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Black Touch
by Franck Olivier


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About Black Touch

Black Touch is a masculine fragrance by Franck Olivier.

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Similar vibe to TdH at a fraction of the price. It has gained many compliments among my friends. Smells of much better cuality than it's price tag suggests. Spicy orange flower over a base of vetiver. Really nice. Good longevity and projection.
03rd May, 2016 (last edited: 12th May, 2016)
Folks, this is to TdH what Cool Water is to GIT. It is a dead ringer with only slightly less longevity, and it's not quite as sharp to the nose. I prefer it. The only people, I presume, who will say this is inferior are those trying to justify the decision they made to part with their money for TdH.
22nd December, 2014
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United States
If Terre D' Hermes & Encre Noire had a baby this would be it.

Not as inky as say Encre Noire & a hell of a lot cheaper than Hermes

If your nose likes the two mentioned above it should like this gem as well.

Unique,dark, & inexpensive. Thumbs up!
09th July, 2014
Expressions of greatness! Like others have shared, I find this fragrance to be the diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack if you will. A huge fan of Terre D'hermes, and Encre Noir, I found myself almost giddy to receive this bottle today. Thinking to myself how wonderful it would be if all the reviews were right that it is the golden child of these two juggernauts of the fragrance kingdom...
I open the box, and already Im smiling as the scent has somehow entered the Priority Mail cardboard it came in! I pop the top and gently lift my wrist as Mozart plays gracefully in the background. The first spray! Pssst! The sprayer whispers as it lets out a scented cry, nay, a gift of scented goodness. My wrist and frag make contact in crescendo of olfactory bliss!
Ok, reality time now! This frag is amazing if you like woods, dark, man fragrances! I am vehemently against vanilla in a frag as I just cant wrap my mind around around why a guy would want to smell like Vanilla when he should smell like a,! Anyway, this vanilla note at the very end has been placed with perfection. You cannot even tell its there, its just a balancer for the end game. I found a 3.3 oz on ebay for 23$ brand new, and I am just amazed! If you are on a budget and cant swing for Terre D'hermes, this is the way to go and save.
03rd April, 2014
A grand slam for the price point

I have wrestled with the idea if I even wanted to write a review for Black Touch... I love it so much that I don't want the cat to get out of the bag... A part of me would shrivel up if this became the new "One Million" ( but the 18 + 21 axe lovers will most likely stay away)... This seriously is THE BEST cologne you can possibly get for under $30. It is nothing short of dynamic for the price point.

I have read a few reviews that have compared it to Terre D'Hermes (like the only other review here on this page), and I have to agree with them... BUT it has a darker edge too it.. This is not a CODE or Drakar Noir knock off (like many cheaper fragrances tend to be).. This is a more of a oriental Terre D'Hermes. So props to the Franck Oliver team for not going into the John Varvatos/ 1 million / D. Noir /Armani but just a little more sweet direction.

I guarantee people will ask you what it is you are wearing and how they can get it to make their loved ones smell just as good. BUT please for the lovely of all that is holy BUY Terre' D'Hermes Pure Parfum so you get a chance to experience the Rembrandt to this spicy paint by numbers.

Pros: The closest you WILL get to Terre D'Hermes for less than $30
Cons: It might prevent you from experiencing the real Terre D'Hermes (tisk tisk tisk)

06th July, 2013
yes it is very similar to Terre De Hermes which i love but it goes somewhere else and i can't put my finger on it. almost like a burnt orange cedarwood scent mentholated. it is fantastic and can be used for very special occasions. you cannot beat the quality for the price you pay.
05th December, 2012

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