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Pentachord Verdant (2011)
by Tauer


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerAndy Tauer

About Pentachord Verdant

Pentachord Verdant is a shared / unisex perfume by Tauer. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Andy Tauer

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Reviews of Pentachord Verdant

Pentachords Verdant shares the same issue I personally detect in many fragrances by Andy Tauer. They’re intellectually very fascinating and thrilling, they’re exceedingly evocative and realistic, they succeed very well in keeping a decided, peculiar sort of artificial vein well combined with a truthful organic nature; but they don’t smell like something I would wear. Ever. Or that I think anyone would want to wear. Tauer hasn’t admittedly a formal training, and while that is surely a plus when it comes to creative freedom and composing “out of the box”, it sometimes turns into a disadvantage for him. And that is the case for Pentachords Verdant in my opinion.

Pentachords Verdant is basically a tremendously intriguing “smell” which brilliantly evokes the smell of damp grass, wet soil, freshly-cut branches, all with a sort of dark, cold, sharp feel, brilliantly combined with an artificial sort of quite heavy oily-gasoline greyish note that smells basically like someone pouring fuel on grass – you and your lawnmower, a romance by Andy Tauer. As usually with most of Tauer fragrances, the smell is quite sharp and almost harsh at first, stuffed with cold salty ambroxan and a thin, cutting layer of nondescript metallic spices giving the natural side of the fragrance that peculiar “artificial trim” which characterizes many scents by this nose. I don’t get any tobacco actually, to me it’s all a cascade of nose-tingling spicy sharp greenness seasoned with steamy gasoline. The evolution is just more about the volume decreasing, but I detect no particular transitions or movements – just the same identical thing losing strength and projection as hours pass (but that’s fine, and it actually gets almost pleasant after a while).

And, well... you may guess my conclusion (there’s not much else to say about the notes or the evolution, so we can skip to the end). I can’t help it, call me a tight-ass “classicist”, but this is too much on the very extreme fence between a perfume and a smell – not a stink, just an experimental smell which has little to do with perfumery. I mean, it’s not that any smell can automatically turn into a perfume just by a linguistic transition. It’s just too edgy, unstructured and crude to work as a fragrance in my opinion. It’s great to spray it and smell it, it’s amazingly realistic and it’s fantastic how it evokes the combined smell of wet grass, soil and gasoline, truly a hyperrealistic portrait of Mr. Smith’s Sunday morning mowing the lawn. But why on Earth shall I want to smell like that?

22nd November, 2015
A green minty rooty smell with a strong smell of soil is what I'm getting on first application to my skin. This then settles on your skin smelling like soil with a bit of minty green. Eventually a tobacco note joins with the minty green soil aroma.

Lol.... This is one of those artistic fragrances where you can admire what the creator has done but cannot actually wear it.

Imagine taking a plant from the earth. You get the green smell from the roots as well as the smell of soil sticking to the roots. Well thats what this scent smells like.

To sum up a very interesting scent that is more like art to be admired than something you can actually wear.
04th June, 2014
I wanted to like this, I really did. But a synthetic sourness keeps making me think of being wrapped in cellophane. For me, there is no overarching composition, more a jangling mixture which leaves me waiting for something that never arrives.
Happily there are many other scents by Mr Tauer which are adorable!
28th December, 2013
Mainly desk-bound in my daily routine, I tend to idealize the outdoor life. The opening of this perfume is the ideal accompaniment to this longing to be more of a nature boy. A thrilling combination of trodden green leaves (tomato, mint) with hyper-real wet earth takes me straight to a fantasy forest. Alright, so there's someone smoking a pipe in there, too – but hey, nothing wrong with a bit of discreet company. It's that earth note that really touches my heart. Sadly, it recedes quite a bit in the progression and the leafiness tends to dominate – here PV loses some of its uniqueness, with echoes of other (cheaper) green perfumes becoming a bit of a distraction. It's still lovable, but I'm not sure I'd invest in a bottle. It recovers some of the territory it lost in the deep drydown (4 hours in), where the tobacco and a pretty dry amber beautifully anchor the composition. For me, this is easy to wear in all its stages; people who find some of the notes odd may disagree.
08th June, 2012
Verdant opens greeeeeeeen and weird with a destabilizing combo of leaves, wet earthy notes and something sweet that I would call cotton candy. Pretty bizarre. The fragrance stays linear for quite a while to then introduce a synthetic woody/ambery base enriched by the typical Tauer's incense note. A mentholated presence surrounds the area reinforcing the general green vibe. No leather to my nose...

IMO, the level of appreciation of Verdant is strongly related to one's personal grade of appreciation of synthetic woody/ambery bases. Me? I quite like it and find it to be pretty original but it somehow fails to coalesce into something outstanding.

No longevity issues. Nice projection.
26th February, 2012

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