Jeke (2008)
    by Slumberhouse

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    Jeke Fragrance notes

    Cade, Tobacco, Patchouli, Labdanum, Benzoin

    Jeke information

    Jeke is a men's fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2008

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    One of my favorites from Slumberhouse. Linear, strong, a little smokey/meaty/leather, a little hay/honey, a bunch of spice and black tea. My mind's eye sees something like a 5 O'Clock Gingembre or a Tea for Two reduced to a much more concentrated juice, losing some ginger, and voila, Jeke!

    I'm 50+, for reference, and have the square bottle shown above. Two sprays to the sternum.

    08th February, 2015

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    United States United States

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    Quality - A
    Longevity - scale of 1 to 5 this juice gets a 100
    Olfactory rating - B+

    Amazing tobacco if you prefer a dry, ashy smoke composition. Unfortunately like many other BN's have mentioned, when to wear this frag can be a big problem! I personally enjoy the smell although the projection is so unbelievable that clearing a room would be easy with more that 1 spray.

    The mild undercurrent of medicinal "olive juice" present in Slumberhouse frags is here as well although it dissipates in around 90 minutes into the smokey smoke smokeness of the dry down.

    I would suggest getting a sample before buying an entire bottle, although $160 is an excellent value for 30ml as that would be enough of this juice to last nearly 20 years.

    07th September, 2014

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    Juniper-type fruity booziness with a smoky stale tobacco component - another superb rich Slumberhouse opening blast. Soon the drydown adds an edgy but not too harsh dark patchouli. Benzoin becomes increasingly predominant, with a spicy somewhat slightly medicinal-incense mix added to a labdanum-focused base. The stunning quality of ingredients, the smooth but structured blending and the depth of this composition are remarkable in this great cold weather scent Good silage, very good projection and a supreme longevity of eleven hours underline the brilliant performance of this composition. Another excellent product of a house that never lets us slumber, but always keeps us on our toes fully alert.

    20th August, 2014

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Jeke is an interesting fragrance, but, in my opinion, it is not that wearable. Actually, maybe it would be more accurate to say that all parts of the perfume are wearable except for the middle part, and that is the part that lasts the longest. It goes from nice to awful to nice again within the space of its lifespan, which is an awful lot of ground to cover.

    The opening notes are strangely boozy and sweet, like sticking your nose into a glass of single malt whiskey that has sugar around the rim – although that impression vanished so quickly I’m left wondering if in fact I even smelled it. There is also something leathery and dirty (as in animalic) in the opening that I really liked, which I am putting down to the labdanum, which my nose tends to perceive in the opening, even if it has to yank it up all the way from the base.

    But then, oh dear – the smoke! After the brief opening salvo, Jeke pours out this thick, never-ending stream of smoke that feels like being directly upwind of an out-of-control campfire. It smells like beef cooked to ashes on an open fire, and also like being stuck directly behind one of those maintenance vehicles pumping out hot tarmacadam onto the road.

    To me, this is the type of smoke that references black rubber tires on fire rather than the considerably more attractive idea of lit tobacco – I wish I got more tobacco here. Here and there through the smoke, I think I can catch glimpses of a plummy, fruity tobacco, but they are so brief that they do not provide my nose with much relief. Also, just when I think my nose has gotten a handle on the plummy tobacco leaves, someone whips them away from me, stuffs them into a pipe, lights it and blows smoke rings into my face. The smoke – you get the idea – overpowers every note that has potential to be pleasantly distracting and brings you right back to the central accord. There is no relief.

    If you were to take apart the smoke note and look at it in detail, I think you would see that the smoke is the black tar and rubber kind you get in Lapsang Souchang tea. In fact, if you have ever drunk this tea, it smells like this – only quieter. I do drink Lapsang Souchang tea myself, and I recognize how this tea accord was used to build the smoky black rubber smell in Bvlgari Black, which I have been wearing since my teenage years, but here the note has been pushed so far that it distorts the quiet smokiness of the tea and makes it quite ugly. I presume the cade oil and birch tar are the notes used to create this phenolic effect.

    After the ugly middle section, a sweetish amber and benzoin comes in, as if to apologize for what has gone on before. The dry down is (comparatively) lovely – I get hints of amber, resins, powder, wet hay, smooth leather and maybe, just maybe some more hints of those lovely, plummy tobacco leaves (unlit) that I thought I glimpsed in the heart. There is something fermented, comforting and “round” about the last part of the scent, and I enjoy it very much. So, in summary, I liked the opening and the dry down of Jeke very much, but the middle part not at all. Since the middle part lasts the longest on me, I consider this is an easy “No” from me. But I am giving it a neutral because the opening and the base are really enjoyable.

    13th August, 2014

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    Nopity, nope-nope. Ack. This is a smoke monster. Whoee. Lapsing Souchong tea disgusts me. I hated it the first time I drank it, and it never grew on me, contrary to the assertions of the salesperson. Jeke has a bitter, burning aroma. I don't tolerate this fragrance at all. When I was young and poor, my husband and I lived next door to the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Plant, and the smell of vulcanizing rubber was as nice as this, which is to say, not good. My nose is wrinkled. I'm frowning. I love benzoin, but its sweetness is totally flattened in a full-Nelson facebuster by Mr. Smoke. The tobacco note fails to help. I love unburned tobacco, like the kind in Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, but this one is streaming out of the mouth of a cigar smoker. Oh, Lord. I wouldn't even like this on a man. Sorry, Jeke fans. By the way, this fragrance is sold out on the Slumberhouse e-boutique. I guess lots of people like it. C'est la vie. It takes all kinds of people to make up this interesting society in which we live.

    30th June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Sorry but this one just isn't good, plain and simple.

    It opens nicely.. very resinous, dark, and earthy. Similar to Norne, but attempts to perhaps go gourmand? Definitely not gourmand though, but slightly sweeter than Norne. It starts to smell like smoldering, burning wood, and a bbq; yes I even get the smell of grilled meats. After about 20 minutes.. it starts to smell like rusty nails, burnt rubber, burning hair, and pencil shavings.. it's quite repulsive.. it stays like this for a good few hours before a sweet benzoin and amber dry down take over.

    Opening, nice. Mid.. Horrid, and unfortunately the majority of the life of the fragrance while projecting, which is why it ruins it for me. The base is ok, but common, typical sweet creamy amber.

    Even though the opening intrigues me, it's not enough to warrant even a neutral rating.. stay far away from this one. DO NOT blind buy.. sample first. Norne is still the best from this house that I have tried thus far.

    18th June, 2014

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