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Ambre Nue (2012)
by Atelier Cologne


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAtelier Cologne

About Ambre Nue

Ambre Nue is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Cologne. The scent was launched in 2012

Ambre Nue fragrance notes

Reviews of Ambre Nue

Ambre Nue by Atelier Cologne seems to be frequently regarded as a citrus-dominant fragrance but I really don't get citrus at all. My experience of it is dominated by the amber and labdanum, a sweet floral mix that seems decidedly feminine. To its credit, it's an interesting fragrance with potential all-season and day/night versatility.

Performance is definitely above average for the line, more on par with Vanille Insensee and Rose Anonyme than most of the other fresher fragrances.

Ambre Nue retails above the typical Atelier Cologne rate, at $150 for 100ml, though it's slightly less expensive on Beautyspin.

I wouldn't say that regard it as bad, just mediocre and unfitting on my skin.

5 out of 10
13th June, 2016
Ambre Nue is all about the bass, no treble. The benzoin, tonka bean and labdanum in the base combine harmoniously to approximate an amber scent, offering a smooth warm backdrop to the floral heart. It smells a lot like a quality floral talc, albeit one with patchouli undercurrents.
17th May, 2015
This one seems to battling between mandarine and amber. Smells nice though. Can be worn year round IMO. The cinnamon note is nice and refined in this. 7/10
20th November, 2014
Well this is definitely a floral spicy one!

In the opening I get a very real fresh Mandarin and floral Marigold... it's a very authentic orange fruity note, and it hit's you straight away.

I would describe this as a very warm scent. It certainly has a warmth to it and a spiciness which is really pleasant and uplifting (hot, fiery Cinnamon). The Amber note itself is the Labdanum, but it's the Benzoin, Tonka Bean and Patchoulli that make this a dark and heavy scent. It has a cologne like citrus opening (Bergamot and Mandarin), but once the heavy resins and spices show up it becomes a very dark, Ambery skin scent. The most satisfying creation I've tried from Atelier Cologne. Worth a try for sure!
25th July, 2014
This is a very sensual and yummy fragrance that smell very safe and to be honest it's more feminine that masculine!
The opening is a fresh and sweet mix of mandarin orange and benzoin.
Very simple, but very very pleasant.
I haven't smelled a real mandarin orange but It does smell like tangerine and the quality is very good because smell exactly like a fresh tangerine while you're eating it.
The benzoin note give this simple and quality citrusy opening a warm, sweet and sensual feeling.
The sweetness is very light and almost creamy.
As time goes by the mandarin orange note start to decay and now some floral note came in and at the same time benzoin note smell bolder and a little stronger.
The mid of this fragrance is a very yummy and sensual scent. warm and creamy sweet benzoin with the help of some light floral notes and a little bit of citruses and cinnamon all together creating a very sexy aroma which is more feminine that masculine as I said earlier.
Projection at the start is weak but as time goes by it gets stronger and louder which is very interesting!
Longevity is very good. I'm getting 8-10 hours.
I believe this can be a magical elixir on a woman and she can charm tons of men with it!
05th April, 2014
Fresh, well-balanced amber

Aroma: Quite fresh for an amber fragrance. The opening notes of green mandarin and bergamot definitely lighten the richness of the warmer notes and keep Ambre Nue firmly aligned with the cologne family of fragrances. The spice is well balanced, the vanilla isn't obvious. For me the primary note is a surprisingly bright Labdanum.

Sillage, Projection and longevity: Rather soft, which I like. You won't knock people over with this one. More of a "you smell nice" than a "that's a nice fragrance." I'm at 7 hours now and the scent is just barely there. I like that. No hollering snyths. Not much sillage either, it stays personal -- again, I like this. For me there's nothing tackier than walking into a room that stinks of someone's perfume.

Unisex: Yes, definitely. And I think Ambre Nue will layer nicely with other scents you want to lend a bit of warmth.

Value: The big bottle is a great value, a little less than $1 per ml. The 30 ml. is more than twice that. I split the difference and went with the 100 ml. I do wish they did the travel size because I'm loathe to commit to a big bottle, and I like the sleek pen-sized travel spray.

Pros: Balanced, beautiful Labdanum, soft
Cons: None, I love it

20th June, 2013

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