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24 Gold
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24 Gold is a shared / unisex perfume by ScentStory FZE.

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Reviews of 24 Gold

I actually bought 24 Gold Oud because it was unusually cheap on Beautyspin ($39 for 100ml), and after smelling Gold Oud out of the bottle and loving it, but not yet wearing, I figured I'd try my sample of the original Gold first, given the tremendous hype, which seemed a little more accurate after smelling Gold Oud.

24 Gold is a gourmand clearly better suiting winter weather, and a very sweet entry. Worthy of the "breakfast in a bottle" label. As much some may argue that it's sugary vs. creamy vs. syrupy, I'm not sure I can pick one, but you'll need to try it to see which direction it goes for you. For me, it's a combination of syrup, nuts, and a little bit of coffee. No cocoa/chocolate. The oud itself is aptly a top note, because it fades away relatively quickly, giving way to the amber/vanilla pairing that anchors the abovementioned sweet breakfast vibe.

It does live up to the hype, projection- and longevity-wise, and falls into the category of an EDT that might more aptly be named an EDP (i.e. the A*Men line). A few small sprays gives a cloud that gradually diminishes but easily surpasses 12 hours depending on climate, I imagine.

Certainly a recommended try/buy for fans of sweet gourmands, as I'll buy this at some point. $70 for 100ml on most discount sites seems like a bargain.

8 out of 10
03rd October, 2015
This was my very first "blind buy." I bought it based on all of the rave reviews online. I have to be honest, this fragrance just is not my style.

It starts with a very syrupy sweet opening. I have read numerous reviews saying that it has a raspberry type opening, and I totally agree. But this only lasts a few minutes on my skin. It soon transitions to a soft & creamy vanilla/white chocolate type of vibe. The top notes & the heart of the fragrance are actually quite pleasant.

However, in the dry-down, that is when things take a turn for the worse. After about 2-3 hours a strange earthy scent begins to emerge. It honestly smells like dry dirt. This dry earthiness is the main reason for my dislike of this fragrance.

As for performance, it lasts quite a long time on my skin. I would say longevity is about 10-12 hours. However, projection is average at best. This fragrance comes off very soft on my skin & never really gets too far away from me.

This fragrance is a definite "pass" for me. I would recommend trying out a sample before purchasing.
29th April, 2015
I can easily smell the raspberry and the chocolate (and I happen to be a fan of raspberry), but it isnít as nice as it sounds. I cannot understand all the good reviews. 24 Gold is too musky, and too harsh! Almost makes my eyes want to water. But while I appreciate the fact that it certainly isnít feminine, I am sure there are better raspberry fragrances out there. I would rather wear something from the Dollar Store than to ever wear 24 Gold again.
21st January, 2015
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Lush! 24 Gold is amazing for the price! Low price but quality-wise, up there with Tobacco Vanille; rich and gourmand. In 24 Gold I detect raspberry, vanilla, tobacco, white chocolate, cream...It's a rich and fresh fragrance captured in a bottle that Francisco Scaramanga would own! Good sillage and longevity. Overall very impressive. A+
12th January, 2015
who would have thought? A fragrance based on a TV show? No way in my book. BUT, its easily one of my most complimented fragrances. A gourmand for sure, a in your face blast initially that appears to be overpowering. Then the dry down. Yowza. Most everyone I run in to says "what you got on"? Don't know if its the yang-yang or what, BUT ITS TERRIFIC. BEST BLIND BUY I MADE.
28th December, 2014
An instant hit!

24 Gold by ScentStory is one of those fragrances that proves that in this industry, as far as the consumer is concerned... all that matters is the juice inside! In other words "never judge a book by it's cover", and that really sums it all for this one! People thought that "how could a fragrance inspired by a TV show be any good?". Wow! How everyone was pleasantly surprised! Again, this really shows how much we value "brands" and "big names"... I mean if this was put in an exclusive flacon and released by a huge French fashion house (or by someone like Tom Ford) then we would be all over it! But instead it comes from a small company from the middle east and inspired by a TV show! Who would've thought it? Again it just shows you how quick all of us are to judge a book by it's cover!

So how does it smell? Well it is primarily an amber based fragrance (and a sweet one at that)! You have a combination between an amber softened by vanilla and musk (and also by the soft & creamy "woody" notes here like sandalwood, guaiac wood and oud - the last one in small quantities). I do actually detect the oud, but it's faint, and it doesn't overpower the fragrance in any way as the main notes of amber and vanilla dominate the scent.

Bottom line: This is a perfect scent for so many different occasions! I see it mainly as a cold weather scent, but if you spray very light it could be used for summer nights. It is (well) worth the money, which is very cheap for this level of quality in a fragrance... and it even puts some well established so-called "designers" to shame, by offering a borderline niche scent at half the price of a designer perfume! I would recommend this to people who like sweet amber or vanilla perfumes, with a woody background. It can be used casually, but I think this works best when you are out to "impress" in a formal setting (like a restaurant or high class bar), or an expensive banquet or something. If you can't test, and you like what I have just described, then don't be afraid to buy it. It is a sweet, woody, almost musky smell. Very warm and sensual. Especially good for winter and colder seasons. If you can't try it, buy it!
12th December, 2014

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