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Grev (2009)
by Slumberhouse


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Grev

Grev is a masculine fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2009

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Minty. Wintergreen. Cool spices. Grass. Clover. Sweet salve, like something in a tin to rub on your sore muscles. Refreshing and clean but ultimately more of an environmental scent and not a personal one to wear all day. This is lighter and more airy than the other Slumberhouse scents. It reminds me of aftershave. Pleasant but rather fleeting.
30th June, 2014
Pungent, powerful, bitter-green opening comprising a massive load of cloves together with herbal-grassy notes, like basil or other herbs, with a slight minty aftertaste. I also detect aldehydes and a subtle star anise flavour. As minutes pass it tends even more on menthol-balmy notes, always with an absinthe-esque, bitter, dark, pungent and sour poisonous green accord, on a slightly ambery base comprising patchouli. The green accord is on the balmy-pine side, smelling of resins (not sticky or syrupy, rather dry) and icy woods. I also detect Iso E providing a thin but warm breeze of incense. The main note is however - and after a while, you'll probably add "sadly" - cloves, which remain there with their cloying majesty for basically the entire evolution of the scent. They tone down a bit after a while, when the pine notes emerge, but they don't disappear – just become slightly less prominent. And this is the only "con" for me, I appreciate the power and the persistence of Lobb's scent, but in this case, being a cloves-circus for the whole time, it may soon become annoying.

23rd June, 2014
Frankly the yet tested Slumberhouse's potion i appreciate less. Grev starts with a boozy/mentholated blast followed by a strong aroma of cloves, roots, grass, lemon and by a more than vaguely medicinal spark. The booziness starts soon to recede while a sort of off-putting fat-grassy and vaguely bitter/burnt undertone takes the stage with its pharmaceutical temperament. Cloves and birch are the spicy/aromatic heart of this grassy fragrance but unfortunately the acid/chemical olfactory interaction of copaiba balsam (with its penetrating aromatic odor), citrus and aromatic resins turns out overly crude, green and fat. The rooty influence from the orris root keeps on steady till the end with a lemony (i would talk about citrusy peels) undertone. Nothing interesting to me.
12th February, 2013 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)
Clove overwhelmed this scent at the open, but within an hour of drydown, the clove died down to balance beautifully with the other scents. Another poster mentioned birch and fir besides the clove; that's what I smell, too (considering my nose is rather new and inexperienced at this trade). I think it's just the way it interacts with my skin's oils, so caveat emptor.
23rd January, 2013
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United Kingdom
This scent is totally dominated by clove, lasting all the way through the drydown into the base.
This is unfortunate, because it is nice as a top note, a la New York, but becomes tiring and overwhelming.
I actually had to wash this off (only the second one ever) and then I got the fir and balsam notes - which were warm and smooth!
If only the clove were toned down, the firs would appear and round out this one note scent.
20th November, 2012 (last edited: 21st November, 2012)
Now this is interesting. I'm quite acutely aware of cloves. In tiny doses they add a good barbershop note -- but I agree that they can be powerful and dominate a scent.
That being said, "cloves" never entered my mind when I tried this scent. I agree that ultimately it gets too powerful and tiresome to suit me, but the reason for me (based on its reaction on my skin) has to do with the orris root rather than the spice.
The scent starts with a great deal of promise. It is an aromatic green, and initially not as powerful nor dark as others in this house. It starts very herbal, with a strong note of mint and rosemary and also conifer. It develops a dusky and somewhat sweet note. This develops further into a very buttery, fairly sweet note, with leather, rooty, toasty, nutty, violet and floral notes -- in other words, the powdered orris root. This is a note I've never relished. The note gets sweeter and more powerful, dominating and ultimately squandering the herbal goodwill I've had up to this point. It does not wear well, it gets tiresome and irritating, and ultimately I wash it off.
Promise in the short term, failure in the long term. :/
21st September, 2012

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