Patchouli Impérial (2011)
    by Christian Dior

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    Patchouli Impérial Fragrance notes

    Russian coriander, Indonesian patchouli, Sandalwood

    Patchouli Impérial information

    Patchouli Impérial is a men's fragrance by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This opens with a really loud in your face Patchouli mixed in with coriander and woods. There is also a hint of citrus and florals making the patchouli smell creamy.

    As the scent dries down it becomes more woody with a slight amber sweetness. Though the patchouli stays linear throughout.

    14 June, 2014

    Colin Maillard's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Spices, pungent subtle fruit accents, soft and mellow ambery/aromatic woody base. Kind of Coca Cola vibe – the same I get in quite many Oriental spiced/resinous scents, Lutens' Arabie for instance. Smoked caramel vibe. Once the sticky opening dries down you can feel better the earthy dusty side of patchouli, still keeping it slightly resinous and fruity. Although it is well composed and overall nice, to me there is quite many better patchouli scents around (I rather prefer rawer, simpler ones).


    17 April, 2014

    rogalal's avatar

    United States United States

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    Dense patchouli sitting on a proper chypre structure. The top is a fusty but aromatic mix of lavender and bergamot over that omnipresent patchouli. The patchouli itself isn't green and grassy like some, or "purple" and fruity like others - instead, it's earthy and mossy, which is in turn exaggerated by the dirty aspects of the lavender. This stage is fine, but not really my cup of tea (it reminds me of a more refined Sagamore, a scent which I seem to be the only snob to dislike).

    The real fireworks are in the base, once that fusty bergamot and loud lavender fade away, leaving the patchouli to meld with the galbanum and moss of the chypre basenotes, while a subtle sandalwood fills in the cracks. This is where Patchouli Impérial really sings.

    All in all, a hearty thumbs up for the base and a tepid thumbs up for the topnotes. Honestly, I personally prefer green mossy patchoulis like Moss Breches over this aromatic type, but it's well done.

    11th December, 2013

    What_the_frag's avatar

    Canada Canada

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    A beautiful fragrance from stat to finish. There is a sweet component but its minor and under control. In fact the stand out for me is that for such a power house fragrance it is in balance.

    It reminds me of a more refined version of Tiffany for Men.

    12 November, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I'm just trying this in Doha airport, which is not the ideal place to test a fragrance - there's obviously no way I can have a full wear and see how it develops over the day. And the air in here is not great - it's air conditioned and full of background smells.

    But I just wanted to record how much I like my initial impression. The patchouli is one of the best I've encountered. It's clean and fresh, dry, and without the earthiness that some older patchouli fragrances have.

    There's something musky in it too, but I don't have the time to let it develop before my flight departs, so that's all I can offer at the moment. A really great first half-hour of wearing.

    (Oh, and it's too expensive at Doha airport - it's cheaper in London.)

    21st January, 2013

    Smelly Beast's avatar

    Brazil Brazil

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    What I like very much about Patchouli Imperial, is that it manages to cover differents aspects of patchouli in one fragrance. I sense the powdery, the earthy, the dirty, the fresh mentholated and the gourmand aspects of the patchouli. They dont show up at the same time but in diferent moments fighting to get front stage. On topo of that you have the addition of coriander enhancing the animalic qualities (to some it might smell of arm pit) I can see some similarities with oud leather, they both have a woody animalic transperent quality in the oppening, but PI turns more mellow and gourmand in the drydown I suspect bacause of amber and cinamon.

    I think its a very sophisticated patch, and belongs to my list of favorite patches together with Coromandel, Broneo, Patchouli Intrigant, Coze and Farmacia Anunziata´s Patchouli.

    15 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 12 February, 2013)

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