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Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain (2011)
by Diptyque


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyManzanita

About Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain

Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is a shared / unisex perfume by Diptyque. The scent was launched in 2011

Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain fragrance notes

Reviews of Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain

Dear Reader,
Probably like many of you, I have many, many fragrances. There are those that suite situations perfectly, moods, weather, and then those that are easy to grab that just feel great to wear no matter the time or situation. 34, for me, is one that I get something different from the wearing almost each time. I understand that this is likely due to the multitude of notes, and I've heard some even call it a mess. I happen to really like it! I find it elegant, and incomparable, and while I do get the potpourri references, it is still unique and unlike any other fragrance inspired or often compared to potpourri. Quite a performer as well, and absolutely should be considered signature worthy as you will set yourself apart in the most beautiful way. One of those that even other frag lovers are both impressed and stumped by.
21st March, 2018
It's just got so much that my nose feels confused. There are many great notes smothering other great notes.
11th February, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fruity top note, a berry fruitiness with a brighter citrus touch up that only lasts very briefly. Soon a mild clove spiciness emerges to then reveal a floral potpourri of heart notes. These are mainly a pleasant geranium, a somewhat castrated weak rose, and a lovely iris thrown in. More of a brighter floral mix and not really sweet.

The sweetness I get in the later stage is mainly due to a slowly increasing intensity of a well-executed cinnamon note, which is like the golden thread that holds this rather disparate blend together, and which has a woodsy undertone later on. Closer towards the ends it develops nigh-medicinal balsamic characteristics at times, to then take on a gently resinous nature that fits in very well with the base note mélange.

The performance is very good: I get moderate sillage, very good projection and a respectable seven hours of longevity on my skin. A nice spring/autumn creation, complex but with sufficient structure such as not to appear chaotic. 3.25/5.
28th December, 2015
A lovely, opulent scent. Billed as unisex but perhaps more feminine in style. Sweet but not cloying, rich but not heavy.
Spices are well done and appear early. The floral heart is very attractive and combines the various notes successfully, creating a fresh, beautiful chord. The finale is attractive, hinting at woods and resins.
20th June, 2015
Gorgeous fragrance from Diptyque. 34BStG is a very elegant scent that to me is floral dominant. It starts off with a vegetative green and spice, but quickly transitions to the floral middle notes. Initially I got a lot of the stronger rose, tuberose and violet. It then transitions to the softer geranium and iris. Like most Diptyque fragrances it's easily unisex and could be worn naturally by either male or female. Great longevity, with average to just below average sillage, however it lasted on my skin well over6 hours and was still lingering on my wrist the following morning. It appeals to me as a more formal fragrance that should be worn in the evening to a nice dinner or special occasion. It's a certain Thumbs Up.
23rd May, 2015
The idea behind this perfume was simple but genius: create a perfume that recreated the odors seeping out of the wood panels in the Diptyque boutique on 34 Boulevard St. Germain in Paris – a sort of mélange of the scents from the various perfumes and candles in the store.

By all rights, it should have been a hot mess. But despite being made up of bits of other Diptyque perfumes, it turns out to have a lively, definite personality all of its own. The top notes are a clever re-working of the best bits of L’Ombre Dans L’Eau – the tart berries and vivid, snapped-stem greens of the opening (without the lurid raspberry rose jam), and the milky green fig leaf of the luscious Philosykos.

Quickly joined by a faintly urinous grapefruit and soft pink rose, the fig leaf, blackcurrants, and green notes seem to glow like rubies against a backdrop of woods and resins. The top notes and early heart have this energizing sourness to them that really quenches my thirst for something zesty and alive-feeling on a warm spring day.

The heart is rose and grapefruit, insistently spiced with either clove or cinnamon (hello Eau Lente!). Thankfully, unlike Eau Lente, it doesn’t make you think of Red Hots. There is even a faint, watery tuberose note in the heart that may be a reference to Do Son. The base is woods and resins – the wonderfully natural Diptyque cedar, and an almost creamy, lavender-inflected oppoponax.

And oh, that cedar. Only Diptyque and Serge Lutens do cedar this well. I mean that it smells like fresh, sappy wood, and is utterly free of the insistent radiance of Iso E Super or Norlimbanol. Because the woods don’t have their life not extended by synthetic boosters, the longevity on 34 is average at best.
12th May, 2015

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