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L.12.12 Blanc / White (2011)
by Lacoste


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About L.12.12 Blanc / White

L.12.12 is the name of Lacoste's original polo shirt, and in 2011 the company launched three fragrances inspired by the shirt: Blanc (White), Vert (Green) and Bleu (Blue).  Rouge (red) arrived in 2012 and in 2013, Lacoste added a Noir (black) edition to the range.

L.12.12 Blanc is a woody floral fragrance with notes of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom, cedar leaf, tuberose, ylang ylang, olibanum, cedarwood, georgywood and vetiver. In 2014 the company launched a limited edition version of this fragrance with a neon theme.

L.12.12 Blanc / White fragrance notes

Reviews of L.12.12 Blanc / White

A reference for the extra sweet, headache-inducing, synthetic male scents that dominate department store shelves currently. The smell is the same as mass-produced shower gels; clean, sweet and inoffensive. That being said, L.12.12 Blanc / White does the job it was intended for by smelling great in the air and getting compliments from ladies.

I don't get as much citrus as others, just more of the clean laundry detergent scent with added sweet synthetics.

Daytime casual seems best. If oversprayed it becomes very cloying, but otherwise should be a great warm weather scent.

On my skin, it really projects and lasts all day. Great performance.
01st May, 2018
Gave this one a shot after reading and watching all the positive reviews. First of all I have to say that I'm not a fan citrusy fragrances as most of them give me headache. This one is not an exception unfortunately. I have to admit that it smells good, very fresh and clean indeed, but nothing really special or impressive. I prefer Noir over Blanc and Red over Noir (this being my top 3 of L.12.12). I agree with people describing this scent as safe, clean, almost detergent like. It's also definitely a summer scent, but nothing impressive or distinctive. But if you like citrus and fresh, you can't go wrong with this one.
09th January, 2018

The initial accord is a soft, freshish, plastic aroma that is pretty much enjoyable. It’s a clean, texture-scent of the kind that is available in all kinds of products now days. The accord is principally accomplished by a fresh, light, almost-creamy cedar and cardamom combination on a light, creamy floral from the heart. The translucent, creamy cedar is the dominant note throughout the run of the fragrance, even though the base where it joins with vetiver and suede to continue the smooth linearity.

L.12.12 Blanc is an adequate scent. Its fresh, synthetic ambiance is pleasant and non-obtrusive, and it actually projects a little more than one would think for such a quiet, fresh scent, but it a little short on longevity, which is not a surprise for such a quiet, fresh…
17th November, 2017
Initial chemical smell may turn some off.
Fresh, citrusy, clean is the impression. Good for casual daily wear especially outdoor activities when you don't really have a need to burn through your more expensive scents. Makes sense for the gym. I do wish it had less of a synthetic smell but let's get real about the price range we are looking at here.
07th February, 2017
A good fresh, summer scent! To people around you, they're not entirely sure if it's a fragrance or just a super awesome body wash, as it gives off a very clean vibe. Like a "just showered after hitting the gym" sort of sporty scent with an extra hint of effort. Only a little effort, though. This scent is safe and doesn't scream for attention. Pretty much impossible to over-spray this one, since it's so light and inoffensive. I got this fragrance through a recommendation from the sales girl, who was very young. Figured young girls would like it more, until I got my first compliment from a middle-aged waitress. The next compliments I got were from younger ladies (another waitress at a sushi place, and one of my students.... haha). Like I said, clean vibe. People like clean!

Let's see..... definitely starts off with strong grapefruit. The dominant notes I get on the dry down are wood and leather. But still fresh. You never really lose that citrus note, even though it's more subtle after a while.
04th December, 2016
This is a rather nice, safe scent. I'm really digging the herby, green vibe. I think that would be from the rosemary note. At first application, I was reminded of Himalaya by Creed. After drying though, the Himalaya vibe is gone. I'm not certain what else I'm smelling, but it is composed well. I'd buy this one if I found it for ~20 USD.
08th June, 2016

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