Attimo pour Homme (2011)
    by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Attimo pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    weak and too close to the skin

    too bad....nice scent but too close to the skin and doesnt last on me...smells alot like other frags.

    28 June, 2013

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    Just to balance the scales, and since I appear to be one of like 6 people who own this scent I thought I'd post a review

    Wasn't a HUGE fan at first but it's grown on me and it's actually pretty nice. I get a lot of pepper in the opening which isn't exactly my favorite but Isn't horrible. After about 5 seconds that fades and the cardamom seems to dominate. It reminds me a lot of Le nuit De L'Homme, and that's a good thing. If I was going to make a daytime version of Le Nuit, it wouldn't be L'Homme, it'd be this. It's nothing special, I'll admit that, but as a good work/casual scent, it gets the job done and done well. Smells quality and well blended. 7/10

    13 May, 2013

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    Yet another one of those men's designer scents that smells like grape drink mixed with herbs and windex. There are literally hundreds of these that all smell basically the same, the result of sad companies that copy what's already popular instead of trying to be creative. If you've smelled a generic man on a plane or at a bar in the last five years, you know what this smells like.

    02 March, 2013

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    Canada Canada

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    There are a lot of interesting notes listed, but I don't find anything here particularly distinctive or interesting. Essentially, this is a cool-fresh scent. The opening reminds me of eucalyptus or mint. The spices are very faint, almost undetectable. Likewise for any woods. The dry-down gets a bit sweet.
    The bottle is a silvery-grey and that is the style of the scent. Nothing offensive but nothing exciting.

    13 March, 2012

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