Shooting Stars: Kobe (2009)
    by Xerjoff

    Shooting Stars: Kobe Fragrance Notes

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    A technically excellent, but ultimately standard white floral.

    Kobe, like many of the scents from Xerjoff's Shooting Stars series, is technically excellent, but ultimately quite dull.

    It starts up with a scripted neroli, but one that has more heft behind it from the labdanum which institutes an oily quality to what is ordinarily a thin note. There's some rosewood here for soapiness, and the oud hovers tranquilly to make space for the brighter notes to perform. I pick up some stray roses that perhaps feel a little misplaced and a peppery note that adds noise, but aside from that, the whole thing comes off as a greener, woodier version of every other white floral from Mugler Cologne to Neroli Portofino, only with evidently better materials and a meticulous blend.

    Aside from authentically replicating the headspace of a citrus grove, the scent does little to grab your attention—it's just sort of "there." Bogue Profumo's astounding Eau d'E manages to pull off a similar effect but it does so without cliche or predictability by contrasting bitter notes with a tasteful cypress accord. As far as summer scents go, Kobe does everything it sets out to accomplish well: it's bright and fresh, smells highly naturalistic, and lasts a decent amount of time due to the resinous / musky base that scaffolds the top/mids in place. But ultimately, it's a bit of a bore.

    Pros: Beautifully blended using excellent materials, and kept afloat by a clever combination of musk and resins.
    Cons: It's not doing anything special."

    11th September, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Classy, dynamic citrus

    Warm but cooling, light but heavy. Smells like woods. Not forest green woods, but burning campfire woods. Citrus smells like sweet candy. Reminds me of the gummy orange candies shaped like an orange. Finally I smell the Tonka bean and amber. The fragrance is blended so smoothly, yet you can certainly pick out the individual dominant notes. Very classy. A fragrance you wear to make a statement. For the price, it certainly should...

    Pros: Excellent longevity, Dynamic, Unique
    Cons: Versatility, Price

    25 May, 2013

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    This fragrance smells like a wooden box with aged orange peels on the inside. It's a very beautiful citrus fragrance that can be enjoyed in any season. 8.5 out of 10.

    04 May, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    I know this is one of the most praised fragrances in the Xerjoff range but the mix of white florals and powder turns it into one of the biggest "no-go" for me.

    That being said, if you like neroli/orange blossom laying on a powdery/resinous woody base (no oud detected), Kobe will be a true winner in your wardrobe. Top quality ingredients, perfect balance, great lasting power.

    Me? No, No, No.

    Believe it or not, to me it's just like a more refined version of Kurkdjian's APOM Pour Homme.

    27 February, 2012

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    Kobe is a perfume that has style in spades. It opens with a sweet lemony creamy vanilla and though the overall intensity falls off as it airs out it pretty much plays out like this all the way down the line. (Thankfully it becomes drier.) There's a faint spiciness. The oud is restrained: no one need fear it here. My personal conflict come with the amount of tonka bean. I have trouble getting around the ever present vanilla gourmand goings on. (Mercifully it's a drier vanilla.) The shame for me is Kobe has such admirable qualities otherwise. It's pretty. Has good integration without rough edges and has such a refined quiet reserve overall I hate to reject it out of hand. Such a pity. But it's just not my style. But definately a strong recommendation to anyone shopping in this aisle.

    25 February, 2012

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