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Pentachord White (2011)
by Tauer


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerAndy Tauer

About Pentachord White

Pentachord White is a shared / unisex perfume by Tauer. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Andy Tauer

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Reviews of Pentachord White

Pentachord White is like a story, whispered in soft voice to a woman's ear. A woman with golden honey hair, a woman who wears pearls and silk dresses. A woman who pours a bit of milk in her green tea, who preffers her hot chocolate to be white, creamy and with a vanilla scent, and she never drinks it hot. She just wait for it to form a thin film meant to hide the smoldering heat from inside the cup. That's how this perfume is: emotion, voice tremble and sweet taste on the lips.
06th May, 2015
Fine white porcelain ought to smell like this. Uncannily it evokes many of the aspects we associate with the colour white – dryness, blankness, purity, the loss of borders. It’s like a white marshmallow that turns to sweet dust on the tongue, the flavour being secondary to that crumbling, dissolving moment.
The iris note is desiccated but true, somehow losing much of the vegetal carrot feel but maintaining the powdery (dusty?) otherness of this precious ingredient. The vanilla is to the fore (on first spray this can give the impression of being all about the vanilla); but smoky, somewhat bleached, without the usual warmth. The violets are barely there, like those violet pastilles where the senses strain to perceive the flavour of the thing beyond the sugar. The only familiar aspect is the Tauer amber, here making a late, discreet entry, providing the shoulder that pushes the other elements to the front, without distracting.
The whole gives the impression of something tightly conceived and executed but it lacks volume and can fade into the background. It also seems to me to be too firmly a mood scent (the kind I’d use on a quiet evening on my own) to make the successful transition into functional wear.
13th July, 2012
If you want something akin to having Andy Tauer shine an LED spotlight up your nose, give Pentachord White a try. It’s squintingly bright and offers the mosquito-buzz sensation of aggressive synthetics. Morphing from dry ice to marshmallow, the fragrance thaws as it passes through iris-violet, amber, and then vanilla, but is officially disastrous after 15 minutes, when its sweet bourbon base appears and forms a dizzying combination with the ringing metallic quality of the floral notes. White is like a rotoscoped, Julian Opie version of Après L'Ondée: crude, cartoonized and mercilessly flattened out.
12th June, 2012
An exercise in minimalism by Andy Tauer. Originally released exclusively for italian most influential niche shop in Rome called Campomarzio70 and now available in other selected boutiques around the world, the Pentachord line is composed using just 5 five ingredients for each fragrance. What came out is a mini-line of three juices that while surely minimalistic, are still pretty interesting due to their avant-garde facet. I'm actually not crazy about any of them but, at the same time, if you like experimental stuff, they're well worth checking out.

White is a partially successful iris/vanilla concoction with an interesting twist provided by an extremely dry quality. The vanilla is juxtaposed to wormwood and orris root to create a sweet/salty composition enriched by a candied violet petal note. In this phase, White is powdery yet dry, sweet but not overly so with just a touch of ambergis adding some depth. Do I like it? Well, sort of. In my opinion it feels a tad crude to be full bottle worthy and the party get spolied by a sort of woody-ambery thing the turns the fragrance into a cloying bomb during the late drydown but, it surely deserves some attention if you like vanilla-centered frgrances and are sick and tired of the usual gourmandic take we're experiencing way too often.

02nd June, 2012
When I was a child, in Hungary, there was a sweet candy, which has this kind of fragrance. I adored that candy, so this memory makes me love this scent :)

In YouTube there is a video about Pentachords fragrances, in which Andy Tauer tells a lot of things about these 3 parfume. For example, they are really synthetic, Andy Tauer would like to prove, that a fragrance would be good if only it has five notes and the notes are truly synthetic.

I think sometimes a memory or a feeling can make the fragrance so good.....

The more I wear it, the more I love it!
01st April, 2012

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