8e Jour (1993)
    by Yves Rocher

    8e Jour Fragrance Notes

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    Red Theodora
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    Oh, how I loved this scent. I purchased many bottles through Yves Rocher mail order. 8e Jour as I remember it was a sort of "quiet" spicy fragrance, not like Cinnabar or Opium. They were "loud" spicy fragrances and they had their place. I liked the subdued spice of 8e Jour. I do miss it.

    21st June, 2012

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    I have this now in tiny miniature, and the scent moves something deep in my bones. I have no idea about sillage and projection, but will test it out more this week.

    The Honey came to me right up front, with a bit of floral, but not to my nose overtly iris or jasmine. I actually got spice, and then saw the cinnamon listed. That explains it.

    I need to wear this when I am not sifting through my collection spraying every other finger with something else that I had forgotten I owned.

    Warm. Comforting like hot tea with honey and cinnamon without being overtly gourmand.

    17 March, 2012

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