Bombay Bling (2011)
    by Neela Vermeire

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    Italy Italy

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    Exotic gassiness.

    The first approach on the skin is weird and captivating. I detect by soon a note of Mojito (mint, boozy/fizzy notes and lime--or eventually is this just an olfactory illusion aroused by a powerfully earthy/grassy realistic floral whiff?) and i feel at once a fizzy/candied (full of additives/colours like) sort of "cherries/raspberries/plum/violet"  type of "juice" i used to taste while savouring the coloured fruity candies many years ago at time of the childhood or primary school. The aroma is not properly synthetic but by soon juicy, pungent, crazy and almost sparkling with an exotic sheer sort of bursting aura (exotic flowers, sparks, mystic spices, ripe unknown fruits). I suppose this feel i talk about is aroused by the interaction of mango, herbs, "a touch of spritz" and spicy/peppery blackcurrant with the ylang-ylang support. Along the minutes the exotic fruitiness recedes a bit as well as a deep floral vibe keeps soaring for us. I detect overall tuberose and gardenia and the aroma is yet vanillic and spicy. I feel indeed for sure the gassy/carnal/soapy (really intense and enveloping) effect from the combination of spices (pepper and cumin), tonka and balsams which is a sort of main and distinctive trait of the aroma and in this phase i feel some Cacharel Loulou olfactory flashbacks (although this aroma is darker, more fruity/floral, spicier and slightly less vanillic). A dark (and cuminic) note of rose/patchouli ( sultry/ambery a la Stella by Stella McCartney or a La Petite Robe Noir Guerlain) rises gradually taking part to the ceremony with this carnal amount of musky tobacco, the dominant floral vanilla and with the boisterous gassy spices while i frankly do not detect in particular any woods that are probably veiled and overwhelmed by the huge amount of spices and vanilla. The aroma is interesting (in particular along the top notes) but frankly a bit too much spicy, sultry/exotic, fat, carnal and probably unbalanced for my full pleasure. I prise anyway the sensuality (this juice is erotic for sure) of the aroma and the Duchaufour's attempt to offer an olfactory transposition about the spices, the odours and the deep exhalations of a far mystic land.

    Pros: Carnal and mysterious.
    Cons: Too much spicy and vanillic."

    25 September, 2013

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    New Zealand New Zealand

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    I sleuthed out some Bollywood videos to see the inspiration for this unusual perfume:

    Pros: Makes you want to dance
    Cons: Makes you want to dance for over 12 hours"

    15 September, 2013

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    Sweden Sweden

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    Mango Lassi

    The opening is soo nice. That green,green mango is stunning!

    Kind of wish it stayed longer..

    Longevity is great, sillage average on me. Between the smooth florals the spice that follows all the way to me is cardamom, which I love.

    I also love mango lassi, the indian drink made of youghurt, mango and cardamom.

    To me this smells just like a mango lassi tastes (minus the acidity of youghurt) ,except in the drydown where the woods shine through.

    Its beautiful, but not really for me. I prefer drinking it!

    14 September, 2013

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    Really amazing fresh fruity/floral perfume that projects just right as to not to be too loud or too soft. After spraying in the morning I could still detect this corgeous aroma eight hours later, still the same scent throughout. Started off more fruity with the mango being prominent and then settled within 30mins to the most amazing overall fruity floral mix that's perfect for both sexes. Neela Vermeire Creations classify this as a Unisex perfume.

    12 September, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Like those wonderful Bollywood movie songs, based on the counterpoint between a female and a male voice, Bombay Bling sings its fragrant tune. First the lady, chirping of juicy mango and velvety white flowers- while the gentleman whispers gently dry oud and tobacco leaves in the background- then, the man, softly whirling on a fougère theme- while the slightly sour and resinous fruitiness lingers on.
    A complex but perfectly balanced, funny and uplifting fragrance, with a great lasting power.

    28 April, 2012

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    I am going to say Jai Ho !!! and shake my booty a little for Bombay Bling. Jai Neela Vermeire ! A different direction from Trayee - this encapsulates the flirty fun and bright colors of Bollywood as a fruity -floral of the better kind . It's fresh with blackcurrant at first and then becomes increasingly fruity - sweet (an almost hard candy /boiled sweet type) and then touches of white florals - nothing over done . Bombay Bling is less sweet , perhaps alittle more fruity - tart as it dries down with some clean earthiness later.
    I'm hard pushed to smell any cumin or tobacco on me.
    Pretty ,wearable , yum yum yum. It's pretty joyous.

    13 April, 2012

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