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Granville (2010)
by Christian Dior


Granville information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Granville

The House where Christian Dior spent his childhood is located in Granville, in the Normandy region. François Démachy said "I wanted to create a fragrance that was not only aromatic, since the property is overflowing with pine trees, but also very sharp and extremely fresh, to evoke the wind gusts and the waves that perpetually strike the rocks. In Granville, nature is all but calm. This fragrance is the scent of the wind that blows there."

Granville fragrance notes

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Reviews of Granville

Citrus (lemon),green (leafy green) and Pine. Those are the main components in Granville. Not a bad fragrance, just not for me. I would wear this but the price is too high to want it. If you are a fan of green scents, this is for you. 7/10
13th March, 2015
Strong Thyme and Lemon opening, smells very authentic, but is still odd.

Nostril-flaring menthol brings to mind mint rather than ocean air, it passes quickly at any rate.

The Rosemary/ Pine notes smell very earthy to me... dirty and soil-like. There is also a "sweatiness" going on in the background.

The earthiness becomes increasingly synthetic and plasticky, reminds me of fuel.

After a little more than an hour, plasticy-fuel, like a mechanic's garage, and dirt dominate.

If Dior's Fahrenheit is the smell of a Mechanic, Granville is the smell of a Landscaper. Earth, fuel, and sweat.

Neutral, because while it isn't something I want to wear outside, it's still a unique scent that is much more appealing than Fahrenheit, and I find myself sneaking it often just to smell... whatever it is...
11th September, 2014
great green, piney balsamic... thick sillage and duration
14th May, 2014
This scent deserves another update, now that I am more familiar with it.
The opening continues to please: gorgeous citrus notes which are very natural. When the lemon segues into the pine we have something very close to Blenheim Bouquet -- yet arguably more lovely, more natural, and suggestive of a higher quality than BB. There is good longevity for the citrus note. Gradually the dry pepper emerges to supplant the lemon. When the herbal notes appear, the scent shifts somewhat. The rosemary picks up where the pine leaves off, but ultimately this is centred on thyme. You have to appreciate thyme to like this scent. The thyme and dry pepper have lovely austere tones. At times the thyme suggests something like rubber, but even natural thyme has that quality. In dry-down, a herbal-garrigue style. My only caveat is that the conifers are not more prominent, very much a background issue. Otherwise, a superb scent!
Earlier update -- I've finally acquired a bottle. I love it. It has a marvelous lemon-pine opening, quite a bit like Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. It is a refreshing, outdoorsy sort of scent. It develops into a scent which is more herbal (esp. thyme) and mossy than BB. It is very satisfying and wears very well with incredible longevity -- more than 12 hours on my skin. My one wish is that the pine lasted longer, but pine notes are notoriously short-lived in many cases.
--- earlier review below ---
This has a lovely Eau de Cologne opening: gorgeous citrus-herb clouds envelope you. Then, it develops into a very very high-class (even elegant) Pino Silvestre -- sturdy herbal notes with a hint of conifer. It suggests garrigue, scrubland, gorse, earth. I think the conifer notes could be even more prominent, but perhaps they are to be found in the invigorating, brisk aspects. There are hints of black pepper. A quietly assertive and satisfying scent. It is very dry. At times the scent suggests SMN Broom/Ginestre, at other times CdG Laurel, at other times a rosemary/mint combo.
21st August, 2012 (last edited: 17th August, 2014)
Granville...Christian Dior.

The opening grabs you and makes you pay attention. The problem for me came in when the pine grew in stature. It is a well made scent with what seems to be top notch ingredients. It is just a bit too "green" for me. I give it a "thumbs up" because while it is not for me, it is well done and interesting. There is a place for this scent for people who enjoy this genre.

Projection and longevity seem fine on my skin.
14th August, 2012
Granville by Christian Dior - One is initially treated to a zesty, citric accord. Tangy lemon and orangey mandarin interplay with pungent, savory thyme. This burst of briskness transitions to the heart. Here, the invigorating opening is enveloped by camphoraceous rosemary, with its green, menthol aspect. And, a chaparral, some might say garrigue, aura, with its motley assemblage of sagebrush, cypress, juniper and sage, infuses its pungently aromatic and slightly foul, skunk-like aspect. A whisper of resinous pine flutters about. Segueing to the enhancing base, lively black pepper, with its tingling, woody spiciness, commingles with a smooth sandalwood and a dank, earthy, oakmoss. A stock drydown ensues. Albeit there is no doubt that quality ingredients were used, this composition is nonetheless stale. It definitely leans to the masculine side, and has average projection and longevity.
15th March, 2012

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