Royal Platinum (2011)
    by Charriol

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    Very exotic masculine rose

    This is a copy&paste of my review for Royal Leather because they do smell very similar. The main difference is the rose and insence notes that are not present in Leather ( the rose is a dry and masculine one ) and the oud note which I beleive gives it the feeling of wet and soaked wood in a sort of alchoolic substance just like the one in Juicy Couture Dirty English, the boozy smell, but in RP it is much stronger. Nevertheless, Royal Platinum does remind Dirty English but here it is fullbody.

    I find a little dificult trying to explain what I think about Charriol Royal Leather, and Charriol Royal Platinum, for that matter. But one thing I am sure of it is not the Chanel/Hermes/Dior/Yves Saint Laurent/etc... we all are acostumed to. No, there is something that says very clearly that this is something completely different. And I don't mean that it doesn't smell good, but the whole composition is of anther kind, the approach is not the same, and most of us are not prepared for it, perhaps? Is it nich it leans to? The scent itself is quite inspiring and reminds me of strange foreing places when you first arrive and it smells different from where you come from. It does smell exotic and the saffron note is almost food-like as in a Paella,there is some sweetness from fruit notes, iris and sandalwood/amber,and, of course, the Leather: it is like a piece of leather forniture that has been kept well treated for ages and you feel like loose yourself on it, on its softnes, on its luxurious feel. And when you do that you feel good, you feel richness around you, you feel comfortable. If it smells like TF TL... I cannot tell for I don't know the TF scent, but although it strangeness at first it does smell good, and yes, the bottle is like a $$$ goods. But, for an EDP, it seems to be very weak, is that a trait of nich fragrances, as my Musc Nomade by AG? Although I can smell it hours later it nedds more than few sprays to take off so close to the skin it stays. I paid about US$ 70 for it, and in Brazil, where a bottle of Bleu de Chanel costs US$ 210, it was a good buy. I hope more people take the leap and share their thoughts with us.

    Pros: Not common place at all
    Cons: Very close to the skin for an EDP

    14 June, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    a really great addition from the house of Charriol. strong, full of character. speaks of masculinity but also authority. very dominating with strong saffron incense and some ouds. this stuff is have good longevity and good projection. a fragrance to make a statement, but will not draws compliments (please note cultural difference. in Western world this could be considered uber-exotic)

    while Charriol is underrated house that often accused of plagiarism, I found Charriol Royal Platinum EDP is something really fine. it might not have a near-niche quality like Lalique, but Charriol definitely more than just a match to Lanvin's or Carolina Herrera. there's a quality stuff here, sensually seducing like M7 with strange sensual aura of Oud, shrouded with mist of incense that add a powerful persona and saffron that add exoticism. its quite middle-east way but still be able to be pulled by Westerners. a fragrance that speak luxury and exotic places.

    30th December, 2012

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