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Aquae Nobilis (2009)
by Profumum


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Aquae Nobilis

Aquae Nobilis is a masculine fragrance by Profumum. The scent was launched in 2009

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Reviews of Aquae Nobilis

I was never a great fan of the Velvet Underground but I always appreciated what my friends saw in their music - straightforwardness and simplicity. What we have here is well-trampled territory as far as herbal vetivers go, but the ingenious use of spicy-powdery geranium gives life to this composition in a way I have not witnessed since I first smelled Yohji Homme. Now, this composition, while fairly similar, is more airy and spaced out, with a strange and light creaminess I would not expect from a vetiver-centric scent. There is also a lotion-like lingering of something akin to olive wood that I am enjoying as I sniff this. Yes, the price tag is unfortunate for something that is only shades better in quality than a high-end designer frag, but I really, truly like this juice. It is simple yet dreamy, and utterly effective in its message. It is like having a parfum version of the rebooted Jaguar (silvery blue packaging), and it is kind to the nose.
30th January, 2016 (last edited: 12th April, 2016)
Never been a fan of Profumum Roma, and this fragrance does nothing but reinforcing my opinion about the brand. As much nice as annoyingly uninspired and pretentious. It doesn’t smell bad, it actually smells fairly nice: it’s a fresh, smooth, balsamic, kind of aquatic-azure take on vetiver (normal decent vetiver, don’t expect fireworks) with a prominent, and quite pleasant sort of anisic-grassy top accord well breezing on a hay-vetiver heart and a hefty dose of cypriol – sort of a thin yet substantial smoky-green note with a papersheet-like transparency. Basically a grassy-woody scent with a spicy-anisic twist. The only aspect I don’t enjoy is an annoying rubbery feel among the base notes, which smells fairly cheap and it’s something I wouldn’t really accept for this price; but apart from this detail, Aquae Nobilis is surely a very decent fragrance, an enjoyable and surely versatile “spicy-breezy” take on vetiver with a nice evolution towards a drier-darker drydown (no fireworks during the evolution either – it just gets understandably drier and tamer).

So where’s the issue? Well, it may be a trick of my nose, but to me this smells exactly – and I mean, hilariously exactly – like layering KenzoAir Intense on Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin. Or the way round. Take the “ozone vetiver” concept of Kenzo or similar fresh vetivers and blend it with the anisic grassiness of Lempicka. And with the price of Aquae Nobilis you can sure pile up a good stock of both. I get Aquae Nobilis saves you the effort of handling two bottles instead of one, but still I wish my definition of “niche” to be something more than “it takes two designers to make it”.

22nd December, 2015
This is a great fragrance. Maybe I am partial because it contains some of my favorite notes in vetiver, wormwood and oakmoss, but I absolutely love this stuff.

It is smooth and transports me into a quiet but happy place.

However, the price tag is much too hefty to justify purchasing a bottle.
10th October, 2012
First and foremost, like most Profumum Roma juices, this is distinctive stuff. Personally, I am not a fan of Aquae Nobilis, but I can imagine others really enjoying it.

To me this is a very crisp and green scent. I tried it because I love the wormwood in Nasomatto's Absinth and wanted to experience some other wormwood/absinth scents. The top and midnotes here have a strong green angle to them which I assume is a mix of the geranium, wormwood, and of course, the vetiver. The base is all vetiver and wormwood to my nose and my nose doesn't like it.

Super distinctive. If you love vetiver and wormwood you may REALLY dig this stuff!
22nd February, 2012

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