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Lasso (1956)
by Jean Patou


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Year of Launch1956
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People and companies

HouseJean Patou
PerfumerGuy Robert
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums
Parent Company at launchJean Patou

About Lasso

Lasso is a feminine perfume by Jean Patou. The scent was launched in 1956 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Guy Robert

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Patou – Lasso (1956)

Jean Patou was born in 1887, in Normandy, where his father was a renowned leather tanner, known for his bookbinding skills. This exposure to the scent of leather may have later influenced his creation of Lasso.

Patou became a couturier and tailor in 1914, but had to wait until the end of WWI to launch his first collection.

From 1925, Patou was also creating perfumes. His debut trio was designed to complement women with particular hair colors: Que Sais-Je? was for brunettes; Amour Amour was for blondes; and Adieu Sagesse was for redheads. In 1927, he also introduced the world’s first sun tan oil, Huile de Chaldée.

Lasso is a floral leather fragrance, created by the great Guy Robert.

Top notes: Peach, Heliotrope, Carnation
Heart notes: Gardenia, Rose, Iris, Violet, Pepper
Base notes: Leather, Vanilla, Oak Moss, Patchouli, Musk, Amber, Civet, Vetiver, Sandalwood

The florals are at the same time olaceous (gardenia, rose, heliotrope), spicy (carnation) and dry (orris, violet). The peach gives it an opening burst of sweetness, reined in by the dry pepper.

It is very floral, one of the most generous of floral oil compositions I have encountered. When the base enters, it actually makes love to the florals. The leather wraps around the violet, the vanilla and amber pay court to the heliotrope and vetiver, and the sandalwood and musk sidle up to the rose. The gardenia actually beckons the civet, patchouli and oak moss into its boudoir, ala Mae West.

Very seductive, very well constructed, very feminine for the mature woman. A man might pull this off, but only leading up to the bedroom.

A superb floral leather more at home in the 1920s and 1930s than 1956, when it was released. The balance of dry leather, violet and orris and the sumptuous florals make it rather unique in my experience. The vintage is very worth seeking out and happily is still being sold among private collectors on the internet.

19th August, 2017
What a privilege to be able to try this fragrance, the original version, from the 1950's. Whether it has remained as it was then? Well, there is no way for me to know. I suspect that it has mellowed.

What strikes me about this fragrance every time that I wear it, is that is so beautifully PLUMP. Furrypine set the scene for us. It is a floral leather, not a chypre. It is not angular, nor is it as dense and uncompromising as some of it's peers. It is far more yielding. The flowers are a luscious bouquet but not overwhelming. They are old fashioned. The flowers have melded these days (perhaps always) but it has a Carnation, Jasmine, and Rose, heart, and Iris I think. The leather is both resinous and animalic, rich and soft, and just a bit smoky.

Lasso, vintage glamour through a soft focus lense, rich, soft, very appealing, and PLUMP!

Edited 24/02/2015, typo!
26th April, 2013 (last edited: 24th April, 2015)
This is a very Patou-ish perfume. I always feel the great, long discontinued house classics share 80 or more percent of their perfumed DNA, so knowing one or two is a bit like knowing them all. This is a bit exaggerated, of course. However, they all share a very unique and prominent soapiness. Here we have another variation on the vintage Mitsouko theme, of which the house has more on offer. The biggest achievement here in my opinion is the seamless incorporation of improper amounts of animalics which come across as totally well-behaved and 'nice 'n' sweet'. The base is very warm in feel, Patou-style chypre with some lovely leathery animalic facets. One of the best from the old house of Patou!
15th December, 2012
kalli Show all reviews
United States
Lasso, I get mostly floral, which has a bit of candied sweetness on top that fades quickly before the florals come out. Florals may be rose and iris and/or orris root. Carnation is another guess. Then the scent becomes very powdery..I get a lot of oakmoss. The smooth, leather notes come in along with that masculine powder. The sweetness takes a backseat as the florals and powder take over. I would say there is musk in this one and perhaps patchouli. There is a note that makes this a bit's the leather plus maybe another note, that's why I thought patchouli. Very animalic. I am also thinking that animalic is civet. Woody notes as well. There is also something slightly resinous or balmy and I would guess maybe there is some amber in the base. Perhaps vetiver. Very vintage-y powdery/mossy floral. It smells like a masculine, animalic but also vintage-floral talc powder+Bottega Veneta. Lasso is way more animalic than Bottega..I get a lot of civet or musk in Lasso. There is some kind of animal spray in this, lol. Very animalic, oakmoss-y, woody floral. Impressed with the oakmoss.
28th November, 2012
I am testing the parfum, and it's deep, rich, sweet. It's herbal and floral, something slightly mentholated (or peppery?) floats by, then the leather smooths out everything. It looses most of it sillage after about an hour and becomes a skin scent, though the far drydown lasts for many hours. A real treasure, don't miss the opportunity to try it if you like old school chypres.

Edited to add: I've changed my mind after testing it twice: I don't find it to be a typical chypre, on me at least, Lasso is more of a floral leather.
27th June, 2012 (last edited: 19th December, 2012)

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