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Vittoria Apuana (2008)
by Profumi del Forte


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseProfumi del Forte

About Vittoria Apuana

Vittoria Apuana is a feminine perfume by Profumi del Forte. The scent was launched in 2008

Vittoria Apuana fragrance notes

Reviews of Vittoria Apuana

Vittoria apuana is sweet and dusty. Smells of bread an sugar. I don't know why but it reminds me of tam dao. Too sweet and simple for me but nice. Thumb up because i could still perceive it after 3 days on my jacket.
02nd March, 2016
A soapy/mouldy weird (modern/ancient) amalgam.<p>What a weird fragrance is this!!! Believe me, a first blast and i'm immediately invested by a flashback about the sunny days of my left back summers of the childhood spent with friends in a cheerful mood on the shores along the seaside with the body beset with tanning coconutty/vanillic foams. Coconut, bourbon vanilla, redolent blossoms (tiare), salty/marine aromas (which apparently i detect on my skin) and powerful tangerine conjure at me this feel but but but....what else? There is soon something else around in the air, something barely dusty, weirdly mouldy and almost stale that keeps on to emerge in the central phase (something possibly elicited by the fruity note of banana -- rubbed banana peels more than properly fruity flesh-- plus something spicy, oily and camphoraceous), something conjuring me a further memory of the youth as the sojournments in the medieval towns (standing on the "rocks" overlooking the seasides) as those are full of wine werehouses, little vintage stores, canteens and oil storages down the basements and cellars. A minimal touch of olive oil? The aroma is not effectively just an equivalent "fragrance format" of a coconutty balmy tanning foam as there is something else ancient, stale and almost culinary all amalgamate in a unique olfactory experiment which in my opinion is interesting enough but finally a bit too pretentious in the upcoming alchemy. Along the time the stale vibe disappears and what i finally feel is a far (even far in the memory) salty/coconutty soapy vibe too speedly faint in power for such a kind of niche fragrances. A pity. Anyway i appreciate the daring idea. Unisex "easy" concoction.<p>Pros: Cosmetic and mouldy/dusty feels performing at once.
Cons: Faint sillage and longevity. Poor in texture."</p>
10th October, 2013 (last edited: 19th December, 2013)
I sampled this because of the banana-note. When looking for the banana - you can indeed find it, but it's main role seem to be to emphasize the tiare and coconut-composition. Initially there is a short whiff of citrus, but that's only for a few seconds. Soon it's all about coconut and tiare. Although I do agree with teardrop about the suntan-lotion smell, it reminds me even more of handmade/homemade bath products: the smell when you walk into one of those shops where the air is filled with smells from just too much sweet mixtures and bath-salts.

I must confess I'm not very fond of neither tiare nor coconut, so me finding this a cloying coconut-tiare-combo isn't much of a surprise. I can't help but wondering why Profumi del forte didn't let the citrus linger longer, to create a balance with the sweetness? Why didn't they let the banana-note stand out more, making this a little less of a comfort scent?

If you're interested in the banana note I recommend you try Humiecki & Graef "Eau Radieuse" instead, for a more interesting take on banana.
02nd December, 2012
l get the citrus notes in the opening, together with coconut & lots of tiare. The fruit fades quickly, leaving a smooth, sweet, suntan-lotion scent, with the same post-beach feel as Bronze Goddess, but without the deeper woody notes. The banana is very faint; only detectable when l sniff up close to search for it. After around 40 minutes, a sweet vanilla mixes with the tiare, & it continues in this vein, only lasting 2-3 hours on my skin.
l love tiare, & it's very well done here, but l have tried other fragrances that do it just as well & last a lot longer, for a fraction of the price. Therefore although l like this, my credit card is quite relieved that l will not be purchasing!
21st February, 2012

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