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Rume (2011)
by Slumberhouse


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJosh Lobb

About Rume

Rume is a masculine fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Lobb

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Reviews of Rume

I've heard that Josh Lobb recalibrates his creations with each batch and I'm here to tell you that the summer 2015 recalibration of Rume is a real stinker. There is no hint whatsoever of what other reviewers have found: No jammy cakes, no honey, no obscure barns, no haystacks, no apples, no potpourri. No Lutens. No Josh Lobb for that matter. No slumberhouse-inade. No beauty.

Just an unpleasant pungent spice-store cloud. An indelicate garam masala. My daughter actually sneezed when she smelled it on me. Burning, dry, unpleasant. Like a barbecue rub out of kilter with way too much cumin. Not an attractive marinade for ribs or chicken. There is no opening, no undercurrent, no balance. Unappealing as a gourmand. Utterly unwearable. It's been on my skin six hours and as much as I want to scrub it off, everybody else's descriptions here make me think it's gotta improve eventually. But it hasn't so far. It's awful but the sillage and longevity are excellent. Unfortunately.

I say all this as a Slumberhouse fan. I own Sova, Ore and Kiste. I understand that a creative person will have some failures. But I can't understand how this could ever have been released to the public.
13th August, 2015
Prunes. Fruitcake. Mincemeat pie. Rum. Candied citrus peel. This registers as gourmand. Red wine note, or fermented grapes. Honeyed labdanum. I like it, but I'm not falling hard for it.
30th June, 2014
Extremely powerful explosion of bay leaf, fruity-oriental notes (dried fruits), rhum, tobacco, licorice, a strong, sticky, threatening resinous note, olibanum, a slap of cloves, overall not that far from the dense stickiness of Zahd (or to name other houses, Norma Kamali Incense) but with a really peculiar vein halfway dried-fruity, herbal (the bay leaf, extremely bold and realistic, a sort of visionary version "of steroids" of it), boozy and medicinal. Now, as most of those notes are apparently not in the composition, I guess that's a genius interplay of nuances due to a sort of "fermentation" of cistus, bay leaf, spices and resins. Pungent and syrupy, on skin it's a super dark, oily, thick smell, compact, strong and quite hard to "read"; on the sillage it "blossoms", giving life to all the notes listed above – dried and spicy fruits à la Lutens' Arabie, laurel, a bold boozy feel, a bag of cloves. Dry and strong woody aftertaste, smoky and camphor-like, which perfectly blends with the medicinal side. Like other Slumberhouse scents, Rume is stuffed with Lobb's obsessions and visions, here turned into a bizarre Oriental-futuristic archaic harmony of fruity, spicy, woody, herbal and resinous notes – which as I said, like other works by Lobb, fairly remind me in some aspects of Lutens. Quite a fascinating work, but frankly too challenging to wear in my opinion. Surely, uniqueness is not an issue for Josh!

16th June, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Holiday Frag

this is my first from slumberhouse. I have a sample that gave me a solid 8 hours. great stuff but would be hard to wear on a consistent basis. smells of apples spices and potpourri. I like it but would not by a FB. unisex also IMO

Pros: long lasting and different
Cons: not complex"

12th August, 2013
This opens with a fermented spicey monster projection. I have tried 10 Slumberhouse frags, and the commonality is that they are all over-poweringly strong. It's like hearing a great tune, but turning up the volume to the is too much. This dried down to a more managable mix.
11th March, 2013

Rume is the Sova's naughty cousin. Both are sort of "country rustic fragrances" of the farm (i mean rustic in the effect but extremely sophisticated in the cause) and either introduce a spicy sort of vaguely bitter kind of accord but where Sova is more introverted, opaque and stressed over an hay-bitter tobacco-piquant spices accord finally tamed by barely mild balsams, Rume is sweeter, less assertive, less dry/stark, more resinous and more sweetly pungent, being centered over a bay leaves/cloves accord with a following burnt sugar dominant sticky temperament produced by the interaction between the huge amount of cloves and the resinous balsams/labdanum (roasted) chord. Where the bitter vibe in Sova is centered over a licorice accord here in Rume the ostensibly similar effect is bitter/sweet and sugary/smokey with all those honeyed cloves blended with balsams. Sova is by soon starker and drier, being all about hay, tobacco and piquant spices finally tamed down by balsams and honey but hardly sweetened and "coloured" while Rume is more aromatic and spicy in a sort of caramellous sweety way. Rume is delicious and evokes some spicy jammy cakes filled with honeyed fruits, dusty sugar and cloves/cinnamon. Another "ambiental" issue from an interesting niche brand able to conjure up in my mind far memories about a rural childhood spent in the middle of the nature in a full contact with animals, natural fruits, spicy meals, obscure barns, haystacks and workers of the land.
08th February, 2013

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