging, is so far from the conventional (for the common aquatics) cedary/ambery (cedarwood/ambergris) association as its boise and soapy softness is appointed (by the Giacobetti's "surgical" touch) to play as a supplementary (and secondary) support for the marine/balmy/fruity/floral standout patterns. In my opinion this fragrance is far superior to the more "fashionable" but less balanced and natural Acqua di Sale Profvmum Roma. Great, great longevity on my skin. Elegant, mediterranean, "bateau aristocratic" and subtle as the dreamy 90's left over summers in Riviera.

Pros: Perfectly balanced and realistic.
Cons: Any in particular."

11th October, 2013
Ouzo on a rock, by the sea

Cool, but sunny Tirrenco opens up with dry, bitter orange peel and a very stark ouzo (or, if you prefer, vodka infused with fennel bulb). There's an undercurrent of salty detritus, washed up on a rock, dried by the cool sea air. It's a cleaner marine smell than the "decaying matter" of Sel Marin.

This also has light, chalky notes that bring to mind smooth sea pebbles. Remarkable! On some days, this mineral note appears more as plasticine modeling clay or tile grout, but still blends well with the natural seashore notes.

Something about this takes me back to the beaches of Barcelona, when the city was preparing for the '92 Olympics, and smoothed bits of demolished buildings (tile and concrete) would wash up on the shore.

The fennel is moderate, but present throughout all but the very last stages. The sea note rides through the whole progression. After hours, I'm left with a mild, salty skin scent.

The only thing I don't like is when the jasmine peeks through. I'd like it to be dryer and starker, because the mineral notes are fascinating.

Pros: Paints a place picture, light and inoffensive.
Cons: Sweet floral peeking through seems out of place.

19th May, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Aquatics are a tough scent category for me and it is extremely rare that I find one I like, let alone love. Unfortunately Tirrenico can be added to the list of aquatics that did not impress me (albeit less so than many others that are far worse).

Tirrenico opens immediately with a gummy marine-like slightly salty sea-water accord that I immediately found only mildly interesting and annoying in pretty short order. The marine nature of the scent dies down over time, but the gummy, almost camphor-like note remains through the duration and obscures just about everything to come on my skin at least. I really dislike that note and it removes any chance of me giving this a positive rating.
I know oak-moss, sandalwood are listed as the base notes, but I confess I smell neither. Only the white musk peeps through to mix with the balmy camphor to complete the scent. Projection and longevity are about average.

Tirrenico is a disappointment for me. The nose behind it is extremely talented and has done other scents I count among my favorites. That said, Tirrenico gets a minor thumbs down from me as I find it an odd expensive concoction that really is difficult to wear and appreciate. Alas, another aquatic scent I did not like. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
17th March, 2012 (last edited: 01st June, 2012)

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