Shooting Stars: Nio (2009)
    by Xerjoff

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    Shooting Stars: Nio is a men's fragrance by Xerjoff. The scent was launched in 2009

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    Opinion: I could not ask for a better way to end with Xerjoff Spring/Summer fragrances. Oh my, Nio is absolutely amazing!!!! This is THE best citrusy based fragrance Ive ever come across! Ive never smelled such quality citrus before! Nio is a refreshing, clean, sparkling, ultra-quality citrusy, green, woody, slighty spicy, floral (get some vibe, also) fragrance! This composition is a must, incredibly well blended.

    Better than Kobe, in my opinion, this is absolutely lovely, classy, very refined scent. The opening is breathtaking, giving the most natural citrusy scent Ive ever smelled. Very fresh, the development is to die for, also. The woods here are simply amazing and give an excellent balance to the composition. Got compliments, again.

    Performance, as it seems to be usual with Xerjoff, is very good for a citrusy based fragrance.

    Simply WONDERFUL!

    Type/Gender: Masculine/Unisex (?)

    Id say this is toward the unisex territory, even if its labelled as a masculine scent.

    Season and Purpose: Once again, Summer and Spring, also for hot Fall days. Suitable for work, formal, special occasions and upper class events.

    Achilles heel: Price.

    Regarding Performance:

    - Longevity: 13-14h
    - Sillage: Moderate to heavy
    - Projection: 4-5h

    Scent: 9.75
    Sillage: 8.35
    Projection: 8.25
    Uniqueness: 8.55
    Versatility: 8.20
    --- Overall: 8.76

    Would I buy it? Yes!!!

    Pricey, no doubt, (~$250) for 50 ml, but this fragrance is incredible!!!

    25th September, 2014

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    England England

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    A great fragrance to wear to bed - because it will send you to sleep instantly. It's SO, SO boring and in no way, shape or form deserving of such a ridiculous price tag. This belongs on a high street self next to AdG and the like.

    My God, i'm so bored.

    11th September, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Nio or the lemon that ate the wearer for breakfast. If mouth puckeringly fresh citruses are your thing, Nio will not disappoint with its lime and lemon overdose. The usual culprits are there in the supporting cast: some neroli to tame the acidity, soft, barely there spices and a touch of dry vetiver to root things. At the top green notes resembling foliage help it breathe. A finely judged entry into the summery cologne genre which also means that similarities to cheaper options are unavoidable.
    The deep drydown spotlights a sweet and inviting cedar note with the citrus pretty much fled.

    14th November, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    The most beautiful 'green' scent that I have ever worn. Smells as though some oils and distillation has taken place here (for this price I should hope so). Less of a fougere than Fiero, but it's a quality wear -- the drydown is deep and endless.

    07th May, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Men have worn trousers for a long time. They still do. Trousers keep the legs warm and offer a freedom of mobility without compromising one's 'privacy'. If it ain't broke, why fix it? With a budget for better quality materials and superior styling, the trousers has outlived fashion trends and remains a mainstay in any man's wardrobe. The same may be said of citrus colognes. With better quality ingredients, Xerjoff is able to extend the enjoyable sparkling topnotes further than hitherto possible. But it is the cut that defines the style and Xerjoff Nio has wisely chosen to keep things classic. The well-crafted spicy green-inflected neroli makes this one a winner even if the base is somewhat ho-hum and strictly functional.

    A timelessly classic citrus/woods cologne for the man with the means.

    28th February, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Long story made short: Top quality (synthetic) citruses on a well balanced spicy/woody base. Far from being original or groundbreaking (I think I've seen this before) yet pretty darn good if you like the genre. Fresh and energizing. Overpriced.

    27th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 01st March, 2012)

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