Danger pour Homme (2011)
    by Roja Dove

    Danger pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    bought it blind cuz it was cheap (ish) on ebay and i wanted to try a roja dove. i sold it after three full wearing. it was quite sumptuous but utterly mediocre, if that makes any sense. a sort of amalgam of classic fougeres that just didn't say anything. apparently he also did puerdistance M; didn't like that either. i'll stick with duchaufour, jp guerlain, roucel, sheldrake, thank you very much

    07 June, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Ambregris and Vetiver

    I don't recommend everyone to try the Eau de Parfum concentration. The beauty of Roja's perfumes lives in the interaction of a sumptuous base with the heart notes, after a bright start (bergamot is the signature usually, bitter but extremely sparkling); to obtain this you should smell, absolutely, the Parfum version.

    They are extremely classic fragrances? Yes. They are like balms scents, very complex and rich. If it is not your taste, no one can to object them. If you love this, you've found the Heaven.

    Moreover, it is easy to understand that, in his parfums are cited the great classics of perfumery in their ancient version... and that the extremely strong names hide their existence in a subtle way. Why "Danger", pour Homme, in a sparkling and sublime Haiti vetiver?


    When I went to London, a month ago, had the opportunity to sniff all his line and I had a "stroke of lightning" (italian linguistic expression) for Danger pour Homme and Enslaved.

    DpH (parfum concetration) for me is the finest and most sensual combination between tons of natural ambregris (intense salinity, deep and gently animal), and tons of Haiti vetiver burbon with "grandeur". A sparkling opening of bergamot (as always) dense and palpable with the bright green of galbanum; subtle violaceous nuances of Grasse jasmin and lily of the valley. Finest ingredients made by Robertet in Grasse. I was shocked to percive such that quantity of natural ambregris in a modern perfume, as to keep the salty in the bottom of the tongue and be able to feel it with the taste. So much to fix the drydown for three days on my wirst. Here is the "Danger": a soft, sensual animality with a great depth (ambregris) in a so luminous fragrance with the most souave vetiver that I've smell.

    22 May, 2013

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    Spain Spain

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    I have worn a sample of this scent I got courtesy of Roja Dove Harrods some time ago.

    I used the whole sample applying it on my chest, forearms and neck.

    I enjoyed the scent as it started very citrusy and refreshing; then I got a mixture of fougere notes that lasted for about 3 hours max.

    I was hoping for a big perfume soul but just got an average masculine fougere with average longevity.


    Medium Thumbs !

    10th October, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    A boring masculine with no particular twists. The quality is absolutely there but, at these prices, it's not enough. More "stereotyped" than "classic".

    23 June, 2012

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