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Danger pour Homme (2011)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoja Dove
PerfumerRoja Dove

About Danger pour Homme

Danger pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Roja Dove. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Roja Dove

Reviews of Danger pour Homme

I'm just not sure... To my nose, Danger kicks off with a hyper-masculine mix of tarry pine and a mossy chypre structure. Given time, sage and other herbs come in, mixed with jasmine. The end result is, frankly, pretty basic. It smells like the fairly typical herbal "grape drink" top notes shared by a million modern mainstream masculine scents, mixed with a woody herbal core shared by a million classic masculine scents.

The whole thing also has a weird emptiness - in a way that's hard to describe, it doesn't smell strong enough to match its concentration, as if a significant portion of its formula has projection without having an actual smell. Apparently, this is a trick achieved with real ambergris, but instead of adding nuance, I just find it annoying.

I can see the artful intent behind taking the most iconic and popular new and old masculine elements and gluing them together with something that makes for strange dropouts, like missing puzzle pieces. That being said, if you're willing to deal with a bit less pine and none of that missing ambergris silliness, you can smell remarkably similar to this for about $300 less with Jo Malone's 154.
15th December, 2016
Danger - this is Roja Dove's fougere entry. His fragrance oeuvre covers all the important styles and Danger is the masculine fougere stop on his list that is very traditional with an almost note for note, exact list, following many great fougeres from our fragrant past with - bergamot, lemon, tonka, violet, vanilla and these are lightened by lily of the valley and ambergris and leather in the base. The core of this fragrance is its warm fougere traditional notes that smell like the finest barbershop scent. The "danger" part is the boldness of spices that are noticeable in the first half of the fragrance life. These spices typically show up in sport fragrances for a masculine and outdoors influence. There is cumin, clove, tarragon and a prickly rhubarb note spicing the blend. These prickly spices take this fougere in a similar direction as Azzaro pour Homme and this smells like a relative of this classic during the early going. But, masterful blending leads us away from Danger with a very soft and comforting musk, vetiver and leather base. The base is very tame and a simple powdery sweetness; a surprise after all of the early spices and the following soft leather development.

All in, Danger is a very good fougere rendition that is as pleasant to wear as many classic fougere fragrances, better than most I've tried although admittedly fougere is not my favorite type of fragrance. This is not an exceptional fragrance for our current state of fragrance evolution, but is enjoyable and comforting. I would rate this one: 7 / 10 stars.
04th December, 2016
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have only found a couple of RD fragrances you could call an 'original'. He's a bit of a magpie imo. The formula for Danger could have come from any decent fougere from the Nineties. The numerous list of notes used is made completely redundant by the denseness of the fragrance -- a lot of his fragrances could do with 'opening up' imo. It seems to solely consist of ambergris, herbs and woods.

However, for all it's flaws, I do love wearing it, so a reluctant thumbs up.
04th July, 2016
This is my first Roja Dove fragrance on skin, Danger Pour Homme (the EDP, not the parfum), and it's decidedly masculine, a mix of predominantly woods and leather, with a slightly smoky, boozy, and citrus aspect. The opening is brighter due to bergamot and lavender but it settles rather quickly into its masculine character. The name seems unfitting, as it's a relatively safe masculine fragrance, and while there's nothing overwhelmingly special about it, Danger could actually work very well as a man's signature scent.

Performance (again, on the EDP) is decent but not exceptional. Much better in terms of longevity than projection, at least on my skin, though I'm sure once could go the parfum route to achieve a scent cloud.

Danger does not seem all that unique enough to me to merit the Roja Dove costs (the EDP is $325 for 50ml, the parfum is $480 for 50ml), exceeded only by Clive Christian, with the exception of Chanel extraits and other high-concentration special items.

I've not tried Heritage by Guerlain, but the similarities sound strong. I'd recommend trying to find something similar in lieu of the Roja Dove price on this, as it's simply not unique enough to merit the cost.

7 out of 10
03rd March, 2016
Heritage by Guerlain or, to a lesser extent, Zino Davidoff anyone? First thing that came to mind. If I had paid that amount for this I would be *so* pissed off. Anyway... besides being a hilariously pathetic rip-off of the two bottled gents mentioned above, Danger pour Homme is a decently executed woody-spicy scent, dry and earthy, with a slight animalic note (synthetic castoreum) and a general late fougère structure. I smell patchouli, a sort of mossy-earthy camphoraceous base, a dry thin layer of leather, synthetic but pleasantly thick ambergris, aldehydes, spices (a lot of cumin, then cloves) a sweet breeze carrying a spicy-nutty feel (tonka, rhubharb). Which, as I said, strongly reminds me of Heritage and other similar perfumes - whereas Fetish pour Homme plagiarized Moschino pour Homme and vintage Bel Ami, this one is all about early '90s. The scent itself is decent, even if completely lacking in depth, substance and interest, contrary to the vintages it clumsily tries to emulate. Surely better that many other niche scents, I won't argue that. After a couple of hours, so basically on the drydown, there is even room for a nice twist; it arises a fresh, slightly minty balsamic breeze with a subtle sweet-anisic feel, and also the leather emerges better together with a herbal-spicy fougère accord. This "moves" Danger a bit far from that unbearable resemblance to Heritage, which does not disappear obviously, but at least becomes less noticeable. But that occurs too late to make me change my mind. Uncreative, uninspired and pretentious. And even with a below-average persistence.

05th October, 2014

bought it blind cuz it was cheap (ish) on ebay and i wanted to try a roja dove. i sold it after three full wearing. it was quite sumptuous but utterly mediocre, if that makes any sense. a sort of amalgam of classic fougeres that just didn't say anything. apparently he also did puerdistance M; didn't like that either. i'll stick with duchaufour, jp guerlain, roucel, sheldrake, thank you very much

07th June, 2013

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