Piper Leather (2011)
    by Illuminum

    • Launched: 2011
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
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    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    Piper Leather Fragrance Notes

    Piper Leather information

    Piper Leather is a unisex fragrance by Illuminum. The scent was launched in 2011

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    I stumbled upon the Illuminum stand in a popular department store in the UK and managed to smell all of their current offerings. For me, one of the standouts was Piper Leather, in fact I bought a bottle (for much less the RRP).
    The dry down for this fragrance is lovely - musky, yet fresh and leathery. The leather note is hard to detect and the opening is pretty heavy on the pepper and coriander. I don't own anything that smells like it and I haven't had the chance to sample Cuiron. I wouldn't describe the scent as unisex - it's definitely masculine but non offensive (unlike some leather scents). If you're looking for a distinctive leather scent I would look elsewhere, however if you're after something that is fresh, spicy, masculine and well blended I would definitely give Piper Leather a try. It's perfect as an autumn/winter scent. It's quite versatile and it's one of those fragrances that you will want to reach for often.

    Projection/sillage -3/5
    Longevity - 3.5/5
    Smell - 5/5

    18th January, 2014

    Oh_Hedgehog's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    The coriander is a bit pushy at first, while the proclaimed civet in the base is non-existent. What remains is a solid peppery-resinous-leather accord that is very much along the lines of Helmut Lang's defunct Cuiron. Fans of the latter should be heartened.

    Yet, as with Cuiron, I find Piper Leather lacking: in humour, passion, charm, or ingenuity. It smells good, but it doesn't thrill me, and I want something more than just 'dependable'.

    21st June, 2012

    Eugene Tooms's avatar

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    I tried this fragrance recently and I reallly like it; of the Illuminum range this one and Arabian Amber are the standouts for me. I'm not too keen on their Oud range; I find the oud notes are buried too far down for my liking, but I very much like Piper Leather.

    Unlike other reviewers I can pick out the leather note right away, along with pepper and what appears to be coriander. It's definitely much more of a masculine scent although it's claimed that the entire Illuminum range is unisex by design. Piper Leather is a great evening/winter scent, rather than being summery and light, but it turns heads in the right way; it projects a certain masculine confidence.

    Definitely a keeper for me.

    18th June, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Cuiron. Piper Leather is almost a literal reproduction of the soft peppery-suedey accord of the sadly discontinued Helmut Lang's Cuiron. If for a few aspects it may sound as a total rip-off, now that Cuiron have become extremely rare and you have to pay up to $250 for a bottle, Piper Leather is the only plausible alternative available on the market. Nice projection and good lasting power.

    If you already own the Helmut Lang, stick with it, otherwise Piper Leather is an extremely valid alternative.

    12th May, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Another mistake made by this maison in my opinion. Piper Leather opens up with some pepper and other spices mixed with civetta in a combination that has no appealing effect on me. I was unable to detect a bright, easy to spot leather note in this one. If you're looking for a leather based fragrance please avoid this one. Do not trust the name of this fragrance. The notes in here are so unbalanced that you will regret blind buying it.

    12th April, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    The pepper and olibanum are very strong to my nose, so strong that I have to really concentrate to pick out the leather, which is a shame. There are many leather fragrances that I appreciate but this isn't one of them. Personally I think this is more of a man's scent than a woman's, because the pepper and olibanum make it sooooo heavy. There's little trace of the animalic side which the listed civet and leather notes suggest.

    I have found all the Illuminum perfumes I've tried to be a little clumsy. In my opinion most of their fragrances are either brash and loud or so fleeting that they vanish within a couple of hours, but your mileage may vary.

    11th March, 2012

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