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Dahlia Noir (2011)
by Givenchy

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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Dahlia Noir

Dahlia Noir is a feminine perfume by Givenchy. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Dahlia Noir

Reminds me of a very old woody smell like tobacco, chat noir, vanilla, misk and amber.. like the ones we used to sell in grandpa's cologne shop in 80s..
05th May, 2015
I just love patchouli+tonka combinations, and I could smell it right away when I tried this on the smelling strip. Haven't worn it yet, but initial impression very positive.
09th March, 2015
Very powdery in a delightful, calming way. A hint of flowers, but for me it's the powder note that I love most.

Imagine the best baby powder scent (a really, really good one) and make it a little more grown-up. For me, it's like a soft calming embrace, that curiously reminds me of some product (wish I could remember what!) used at the beach in my childhood
01st November, 2014
I received this as a Mother's Day present. I hated it immediately. However, one doe not want to insult the gifter, so I did not take it off.

Later, pink pepper and perhaps iris? came around, and even later, I cannot even describe what I was smelling, but I do sort of like it.... I have no idea if anyone else in the house thought.

Oh, but my son brought a huge mixed bouquet of flowers. So confusing.
21st May, 2014
The mandarin and pink pepper notes burst forth, the iris eases in, and then the fragrance settles into a warm vanilla with just a hint of the mandarin still noticeable.

This fragrance confounds me. It's familiar yet foreign. There's something not quite right about it, but I love it. I think it's the lingering citrus notes on the dry down that makes it seem a bit ... sour? But still, it just works for me.

This is a fragrance in which I'd recommend the eau de toilette over the eau de parfum, the latter of which has the overwhelming smell of Johnson & Johnson's baby powder. The eau de toilette offers a much more nuanced scent.
17th February, 2013
I should really hate Dahlia Noir. It does a lot of things I dislike, but in a way that's keeping me interested.

At its core, it's a fruity floral with cherry and rose. There's a mossy green undertone that gets stronger with time, as well as a subtle dash of iris, which go a long way to make Dahlia Noir smell smarter than it would otherwise. There's also a splash of pink pepper and vanilla, which are usually a red flag for me, a mix used to make perfumes smell more "common", though, to Dahlia Noir's credit, it never smells like just another fruity floral. That's largely because of the other two stars of the show.

First, there's a big explosion of baby powder, which gives everything a touch of old-world class. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there's a very metallic lavender, which basically smells like that gross metallic aquatic "woody amber" note so prevalent in the worst of mens designer scents. So, all together, Dahlia Noir basically smells like someone in a fruity rose perfume spilled a bunch of baby powder next to their overly-chlorinated swimming pool. But here's the shocking part: As awful as that sounds, they actually kind of make it work.

To enhance your enjoyment, I should say that both the baby powder and the metallic lavender are nose-killing notes, in that, if you spray too much, they overwhelm your sense of smell and you won't perceive them. Sure, to the people around you, you reek of Windex mixed with baby powder, but you'll personally be able to enjoy the nice cherry/rose/iris mix with your nose happily ignoring the offending bits.
26th May, 2012

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